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Paint Night at Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

Sip, Paint and Repeat

As an added attraction some of Canada's wineries have been hosting a very popular event known as Sip and Paint. You get the opportunity to visit the winery, taste their wines and learn how to paint directed by a skilled artist. Thanks to David and Allison Zimmerman of Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery in Abbotsford who gave us an opportunity to take in an event recently.

artist John Ferrie
John Ferrie

Popular artist John Ferrie was the instructor, assisting in hosting was John's sister, Cindy Ferrie a marketing consultant in Vancouver. John's affable personality set the mood for a fun time.

The activities took place in the winery's barrel room, a very impressive location on the property with its wood slat walls and gorgeous chandeliers.

Barbara Bell and Allison Zimmerman setting up the popcorn and chocolate table
Barbara Bell and Allison Zimmerman setting up the popcorn and chocolate table.

Seaside Pearl winery
The event was catered by The Chef's Pantry

Barbara Bell Wines of Canada website
Barbara checking out the inviting food offerings.

John Ferrie
John Ferrie setting up tables for the art students

John chatting with the first arrivals while they sample one of the excellent wines offered

Cindy and Allison greet the guests, they are served a glass of the sparkling Daffodil wine to start the evening

Time to paint!

Jen from Kis Consulting and Cindy from Cindy Ferrie Consulting deep in concentration

Early stages of a masterpiece

Successful "Paint Night" at Seaside Pearl

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

5290 Olund Road

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