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Sage Hayward Vineyards

Sage Hayward Vineyards


Sage Hayward Vineyards is located on Saturna in the Southern Gulf Islands, between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  The estate is planted across the Island’s south flank on seventy-six of British Columbia’s most beautiful acres.  Behind the winery is a steep expanse of ridges and cliffs descends from the peak of Mt. Warburton Pike. The winery looks out on Plumper Sound, a little finger of the Pacific Ocean that runs between Saturna and Pender Island.  Nestled between sheer cliffs and ocean currents,The vines enjoy unique climatic conditions tailored to their special growing requirements.

The first vines where planed on Saturna Island in 1995, making it one of the oldest vineyards in the Coastal region. They are rooted in dense soil, a complex of sand and loam resting on clay permeated with ancient marine sediment.  These rich compounds infuse our terroir with a hint of the Salish Sea.    To the north is Brown’s Ridge, a near-vertical exposure of massive sandstone.  Its steep bluffs create a heat trap that benefits the fields below, radiating additional warmth down onto the ripening grapes.  The soil remains saturated through the winter months and then gradually dries out through the rest of the year until the rains begin again in late fall.  Fir, arbutus and juniper trees are abundant; lavender, rosemary, yarrow and sage grow around the vineyard perimeter alongside blackberries and wild roses. 

Sadly the original winery on the Island ceased operation in 2012 and the vines were left to their own. Sea Star winery on Pender Island purchased the property in 2017. The hired Tyler Cox to restore the vineyard. Sea Star decided to sell the property. August 12 2020 the Hayward family purchased the property.

The main principals are Ian Hayward, Wendy Sage-Hayward and Doug and Anne Hayward. Doug and Ian are brothers.
Wendy - Ian -Doug - Anne

The main principals are Ian Hayward, Wendy Sage-Hayward and Doug and Anne Hayward. Doug and Ian are brothers. The vineyard also became a focus for extended family who brought plenty of creative energy to bear on our bottomless task list. The Hayward family has been rooted on Saturna Island for over 30 years.

Winemaker Micheal Bartier and Tyler Cox helped the Haywards give rebirth to the winery. The Haywards went all in developing the vineyards, starting the winery and opening Feral Goat Bristo.

The jewel of Sage Hayward Vineyards is undeniably the Feral Goat Bistro. With cathedral ceilings and West Coast elegant post and beam construction, the bistro boasts one of the best views in all of the Gulf Islands. Whether you dine inside or on the patio, you will have vistas of endless vines descending down to a pastoral lake lined with weeping willows. In the distance, you will see the ocean where you may frequently spot whales passing between Saturna and Pender Island. Behind the winery are steep cliffs populated by feral goats which can be heard calling to each other at all times of the day. The Bistro is seasonal.

Chef Hubertus Surm has put together a beautiful menu primarily made up of local ingredients. Lamb and summer veggies are from the Campbell farm which is immediately adjacent to the vineyard. Many of the herbs and garlic are from our own garden. Our wood fired pizza oven turns out a spectacular Neapolitan style pizza and calzone prepared by Francesco, who just happened to be an Italian pizza chef working in the vineyard at the time we were building the oven!

The vineyards on Saturan Island Sage-Hayward

Saturna is blessed with exceptional artists and we are incredibly proud to display their work on the second floor of the bistro. Most of our serving platters and vases have been created by Saturna’s own Patricia de Joseph of the Grouchy Crab Pottery Studio.  Her work is amazing.

Ian Hayward  Sage Hayward Vineyards

Ian Hayward "The people on this island never cease to amaze with their kindness, support and genuine friendship. This place is our home and we are incredibly proud of it.  Excellence is a big part as well. We have put together a team of experts who are passionate about both winemaking and farming. Watching them perform their craft is nothing short of inspiring. And finally there’s Nature. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  This land has solved the riddle of creating a balance amongst living things and its mentorship is not lost on us when we farm. Minimal intervention is our mantra and it’s paying off as this unique terroir speaks through our wines. "

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