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Dunham Run

35 Gorhams Bluff Rd, Kingston NB

Nestled on the Kingston Peninsula, Dunham's Wharf Vineyard sits on 22 acres of prime vineyard land The owners Tony and Margie Rickett, daughter named her dog Dunham. When she left for college Dunham behind to remained run through the vinelands. The winery's name is a tribute to the departed Dunham. The winery opened in 2012

Counting Meaderies nd cideries there are sixteen wineries in the province of New Brunswick. New Brunswich is one of the Maritime provinces of Canada’s eastern seabord along Nova Scotia, New Foundland and Prince Edward Island. The wineries make wine mainly from cold weather-resistant hybrids like Frontenac, Seyval, Vidal, Marechal Foch and Baco Noir (all French) or Sabrevois, Prairie Star and Raddison (all from Minnesota), 

Executive director Joe Gallant of the New Brunswhick wine says growth has been steady in the provice with increse acrage been planted. "having local wines in grocery stores is going to boost the industry even further. Right now the partnership we have with the grocery wine program in New Brunswick is probably the best partnership in the whole country.  So I think we will be catching up pretty quickly," he says.

Ramsey Khairallah winemaker and vineyard manager studied at Niagara College where he received a diploma in Wine and Viticulture. From Niagara College, he continued on to Brock University to complete a Bachelor of Science in Oenology and Viticulture at Brock's Cold Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI). After completing co-op placements at Creekside Estate Winery and Tawse Winery in the Niagara Peninsula, Ramsey ventured internationally to explore other cool climate grape growing regions.

Current product is 1000 cases their goal to establish themselves' as a premier estate bottled winery..

Dunham Runs will operate as a Crushpad for other winemakers. They also produce specialty products such as mead, ice wine, hard cider and port.

Visitors to Dunhams Run Estate Winery can enjoy vineyard tours, private tastings and shopping in the contemporary wine boutique. Learn about the winery’s geothermal heating and cooling system or the distinct handcrafted methods that produce their wines. 

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