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Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

1137 Boston Mills Road,
Caledon, ON . L7C 0N1

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

Spirit Tree is a family dream come true . The cidery is owned by Thomas Wilson (a forth generation farmer) and his wife Nicole Judge. Thomas and Nicole wanted to expand their business and create a legacy for their family. They had a vision of creating a modern Cidery that honoured old-world traditions.

To develop their craft, they both dove head first into learning about artisan baking and cider-making courses. They took bread baking and pastry courses at George Brown College in Toronto, Le Cordon Bleu Chef School in Ottawa, and the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Chef School in Paris, France. They also enrolled in cider making courses in Somerset, England and at Cornell University in New York. They traveled several time to tour the UK and France, visiting the finest bakeries, pastry shops and cideries. 

In 2005, they sold the original farm and began the search for the perfect location for their new venture.

They found a picturesque location on Boston Mills Road in the rolling hills of Caledon. The land had previously been used to grow hay, but speckled throughout the property were hundreds of wild apple trees. It was kismet that the property would be perfect for their soon to be apple orchard and cidery.

Thomas Wilson - Nicole Judge Spirit Tree Cidery
Thomas Wilson - Nicole Judge

They had a vision - to create an upscale location with a beautiful view that would be a true destination for food lovers. At the centre would be a wood-fired oven from which they'd produce artisanal pastries and bread. Apples would take centre stage.

he family started planting apple trees with an initial block of 2,500 apple trees, in 2005. The orchard consisted of  15 different varieties. In the next few years they planted 2,500 additional trees.

Spirit Tree Cider - Ontario

It was important to Tom and Nicole that the entire operation was energy efficient and environmentally friendly from the ground up. The building is a straw bale construction, resulting with an insulation value of R-50+, twice of what is typically required in a traditional home.

Instead of using fossil fuels and electricity to heat and cool the building, the Wilson’s went geothermal. The system absorbs heat from the earth and heats the building in the winter and draws out hot air in the summer.

Wood Fired Oven Spirit Tree Cidery

In the centre of the building is a one-of-a-kind wood-burning artisan oven. It was designed by the late Alan Scott, one of the world’s most famous brick-oven artisan designers. This oven allows Spirit Tree to bake nearly all of their products using a renewable fuel source

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery was awarded “Environmentalist of the Year” and the “Agri-Food Innovation Excellence” in 2010.

The cidery makes both hard and non alcoholic ciders. They also produce an Ice cider.

Their ciders are highly rated.

The  Farm Shop, located inside the Spirit Tree Estate, carries our freshly baked bread, pies and baked goods, ciders and an assortment of locally sourced food products.

Pizzas are available on Friday and Saturday nights.


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