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Symphony Vineyards

6409 Oldfield Road Saanichton, B.C.

On a quite narrow county road in Saanichton you will find a gem of a winery. A small family winery that will surprise you with the quality of their wines. I was extremely impressed by their wines and hospitality!

The land has been farmed by Brooks family since the late 1950’s, first in strawberries and then 20 acres of loganberries.  They planted their first vines in 2004 and focus on crisp, dry, aromatic white wines and rosé, and lightly barrel aged, fruit forward reds.

During the 1960's, the family grew over 20 acres of loganberries for Growers Winery (then located in Victoria).   Established in 1921, Growers was the first commercial winery in BC and loganberries from the Saanich Peninsula was the first fruit used in BC for wine.  

When asked: Why did you choose the name of your Winery?  We think there are some interesting connections between wine and music. The definition of Symphony, “an elaborate instrumental composition in three or more movements, of grand proportions and varied elements”, could almost describe the long process leading to a bottle of wine – springtime in the vineyard, bursting into a long ‘summer movement' as grapes form, a quieter fall ripening phase followed by the flurry of harvest and fermentations, and a final slow aging when the sensory character of the wine develops.  

After visiting Church & State I stopped for lunch at Sassy's a local family restaurant thats been open for 40 years. I was glad I did.

This would be my first visit to Symphony Vineyards I was expecting a tasting room as part of the farm home or barn, I was quite surprised by the charming tasting room and the beautiful landscaped grounds.

Symphony Vineyards

Symphony Vineyards

I did not have an appoint but was warmly greeted by a young lady behind the tasting bar, She directed me to a table close to the door, The only empty table. It did not take me long to realize the the winery had a loyal following from local residents.

The young lady whose name I later learned was Mic Silvestri served me one of my favorites Ortega, an excellent wines. I was soon joined at the table by the ownerby co-owner and winemaker Pat George. She let me know Mic and her husband Jonny are working at Symphony for the year and we may see them lease the winery from Pat and her husband Lamont as early as next year. Jonny would later join me at the table and take me through the tasting experience. I was blown away by the quality of their wines.

Mic Silvestri ~ Johnny Bernard.Symphony Vineyards
Mic Silvestri ~ Jonny Bernard.

Jonny and Mic have experience in the wine industry having worked at wineries in the Niagara Peninsula and Kelowna. What impressed me most was their energy, knowledge and joyful attitude.

They have a very nice 2021 Point Gris and an amazing 2021 Gewurztraminer. In fact it rates as one of the best I have ever tasted.

They have a white blend called "Splash"  a crisp, refreshing blend of estate grown Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer with a splash of Ortega and Seigrebbe. Lemon, pear and tropical fruit flavours . The Gewurztraminer comes through in fine fashion.

Their red offering was a Pinot Noir with bold cherry flavours WOW!


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