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Fraser Valley Wine Country

Good Morning Fraser Valley wine country! It was a Saturday a day we expected to spent indoors as the TV weather girl forecast  atmospheric river conditions. That, of course meant heavy rains. However as the day progress we found our selfs looking at blue sky and sun shine.

Barbara turned away from her computer saying "lets get out of here!" "where would you like to go? I said "Wineries"

So off we went from our home in White Rock straight down 16th ave. The local winery route to our first stop Backyard vineyards. The very popular winery was quite busy with reservation signs on all the tables. We were quickly welcomed by the staff and shown to a clear spot at the tasting bar. Here we enjoyed the tasting experience with our guide Randi.

Our tasting experience started with a very nice 2018 Social Chardonnay featuring pear, honeydew melon flavours. Next we tried the 2018 Social Moscato with delicious flavours of Tangerine and a nice floral with a tinkle on the finish.

Randi pored us a very nice 2018 Social Rosé that impressed Barbara.

I was most impressed by the  Reserved Viognier  with a very good nose, A very smooth body with wonderful tangerine flavours.

Now speaking of impressing Barbara, my red expert, the Backyard collection certainly did juts that, Starting with the 2017 Cabernet Merlot featuring red berry flavours. Barbara was even more impressed by 2017 reserved Cab Franc.

It was now time to move along to the next winery Fraser Valley's old faithful Chaberton. Their vineyard is the oldest and largest in the Fraser Valley covering 50 acres. Home of my one my favourite wines  Bacchus. Their grown Siegerrebe 2018 was exceptional with notes of pear and honey.

Barbara enjoyed Chaberton's 2016 Syrah highlighted by notes of dark red plums. For those of you who like a really dry Merlot Chaberton's 2016 displayed notes of blueberries and cherries.

No need to tell you that we left the winery with a bottle of Bacchus.

As our path home took us by Township we just had to drop by. We wee glad we did. It was busy there was actually do wear for us as every seat was taken and the tasting bar was crowed. As I entered the tasting room despite how busy it was a staff member immediately said hello and informed me someone would help us shortly. We did not have to wait long Julie came out from behind the bar and direct us to another room for our tasting experience.

As always winemaker Mary McDermott has produced an amazing cellar of fine wines. Some of the highlights were the Sauvignon Blanc 20018 extremely smooth a nice fruity flavours notes of passionate fruit. A very good 2018 muscat with a lovely sweet floral aroma.

Barbara pronounced the Gewürztraminer as her favourite. It showed notes of honey and spices.

The 2018 Rose was good displaying hints of honey. Cabernet Sauvignon is full of aromas of black currant and dark cherry, However when it came to the red Barbara was most impressed by the Cabernet Franc 2017.

It was a good day but as always when you having a good time the day passes far too quickly.


The Fraser Valley Wineries


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