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Backyard Winery Impressive

Christmas is coming and it was time to venture out in the cold and get some white wine for the turkey. We left the comfort of our home and headed towards the Fraser Valley Wineries. After missing our turn off the main road and driving down a rather icy back road we found our way into the parking lot at Backyard Vineyards. Were changes have been happing over the last few years and they are all good! Including the window added next to the entrance.


We were barley through the door before receiving a warm welcome from Carolyn. Carolyn proved to be a very charming hostess. In fact we had too young ladies looking after us and the other guests. Norma was also a joyful and charm host. When Carolyn became aware that we were from she quick located the very skillful winemaker James Cambridge.

We took James away from his work as the winery was busy bottling their Rosé. James promptly put two glasses of Rosé in front of us. Which we enjoy very much. Barbara was in fact quite impressed.

When Carolyn brought over the NV Blanc de Noir Brut, we decided to order a cheese plate You can see in the photo how good it looks. It tasted even better. So now we were laughing, enjoying chatting with the two ladies and James ( he came by to see how we were doing and bring some different wines), sipping wine and enjoying the cheese tray.


As we enjoyed our plater James provided too more samples of some young wines the Pinot Gris and the Gewürztraminer. Both were enjoy I did feel the Gewürztraminer was going to exceptional. Other wines tasted included the 2013 Merlot, a favourite of Barbara and the Riesling 2015. I bought that one along with a few others.


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