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Vignoble de Pomone

144 Chemin de La Riverre Delsisle Sud

Vignoble de Pomone


Un agriculteur de 45 ans d'expérience et une femme d'affaires aux approches novatrices s'allient pour développer des vins audacieux, tout en finesse.

In 2009 Sylvain Poirier,planted his first vines. He had been secretly cherishing this dream since his forties. He studied viticulture and surrounded himself with experts and made many new winegrower friends. In 2010, he built his own house, in 2013, the winery. During these constructions, he planted vines every year. The grape harvests were sold to several Quebec vineyards.

Sylvie Bissonnette passionate about wine and the land has entered her life. A little crazy, they decided to produce wine, and that's when the Vignoble de Pomone is officially created. In 2013 they built the winery.

Sylvain Poirier,Sylvie Bissonnette 

Sylvie is an accomplished businesswoman. She is President of Design Colligo, she is also co-founder of Design Thinking Montreal. As a third job, Sylvie is responsible for all administrative operations of the vineyard, sales, marketing, events, finance, traceability, laboratory, ... And of course, welcome visitors.

Sylvain, a farmer for 45 years, has been working in the vineyard for more than 10 years. As he would tell you, 'I'm a field guy'. His first passion is the cultivation of the vine. His extraordinary tact for everything that grows allows us to have an exceptional raw material. The vines are taking care of Sylvain.He also assumes the role of Cellar Master

The Pomone Vineyard has an area of 16 hectares. The number of vines is 53,000. The vineyard is located in one of the hottest regions of Quebec. The plot of land was carefully chosen. We are in the ancient Champlain Sea, the basement of their plot contains a lot of silica and shell which gives a mineral wine with a greenish color. A part of the plot, in the shape of a rounded arrow contains a large amount of humus that gives notes of undergrowth, mushrooms to our red wines.

The vineyard of the gradual transformation towards biodynamics. Sylvain's experience of more than 40 years in agriculture and above all an approach in symbiosis with nature that instinctively takes into account all the climatic elements to decide on the right times to practice interventions (air, humidity, colors, the moon, insects, birds, animals,...). They use ant-freeze towers

The winery's grounds has over thousand tulips for one to admire. There are numerous activites and events to enjoy at the winery.

When you visit the Pomone Vineyard, you will discover a universe of pure happiness and passion. The Bissonnette-Poirier family will welcome you on an exceptional site, filled with treasures of the earth. In pick-your-own, grapes, asparagus and raspberries are grown. From now on, red, white, rosé and the famous straw wine are available on site. In addition, do not leave the site without visiting the mini-farmhouse that always entertains children.- Tourism Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Coteau-du-Lac is a small city in southwestern Quebec, Canada. It is on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional County Municipality.The name of the town comes from the French word Coteau which meant "slope" and from its location on the north shore of Lake Saint Francis. The  of the Coteau-du-Lac canal is the location of the first canal lock system in North America.

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