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Sperling Vineyards

1405 Pioneer Road
Kelowna V1W 4M6


When you drive into parking loy you will not come across a towering impress structure like Mission Hill or Burrowing Owl. A quaint cottage style home with a tasting room and coffee shop. Thats the of one of British Columbia's Sperling vineyard. Home to a very prominate couple in the Canadian wine indusrty, Bruce Gamble and Ann Sperling.

The winery was established through the vision and partnership of Ann and Susan Sperling, along with their husbands, Peter Gamble and Paul Richardson, the family lands and vines have become a vinous reality producing elegant wines of character. The Sperling family ancestors first purchased the land in the 1860's. Vines were first planted in 1920s.

Sperling family whose Casorso ancestors planted Kelowna’s first vineyard in 1925 and were among the original investors in what is now Calona Vineyards.

The story began when Giovanni Casorso came from Italy in 1883 to work at Father Pandosy’s mission before striking out on his own (he was once the Okanagan’s largest tobacco grower). His sons planted several vineyards. Formerly known as Pioneer Ranch, the 18.2-hectare (45-acre) Sperling Vineyards was planted initially in 1931 with grapes and apples by Louis and Pete Casorso. 

When Pete retired in 1960, Bert Sperling, his son-in-law, switched to entire property to vines, both wine grapes and table grapes.

Ann Sperling & Peter Gamble
Photo credit Steven Elphick

Peter Gamble began his winemaking career in Ontario at Hillebrand Estates in 1983. He went on to collaborate with Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery and Stratus Vineyards. He also consulted to Benjamin Bridge and Lightfoot & Wolfville in Nova Scotia.

Peter not only created the wines styles, vineyards and winery buildings for these enterprises, he broke ground in establishing the styles and the ‘Terroir discovery’ that these wineries have trailblazed. Peter co-founded the Cuvée Gala and Charity Foundation; he both conceived and made the Vintners Quality Alliance a reality, and he is currently heading up the Wine Standards Commission in Nova Scotia.

Ann began her winemaking career in 1984, first with André’s Wines and then with CedarCreek Estate Winery. She moved to Ontario in 1995 where she helped launch several stellar wineries. She is a highly respected winemaker and consultant.

The winery is located in the county community of East Kelowna.

Old Vines 2015 Reisling award Gold 95 points by Decanter
Sparkling Brut - Bronze
Late Harvest Riesling -Bronze


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