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Frizzante Muscat 2018

Church and State Winery


Every once in a while a wine comes along and surprises you with its over quality. Church and State's Frizzante Muscat is one such wine, for me. There are very few sparking wines that I enjoy. I let my ginger ale go flat before drinking it.

Winemaker Arnaud Thierry has come trough with a true gem of a wine. Using Muscat grapes from the Brentwood Vineyards (Vancouver Island) and the Black Sage Bench vineyard producing exceptional fruit driven flavours.

The wine does begin with a aroma catching effervescence of tropic fruits. The flavours continue on the palattate, saying "more please"

The wine was served at a gathering of friends. Everone mentioned to me that the wine was extremly good. Everone had a second glass emptying the bottle.

Church and State has two location. The orginal winery opened in Brentwood Bay a few km from Victoria on Vancouver Island. The second location is in the Okanagan near Oliver.

Church and State Fritzzante Muscat

One of the best Sparkling wines I have ever enjoyed. The grapes are grown on Vancouver Island near Victoria and Black Sage Bench. Good aromas of tropical fruit. The acidity is light making for a smooth wine from start to finish. 95

Church and State Marsanne - Coyote Bowl & Bella 2018

A very fine soft patio wine. Featuring a nice golden colour. Starting with the aromas of fresh apricot, dried orange peel, and honeycomb, finishing with happy floral notes . Fruity flavours and almond notes on the palate.92

Church and State - Pinot Gris 2017

A perfect summer wine. High lighted by tropical fruits with lemon at the forefront. 90

Church & State - Oliver
Church & State - Oliver

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