BC VQA Fall Tasting Release

The annual VQA release tasting event was held last week at the Vancouver Convention Centre. A really good event held in a most spectacular location. It takes me about 90 minutes from my home in Langley to reach the event.

I drive from Langley to Richmond and then take the sky train as I like to call it into downtown Vancouver. That makes it a three hour trip not counting the walking time from the car to the commuter train and the train station to the Convention Centre. All this to taste some of the world's finest wines. Thats right the world's finest. But even more important you get to see some of the best people.

I received a nice warm greeting from Jennifer Turton-Molgat of the View winery from East Kelowna, the industry giant Donald Triggs of Culmina, Andy Gebert of St Hubertus, John Skinner of Painted Rock, and Gordon Fitzpatrick of the much anticipated (soon to open) Fitzpatrick Family winery in Summerland. I enjoyed chatting with author John Schreiner, Heleen Pannekoek of Fort Berenes, Marina Knutson of Spierhead, and Petra Flaa of Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery in Creston.

I must mention Tim Wispinski - President of The Wine list representing numerous wineries including, The View, Agenda on 45th,Time Estate, Chaberton Recline Ridge and more. A very friendly gentleman. We had a nice conversation

It was a pleasure to meet Jeff Hanson director of Hospitality for Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards. Another friendly owner is Graydon Ratzlaff of Tappen's Recline Ridge. You must try his Ortega.

Speaking of good wines to try Black Hills' Alibi is outstanding as is their Viognier. Gray Monk's Gewürztraminer and Odyssey Meritage are sensational. I tasted wines from Black Sage with winemaker Jason James. Some good wines here , Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 and Cabernet Franc 2014.

Moraine Estate Riesling was very good. Also try the Cliffhanger White

A quick Referral of fine wines you should try.

Therapy Vineyards Freudian Sip 2015
Popular Grove Merlot 2015
Monte Creek Riesling 2015
Montre Creek Foch 2015
Fort Berens Riesling 2015
Convicton Sovereign Opal 2015
Convicton White Blend 2015
The View Silver Lining White 2015
Upper Bench Chardonnay
Hester Creek Chardonnay
Gray Monk Estate Pinot Gris
Haywire Switchback Pinot Gris 2014
Haywire Narrative Red 2015

Over all the wineries with the best range of wines included. Harper's Trail,Gray Monk, St Hubertus, Fitzpatrick Vineyards, Haywire, Black Sage, Monte Creek, Moraine Vineyards,Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery and Culmina. One thing to remember it is impossibleness to reach all of the wineries in only three hours this is a major event. It would have been nice to see more owners and winemakers at the event but it s Harvest time.

Notes of thank you go the following for their smiles and warm greeting at their tables. Little Straw Vineyards, Painted Rock, and Wayne Gretzky, Gray Monk, Conviction, Okanagan Crush Pad and Townhall.

As I flip through the list of wineries at the event I can not believe how many I never reached. Those I did reach I was overwhelmed by the quality of the wines.


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