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Amulet Wines

Amulet wines are crafted by the well known and highly respected winemaker Dwight Sick. The wines are Rhone inspired, distinctly 100% Okanagan.

Dwight has this to say about his wines

Singular and focused wines that have taken the last 15 years to conceptualize and create.  

Grown in some of the best vineyard sites in the Okanagan Valley, our grapes are tended by hard working hands along with a ruthless attitude to grow quality before quantity. This approach in the vineyard enables a gentle translation in the cellar which produces honest and pure wines that are terroir driven.  Production is extremely limited and we plan to keep it that way.


"Even after 17 vintages as a winemaker, I still consider myself to be a “student” of wine, as the wines, the vineyards that bear the fruit and the art of winemaking are ever evolving.


My beliefs on winemaking and life are very similar in that balance is essential and there must be passion in both.  In winemaking, I feel that the product of the passion, that which the art of winemaking must preserve, is typicity and authenticity."


- Dwight Sick.

The medallion on our Amulet bottles is a replica recast of the original hand-struck Gold Angel coin from the Elizabethan era. First appearing in 1470, the coin depicts St Michael slaying an evil dragon. Rumoured to be Shakespeare's preferred method of payment for his services, the gold coin was also frequently worn as an Amulet to ward off evil and bring good luck to those in its possession. This concept of good vs evil plays well with the style of our Rhone inspired wines as, we believe, in order to be good we sometimes must be a little bit evil.

Dwight is a long time resident of the Penticton area, has been married to his wife Jeanette for nearly 30 years with whom he has 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  Dwight is an active cyclist, loves to cook and enjoys lazy days spent in his hammock at his 2nd home in Thailand. 

Amulet Red 2018 a unfiltered blend of 46% Grenache | 28% Syrah | 26% Mourvedre. On the nose hints dark berries,violets, salted black liquorice and a pinch of desert sage. Flavours follow the path of the aromas across a tightly wound palate of textural tannins. The wine finishes very juicy with notes of berries , some spices and dried herbs.

Amulet White 2019 88% Viognier | 12% Marsanne The wine begins with hints of honey and stone fruit. On the palette we have peaches, lime and numerous fruits flavours.

Dwight has recently released a Amulet Rosé.

The wines are crafted at Roche winery. Dwight is also the winemaker at Moraine.


The wine reviews are based on friend comments we have not had the opportunity to try the wines.

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