Ciao Bella Winery

3252 Glenco Road
West Kelowna, British Clumbia

Ciao Bella Winery

Over 60 years ago the Nonno (Grandpa) Luigi and Nonna (Grandma) Melina's left Italy for Canada. The first 30 years the Fiume lived in Yellowknife. In 1986 the family moved to West Kelowna. They are proudly producing Okanagan wines with Italian flair.

Today three generation live at the wienry with Robert Fiume been the winemaker working with consultany Jim Faulkner. Among Okanagan wineries, Roberto is better known as Robert Fiume, the partner in Kelowna-based Capri Insurance Agencies. There he has developed the insurance coverage that many wineries have taken to protect their assets.

Robert was born in Yellowknife “In Yellowknife, the Italians there would get together and get grapes shipped up,” Roberto recalls. “We grew up making wine in Yellowknife. There was this big chunk of bedrock under our house. In one side, my dad dug it out and made his wine cellar.”

The family settled on property in West Kelowna’s Glencoe district in 1983, buying a property four years later across the road that was the area’s original vineyard. With the help of his family, Roberto pulled out the hybrid vines in 1989. He began replanting in 2000 with Pinot Noir. Currently, he grows five acres of Pinot Noir and he has just added a quarter acre of Pinot Gris.

Award wining wines

2014 Pinot Nero ​​
         BEST Pinot Noir in BC, Okanagan Spring Wine Festival
         Silver Medal National Wine Align 
         Silver Medal All Canadian Wine Awards

2014 Pinot Rose'

         Silver Medal Fall Wine Festival 2015
         Silver Medal National Wine Align

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