Robert's Report

I believe in Fair and Truth Advertising and Proper Labeling

Recently my wife and I held a small Christmas party. Our friends know I am a great supporter of Canada wines, so more often than not Canadian wines are what they bring us. On this occasion one friend handed me the above bottle of wine saying " you will appreciate this it is a BC wine".

Sadly this is a Cellared in Canada wine. Meaning it is made with imported grapes not grown in British Columbia. Note the lack of a vintage date.

The name The Winemaker's House does not indicate the winery, its is simply a brand name not to be confused with Winemaker House, Mirepeisset, France.

One can barley read the small print on the back label. This is common! It says the wine is made by Artisan Wine Co / Vancouver/ Oliver an International blend.

So if you wish to believe the winemaker is sitting in their home(s) over the vineyards (Thats plural) go right ahead, I call it misleading! My friend believed he was bringing a BC wine. Sadly he was not!

It is also doubtful the head or chief winemaker had anything to do with this wine, mostly like an assistant produced the wine.

Just my view!

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