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Back in 1999 Andrew and Christina Brooks were working in a Calgary Alberta restaurant where they started to experience wine tastings, the idea of owning a winery began to grow. The hunt began. They traveled to Italy, France, Kelowna, BC. and South Africa, but these places were too far out of reach and too costly.  

It was on a trip to Niagara (where Christina grew up), that they found a ten acre property in between Vineland and  Beamsville. To make ends meet as they developed their winery, they started up a business called Crush on Niagara Wine Tours. It was on a cold January day that a Realtor showed them a derelict 10 acre  property in Beamsville, that they could barely afford.   “We will take it”, they said…and the rest is history. Back 10 Cellars started with a big dream , pure will, gumption and determination. “

Andrew and Christine are now living there dream. They got their with hard work and determination

While in his Sommelier class, Andrew’s instructor asked each student; “why do you want to be a Sommelier and what are your plans”. Eager students answered “I want to start a wine agency”, or “I want to work at such and such restaurant”. When Andrew answered enthusiastically, “I want to have my own vineyard one day”, the students burst out laughing.

“We wanted to build something from scratch”, “something gratifying”, “but we were afraid that vineyard ownership was out of our reach”.   The Brooks’ had no experience in farming or agriculture, but clung to the dream of starting a vineyard from the ground up.   Back 10 Cellars started with a big dream , pure will, gumption and determination. “This isn’t a generational family business”. “This entire vineyard was purchased by us, two twenty somethings ,who were willing to take the big leap of faith and put in the Blood , Sweat and Years to make their dream a reality.”  

When we took possession of the property in 2002 they wandering through the house and vineyard with a sketchpad and pen in tow, we both began to feel ill.  Reality sunk in. This was going to be a massive undertaking. Well, we started with a glass of wine (natch)! and with that came clarity.  We simplified with a new game plan.  Year 1-10, renovate, tear down and rebuild everything, plant vineyard, sounded simple enough. Thus the name Back 10.

Back 10 Cellars

 It was also extremely important to us to grow these grapes as naturally as possible, no pesticides or herbicides. 

We are committed to nurturing our environment and having the least invasive footprint as possible.  We plant and grow many of our own fruits and vegetables and also raise our own chickens. (Our chickens love to scratch the seeds from our pumpkins and zucchinis and squash). It is important for us for our kids to understand where their food comes from and to be environmentally responsible wherever possible. 

David Johnston owner of Featherstone Estate winery in Vineland Ontario is the winemaker.

 Smitten Summerhouse
 Smitten Summerhouse 

The New Smitten Siphouse outdoor covered patio is now 

IN 2016 Christina published her first book “To Build a Vineyard” which tells the story of how they made their dream of owning a vineyard come true.

Back 10 Cellars is a Hidden Gem with outstanding reviews for its wine and hospitality!

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