Seaside Pearl Farmgate Estate Winery

Once again we happily settled into our car with friends to visit Abbotsford's Seaside Pearl Family Estate Winery. We have have made numerous visit to the winery since it open just over a year ago. The winery is owned by David and Allison Zimmerman.

Seaside Pearl Winery photo by Bob Bell

There are a number of excellent reason why we like to visit the winery.

  • A wonderful drive through the scenic country side.
  • A magnificently designed winery
  • Super hospitality
  • Knowledgeable and well trained staff
  • caring and passionate owners
  • a most enjoyable tasting experience
  • Good wines!

    Austin serving June and Peter.

    Today we were guided through our tasting experience by Allison's son Austin. We tasted 11 wines.

    Local produce making really good cheese plates.

    Seaside Pearl Winery patio

    The patio

    Looking from the patio towards the event hall.

    The Event Hall

    The Wines

    Charlotte Petit Milo 2017 starts with a nice aroma. The wine is clean and elegant with honey and citrus notes on the palette.

    Charlotte Petit Milo 2016 Lesser aroma than 2017 but a stronger finish.

    Fraser Gold Chardonnay 2017 unoaked light and crisp good balance nice flavours

    Fraser Gold Chardonnay 2016 nice aroma green apple abounds.

    Matsqui Prairie Gewürztraminer 2016 good aroma slightly dry The wine grows on you as you sip away.

    Sam & Isaac Pinot Gris 2016 This wine has aromas and flavours of pear and apple, with a spicy note.

    Daffodils Sparkling White Wine 2017 a bubbly wine blend of Petit Milo, Chardonnay and Muscat.

    Magnolia Rose nice aroma smooth.


    Florance 2016 Pinot Noir very light cherry dominates.

    Interurban Nice Cab Foch aroma a very good wine. black berry dominates.

    Lovers Lane Cab Franc 2016 another nice red

    Landing Road a blend with rich flavours of chocolate, blackberry with subtle oak

    Royal Engineers Petite Verdot perhaps their best red wine bold and slightly dry with some complexity

    When it came time to name our line of wines, we just kept coming back to Mount Lehman’s historic charm and deep agricultural history.  Our consultations with local historians and long-time residents led us towards names that are rich with the settlement stories of the pioneers and early settlers in Mount Lehman That one of the world’s most beautiful places is concentrated here seems almost unfair.

    There is a story behind every bottle of wine, and every wine name. We soon discovered that names inspired by Mount Lehman’s history really work for our wines and embody Seaside Pearl and our love of this beautiful place.  We loved the symbolism of the pioneering spirit combined with the beauty and peaceful Ambience of this tranquil environment.


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