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Alton Farms Estate Winery

5547 Aberarder Line, Plympton-Wyoming ON, N0N 1J5

Have you ever hear of Plympton-Wyoming Ontario. Unlesss you live in the area the chances are you have not. The town sits just below the south end of Lake Huron and north of the Lake Erie. It is home to to Marc and Anne Alton and their family. Here they establish their winery Alton Farms Estate Winery in 2006.

The Spring of 2006 saw the planting of the first test acre, with more than fifteen different varieties. Some include: Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well as hybrid cold temperature varieties such as Frontenac and Marechal Foch. The following year the second test acre was planted, with even more varieties including Shiraz and >Baco Noir.

The Altons were formally congratulated by the Township of Plympton-Wyoming, the Ontario Government and the Federal Government for the Grand Opening of the First Grape Winery in Lambton County.

The Altons enjoy natue and love bird watching. They also offer a Bed and Breakfast service at the Vineyard. They have 3 rooms each with a queen sized beds. There is also a pool.

Look for their 2013 Egremont Red a full bodied blend of Cabernet France with Merlot and Frontenac and the 2013  Baco Noir / Petite Verdot:  This smooth medium bodied red wine has a spicy nose with aromas of blackberries and cherries.

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