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Dining at Orolo

Time Family of Wines

Memories are made of moments like this evening at Orolo Restaurant at Time Family of Wines in Penticton BC. Especially on one's birthday and your host is General Manager Christa-Lee McWatters.

Christa -Lee McWatters

The celebration began with a bottle of TIME Family of Wines Chronos NV Brut, named best Sparkling Wine at the Northwest Cascadia International Wine Competition. It truly was an outstanding wine! Our server was the very charming Rose and Restaurant Manager Tom Swope opened the bottle for us. Tom used the traditional sword method.

Tom - Rose trying to open the Sparkling wine

Tom - Rose trying to open the Sparkling wine

Crispy Cauliflower -Beef Tartare - Trufe Arancini were the select appetizers by Christa-lee. They were all sensational!

Enjoying the meal and the conversation I completely forgot to take notes on the wines. However, It can be truly said Time has anexcellent cellar of fine wines all produced by winemaker Lynzee Schatz.

I did have a very delicious Chronos Cabernet Syrah with my steak.

Barbara had the Gnocchi Pasta. Which she really enjoyed. Our compliments to chef Damian Cole.

Hazelnut Financier a soft butter cake, hazelnut cream, vanilla bean gelato was our mazing dessert. Along with these outstanding fortified wines. Simply among the best we have ever enjoyed.

McWatters Collection 17 Harry's Apera

McWatters Collection 17 Harry's Ruby

Time Family of Wines was founded by the late Harry McWatters and today is owned by Ron & Shelley Mayert

Built within a revitalized historic theatre in downtown, the TIME Family of Wines has grown as a team and as a family, to reflect the quality and attention to retail that is found in our wines and wishes.

361 Martin Street Penticton, BC, Canada V2A 5K6

Please see our Blog Wonders of Wine and Food for more about our visit.

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