Collecting Wines

There are different reasons people wish to collect wine. But those who do usually have a passion for the taste of a good wine.
They take pride in their cellar; collecting wines they enjoy drinking. Some people collect because they have the dollars to do so
That's okay too.

If you decide collecting wines is for you, may we suggest some guide lines

1. Set a budget.
2. Know and understand the proper methods of storage
3. Cellar three or more bottles of the same wine When you open the first and it delivers true bliss, the pleasure will be sweeter knowing you've got more in the cellar. The first will serve as a barometer of how the wine is aging
4. Buy what you like.. IF you have a favourite wine or several favourites those are good wines to add to your collection
5. Most wines are made for quick consumption so gain some know about which wines may be best for storing.
6. Divide your cellar into areas. Those you wish to store for 5 years, those you wish to store for 10 years and those you might open now to impress your guests and so on.
7.record your wines when adding to the collection record those you taste. Take inventory
8. Some whites age better than reds *, such as German riesling, Australian semillon or fine white Burgundy are good starter wines
9. Visit a winery ask the winemaker about his wines suitable for aging
10. sign up for winery newsletters they can notify you of wines designed for aging and offer discounts


There is no guarantee that a wine will not die before you open it. Be careful if you are buying aged wines. Do you know how they were stored? Read our page on storing wines. Winemakers require a great deal of education and training to understand the complexes of wine. If Chemistry is your thing you can also understand the complexities involved in aging wine. But not one can guarantee how a wine will age they can only help guide the wine and produce wines suitable for aging. But once bottled what occurs in that bottle is no longer controllable. Yes proper storage condition are important.


Remember that the fun in collecting isn't just the purchase or tasting , but everything leading up to it. Do the research, read reviews and books, taste, talk and ask questions. When you do end up pouring that magical first glass from your newly created collection, you'll enjoy it all the more—whether it's a $19 chardonnay or a rare French Classic —because you put the time and effort into finding it.

* We also found research that said Red wines age better due to an increase amount of Tannins.

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