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Andrew's Winery

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Andrew’s Winery, formerly Scotch Block Winery, is part of the Andrews Senic Acres Market and Winery in Milton Ontario. a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada, and part of the Halton Region in the Greater Toronto Area.

Andrews Scenic Acres Farm and Winery was established in 1980. They proudly grow165 acres of fresh fruit and vegetables for the pleasure of our customers. With a beautiful picnic area, large playground, farm animal corral and wagon rides, a visit to Andrews Scenic Acres is a pleasurable family occasion. The Mennonite constructed barn houses the farm market with lots of new pleasures for your enjoyment. In 1999, they opened the winery. They ferment on site over 25 different award winning fruit and grape wines and cider.

The winery was owned by Bret Andrews  along with his wife Laurie and their young children Angela, Kurtis and Valerie . Bret and Laurie decided to retire the farm amd market almost closed for good before it was sold. The new owners of Andrews’ Scenic Acres are Yunna Chen, Yun Wang and Linda Chen.

It provides a wonderful place to take your family featuring small farm animal, flower and fruit picking

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