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Township 7 - Langley Township


One perfect way to begin the summer of 2021 is to relax on the patio of a popular winery enjoying their hospitality along with the latest wines produced. That is exactly what Barbara and I did on a very warm day at Township 7

The winery originally opened in 1999 with a five-acre piece of property in Langley Township, which today houses a tasting room and vineyards. A few years later having achieved success they opened a second location in Naramata. The Langley location has made continues improvements to their facilities over the years as business grew. They have a very nice, relaxing patio with very comfortable couches.

Our host today was tasting room supervisor Barbara. What a delightful young lady she is and very knowledgeable. Barbara provided us with a most enjoyable time.

Barbara bell of Winesofcanada at Township7 Langley

Bob Bell at Township7 Langley

Barbara guided us through several wine tastings. We were surprised how quickly the time went by. While we were at the winery my dear wife Barbara pocket us in for the Bard in the Valley, in July performed at Township7.

Our first wine of the day was the 2018 Riesling. It started with a nice aroma followed by notes of citrus fruits and honey suckle. It was on the sweeter side but perfect for a hot afternoon on the patio. A very good wine.

Next came the Pinot Gris. Another enjoyable summer wine, crisp and refreshing with pear and honeysuckle along with a hint of peach. The finish was excellent!

The 2018 Gewürztraminer was the third white selection. It was my style of Goertz, soft and smooth, mixing orange and pear flavours.

7 Blanc is a unique blend of aromatic white grape varieties with fragrant peach, pear, lychee, ginger, and a hint of honeysuckle aromas emerging from the glass. Barbara was drawn to this one.

Pinot Noir 2019 begins with a nice aroma of black cherry; the wine is warm and silky. another strong vote of approval from Barb.

The Merlot 2018 lived up to the long established reputation of Township 7 to produce an excellent wine. We both really liked this wine so much so, a bottle of it came home to our cellar.

The Cabernet Franc 2018 has inviting aromas of black cherry and caramel, and hints of spice. A most enjoyable wine.

NBO 2018 is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes; has aromas of cassis, dark cherry and cocoa. The palate displays rich black fruit up front and finishes with caramel and firm tannins. 

The winery is under the guidance of winemaker Mary McDermott, who has been part of the winery since 2014, she produces an outstanding cellar of fine wines. Mary’s focus is to enhance the winery’s Bordeaux-style reds, add a Champagne-style sparkling range, and to produce more single-vineyard wines. Mary’s efforts yield results; with her sparkling wine range, winning numerous accolades, and drawing media attention throughout the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the US.


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