Robert's Report

Blue Grouse Estate Winery and Vineyard

2182 Lakeside Road
Duncan, BC V9L 6M3

Perfection is one of many adjectives you could use to describe the re-birth of the classic Blue Grouse Estate Winery in British Columbia's Cowichan Valley. We were invited to attend the opening ceremonies on Friday, May 22, 2015. The celebration included a "station to station" tour of the facilities with wine tastings at each station; Truffles Catering provided an astounding array of food pairings. We were very impressed with the brand new state of the art facility with the magnificent view. The new facilities along with their great wines will make this one of Canada's great wineries. We were fortunate to have been able to talk with the architect Joe Chauncey of Boxwood who explained how he incorporated the native bird, Blue Grouse, markings into the design of the building.

The event was extremely well organized, everyone was greeted by the owners and marketing team as we approached the new facilities. The smiling staff handed each person a glass of sparkling wine, (named after their daughter Paula) which after a long trip from the Mainland, was met with delight. At the end of the event each person was presented with a Blue Grouse wine bag containing a bottle of their excellent Quill wine along with a wine glass.

Paul and Christine Brunner  photo by Bob Bell

Even more important is the passion of owners Paul and Christine Brunner along with their daughter Paula.

"What Really Matters? What matters to us is the experience – yours and ours. We want you to remember us because you were at a beautiful place, on a beautiful day (rain or shine), with people you love – an experience we hope to perfect with just the right wine." a statement from Paul Brunner.

Smiling staff helped to make it an enjoyable day


Sara ~ Sales Manager

Blue Grouse founder Hans Kiltz presented new owner Paul Brunner with photos of the original winery. The upper floor which has a spectacular veiw was dedicated to the Kiltz family during the ceremony.

Catering staff setting up and the tastings begin!

winemaker Bailey Williamson photo by Bob Bell
Sara and winemaker Bailey Williamson

Paul Brunner
Paul Brunner at the Vineyard Station

Paul Brunner
Jenny Garlini - Office Manager

CTV sent a crew, they were pleased to have their photo taken for a change

View from the upper tasting room

The "Kiltz Family" tasting room from the vineyard

The vineyards are some of the Island's oldest, and still producing great wine

Tank Room Tasting Station team members Jane and Ken

When visiting Vancouver Island a trip to the Blue Grouse Estate Winery and Vineyard is a must!

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