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Honsberger Estate a family owned winery located in Jordan on the Niagara Peninsula. Barbara Honsberger Condotta is the main principle.

Jordan is a community located on the eastern edge of the Town of Lincoln, in the Niagara Region. Jordan is bordered by the Twenty Mile Creek and Vineland to the west, Lake Ontario to the north, St. Catharines to the east, and Pelham to the south. Lying roughly 100 km from Toronto and 65 km from Buffalo by road.

Jordan's climate is humid continental (Köppen borderline Dfa/Dfb) and can be considered a unique micro-climate because of the moderating influence of Lake Ontario/Lake Erie and the sheltering effect of the Niagara Escarpment. The area is known in Canada for its orchards, vineyards, wineries and restaurants that feature local produce and wines. 

The Honsberger family has been farming the land for six generations. It all began in 1811. It was in 2007 they made the move to remove the cherry tress and plant Cabernet Franc and later removing the apple tress to plant Riesling. They sold off their grapes until 2012 before producing their own wines.

The Small Barn is where seasonal indoor restaurant is located

The Small Barn is where seasonal indoor restaurant is located featuring traditional Simplistic Italian dishes along with comfort farm food .

The winemaker is Matt Smith who has been part of Honsberger team since the beginning. He worked his way up working at Truis, Southbrook and Domaine Queylus.

They specialize in doing weddings

We strive to achieve a family experience for all our guest. Strangers become friends and friends become family. Everything at Honsberger starts with a real love for our craft. Our team is unrelentingly passionate about quality. 

a  winery is defined by four key conditions — the right land, the right grapes, the right equipment and the right winemaker. 

Wines are only available on-site

Honsberger Estate
4060 Jordan Road
Jordan Station, Ontario
L0R 1S0


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