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Canadians appear to be the most enthusiastic cider consumers compared to our closest neighbours. By 2022, we are expected to drink more than 92 million litres of cider, an increase of approximately 10 percent over 2018.

Hard cider is the alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting fresh sweet cider. 

Cider may be today’s trendy tipple, but its rise in Canada is actually a comeback story. The fermented fruit drink was the first alcoholic beverage made in North America. Settlers planted apple orchards with seeds from England and fermented the apple juice. “Grain went to feed cattle and horses, so there was no excess grain for malting and brewing,” explains Thomas Wilson, co-founder of Spirit Tree Cider. “Cider was it.” However, by the late 1800s, cider fell out of favour because of the Industrial Revolution (when people migrated to cities) and the increased consumption of beer.*!

Cider is frequently positioned as an alternative to beer and it caters to a wider audience, including a growing number of female consumers. Over recent years, cider has become a welcome alternative to beer, especially among younger consumers.

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made mainly from the fermented juice of apples, though pears can also be used; in the UK, pear cider is known as perry. In the US and parts of Canada, the term cider almost exclusively refers to nonalcoholic apple juice (apple cider). The phrase hard cider is used to denote the fermented version. Learn more

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*1 - Food In Canada - Rebecca Harris

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