Black Prince Winery

Black Prince Winery

Located in the heart Prince Edward County, in Picton on Loyalist Parkway (Hwy. 33) Black Prince is one of the oldest County wineries with a well-appointed Tasting Centre offering the largest selection of wine in the area. Situated on a 50-acre estate, the 10-acre vineyard includes Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and some hybrids. Black Prince was the first winery to use local County oak barrels to age their wines and vintage after vintage the wines receive awards nationally and internationally. Black Prince is also a loyal contributor to the local arts scene and big supporters of new fledgling grower-winemakers.

Black Prince Winery was conceived by John Sambrook (General Manager of the Opimian Society) in 2000, who wanted to establish a winery in this lovely, picturesque area of Prince Edward County. This region has the viticultural landscape to produce first-rate wines with the vineyards located on a fertile, sandy loam ridge

The Black Prince was an Edward, eldest son of Edward III, and became a legend in his own lifetime. He was one of the most successful commanders during the 100 years war (Battles of Poitiers & Crecy) and a model of both chivalry and courtesy. He also ruled over a large area of Aquitaine which included Bordeaux, so the relevance to wine was a deciding factor and the name was chosen.

Black Prince Winery, ruled by a  board of directors under the helm of president Rod de Courcy-Ireland, is dedicated to crafting fine, accessible wines showcasing what this wonderful area has to offer.

The winery has obtained numerous awards over the last few years for such wines as Chardonnay Terroir Elite, Cabernet Franc and Vidal Icewine.

Canadian “County” Vinegar Cellars has teamed up with Black Prince Winery to craft very special vinegars in Prince Edward County. They are located on the winery's estate.

General Manager and director of winemaking: Geoff Webb
Winemaker: Michael Fallow
Philosophy: Craft fine, accessible wine


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