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Located in Niagaraís St. Davidís Bench sub-appellation on the 5th generation property, a 35-acre vineyard The Lowrey family has farmed the area for 5 generations. Current generations, Howard Lowrey and his son Wes Lowrey tend to the vineyard with a focus on achieving the most characteristic and complex examples that their varietals can produce.

We do not often hear about this family run winery. Which is a surprise considering the quality of their wines. Numerous Ontario wine writers have praised their wines.

David Jackson Lowrey founded the vineyard, planting some of the region's first grapes in 1869 - starting a tradition that Edwin David Lowrey and Howard Borden Lowrey succeeded until 1984 when Howard Wesley Lowrey planted five rows of Pinot Noir, spiriting Wesley David Lowrey to craft wine.

The name Five Rows Craft Wine is inspired by the 5 generations of spirit and hard work that has carried 65 acres of farm land through a long history. The people, the winters, the hardship of farming and the harvest of good fortune — a virtuous family tradition.

In 1984, Howard Wesley Lowrey was convinced by Karl Kaiser to rip up their livelihood of tender fruit and juice grapes and plant wine grapes — vinifera. Taking a deep breath and a lot of chance, he planted 5 rows of Pinot Noir — thus the winery's namesake gesture. 

The portfolio of Five Rows focuses on 6 main varietals that have been selected based on their unique style and expression of the Lowrey Vineyard, as well as their characteristic representation of the St. David's Bench Appellation. Pinot Noir accounts for the majority of our planting while Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Shiraz, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc make up the remaining row.

"Five Rows' one-room, peaked-roof barn houses everything: miniature steel fermenting tanks, oak barrels, two tables that serve as a tasting area and a small stockpile of cases ready for sale. The place seems caught in a time warp, evoking Niagara of the 1970s, when such pioneers as Inniskillin crushed grapes in similarly rustic quarters." The Globe & Mail

If you looking for a fancy winery with all the bells and whistles skip this one. If you want good wines, country charm and good friendly hard working folk stop by.

Five Rows Craft Wine of Lowrey Vineyards i
Photo credit Niagara Local

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