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Frind Estate Winery

Frind Estate Winery

Frind Estate Winery

North America's only beach winery, residing on the shores of Okanagan Lake in West Kelowna. The owner is Markus Frind. The property was purchased in 2017 after Markus sold his company Plenty of Fish and wanted to do something more hands-on.  With over 500 years of family farming history, Markus wanted to combine his two passions; technology and agriculture.  Today Frind Estate Winery is one of the most advanced wineries in the world, using cutting edge technology to create truly distinctive wines. 

the beach at Frind Estate Winery

Frind winery the beach

Markus Frind is definitely focused on wine, after previous successes as an internet entrepreneur. Born in Germany in 1978, Markus was just four when his parents, descended from generations of farmers, moved to a 485-hectare (1,200-acre) farm at Hudson’s Hope in northeastern British Columbia.

After high school, Markus studied business and computer science at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Then he had a series of technology jobs until, early in 2003, he created Plenty of Fish on his home computer. The dating web site’s success was explosive: by the second year, it was generating monthly revenues of $200,000 a month. Markus sold the site in 2015 for $575 million.

The winemaker at Frind is Eric von Krosigk, a veteran Okanagan winemaker.

Frind Estate Winery owner Markus Frind recently planted Cabernet Sauvignon in a vineyard at the northern end of Okanagan Lake, just west of Vernon.

This is undoubtedly the northernmost block of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Okanagan. The majority of Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards are either near Oliver and Osoyoos or next door in the Similkameen Valley. Indeed, Markus owns a 10-acre near Osoyoos and a 14-acre vineyard near Oliver where he grows Cabernet Sauvignon, among other varieties.

But, based on data from his own weather stations, he believes he has found a Vernon area vineyard site where south-facing slopes are exposed to sunlight all day and where the heat of the sun is amplified by reflections from the lake.

“I have got 900 acres up there,” Markus says. “I started buying about two years ago. I have 23 weather stations up there and I also have access to historical data, going back 17, 18 years. The entire area is 50 to 100 growing degree days warmer than the Summerland Research Station.”

Frind Estate tasting room

The winery has many features making a most enjoyable visit. Annie’s Beach Cafe & Lounge is open daily for breakfast, lunch and afternoon eats. Enjoy a full-service bakery offering fresh baked goods and naturally fermented breads from our onsite Baker. Featuring unmatched lake-front views and wine-friendly seasonal food. Annie's Beach Cafe & Lounge is named after Markus wife.

Dome dining at Frind Dome - Dining

Markus Frind is passionate about science and math. Over a decade ago Markus cracked a mathematical sequence used as supporting research for an academic paper that helped to win its author the Fields Medal, also known as the Nobel Prize for math.

3725 Boucherie Road 
West Kelowna

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