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Nova Scotia is a province in eastern Canada. With a population of 923,598 as of 2016, it is the most populous of Canada's three Maritime provinces and four Atlantic provinces. It is the country's second-most densely populated province and second-smallest province by area.

The beauty of Nova Scotia has drawn a number of winemakers away from the bigger provinces and their world renowned wine regions to proper as winemakers and winery owners in th province.

Bruce Ewert

One such man is Bruce Ewert, a British Columbia-born winemaker.

I have had the pleasure to make wine for over 30 years in managerial and hands-on roles at a variety of small and large wineries in British Columbia, Ontario, California, Australia and now Nova Scotia. I’ve been head winemaker at iconic British Columbia wineries such as Summerhill Pyramid Winery, See Ya Later Ranch and Peller Estates responsible for +200,000 cases. So you could say that I’ve done the large-winery thing and now enjoy the rewards of boutique, ultra-premium, hands-on winemaking at a winery that I own. A degree in Bio-Resource (Agriculture) Engineering from the University of British Columbia and studies at University of California, Davis, were instrumental in establishing my career. And the influence of all the talented winemakers who I’ve interned under and collaborated with over my long career have helped to shape my winemaking skills and passion. Being involved in the defining early wine years in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia established my commitment to terroir authenticity and product integrity. Nova Scotia’s cool climate is ideal and enviable for traditional method sparkling wine, and international awards and recognition have validated our decisions to champion this style with a desire for strong industry wine standards to protect it. I’m proud to have pioneered sparkling wine and organic winemaking for our region and I enjoy sharing my passion with winery visitors, the wine trade and through teaching winemaking courses at great campuses across Canada, including Nova Scotia Community College.

Bruce and his wife, Pauline Scott moved to Gaspereau, NS 2004 and founded L'Acadie Vineyards. Bruce Ewert released Nova Scotia’s first Champagne-method sparkling wine back in 2008. L’Acadie Vineyards is Nova Scotia’s first certified organic vineyard and winery.  The local industry owes much to his foresight.

Dominic Rivard

Dominic Rivard, internationally-renowned and award-winning wine master, a recognized specialist in fruit wine, dessert wine, and ice wine production. Is now based in Nova Scotia He is part owner of Muwin Estate Winery Ltd

Dominic was born in Quebec by the age of 17 he already had a strong passion for producing wines. He started by experimenting with making wines from fruits, dandelions, concord grapes and rhubarb. Over the last decade, Dominic has been busy running numerous wine production and exportation projects for wineries in Canada, USA, Italy, Spain, Chile, Taiwan, Korea, Japan as well as China. He has been a speaker on the subject of winemaking and wine marketing at various symposiums throughout the world.

Nova Scotia is Dominic's home!

One of the most successful NS wineries is Benjamin Bridge. Located in the Gaspereau Valley, the winery was founded by Gerry McConnell and his late wife Dara Gordon. Their project is to create great sparkling wines. Benjamin Bridge also produces icewine. To do so they brought in consultant Bruce Gamble and his amazing winemaker wife Ann Sperling. Their reputations built in BC and Ontario. They came because they believed in Nova Scotia ability to produce world class wines.

Other top producers of Nova Scotia Wines include Jost Vineyards, Avondale Sky Winery, Blomidon Estate Winery,Gaspereau Vineyards,Grand Prč Wines,Jost Vineyards Ltd,Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards, Planters Ridge Winery, Petite Riviere Vineyard and Ste. Famille Wines LTD. The list of wineries and cideries just keeps growing.

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