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Double Hill Cider

146 Billy McDonald Rd,
Caledonia, PE C0A 1R0

The Double Hill Cidery is located in the hills of Caledonia, Prince Edward Island. The Farm was first settled by the MacDonald family and named Double Hill for its ravine that dissects the land into two hills.

The community of Caledonia is rather small it is located near Murray River on the Southeast tip of the province.

In 1993, Double Hill Farm was purchased by the Manago family.

The cidery is the brainchild of its founder, Sebastian Manago. He fell in love with ciders when he studied in France.

All of Double Hill’s 365 acres has a southern exposure which makes it ideal for growing fruit trees. The farm is named Double Hill because of a small ravine that bisects the land into two gentle hills. A significant part of the orchard however is dedicated to grafting the very best of the local wild apples onto semi-standard rootstock. Each year, they identify more wild trees for their cider making qualities. Their juices get tested in a lab for sugar, acidity and phenolic properties and if the tree is of good quality, the cuttings taken from it to be transplanted to Double Hill.

The orchard includes varieties such as Kingston Black, Dabinett, Yarlington Mills, Bulmers Norman, Douce Moen, Rouge Duret, Petit Jaune, Douce Coet Lignee, Medaille D’or, Somerset Redstreak, Cap of Liberty, and others

Nomad Cider, a traditional French artisanal cider made from wild apples won the silver medal at the New York International Cider Competition.

 Sebastien was named champion of the 2020 Francophone Ignition Contest and the recipient of the $25,000 prize, Sebastian Manago will be able to further develop Double Hill Cidery.

Main brand Normad


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