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Wineries of the Mount Boucherie Slopes
West Kelowna

Mission Hill Family Estate

Beaumont Family Estate

2775 Boucherie Road
West Kelowna, BC V1X7R8

Located in Westbank's Lakeside neighbourhood (near Quails' Gate and Mission Hill). The owners are former Albertans Alex and Louise Lubchynski. In 1995, five years after moving to the Okanagan, they acquired a lakeside cherry orchard and converted it to an organic vineyard. In 1999 they received their Similkameen Okanagan Organic Certification and in 2006 obtained a winery license. Today they have 46,00 vines planted including Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Gewürztraminer Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. Their daughter Alana is the winemaker.

The winery's labels each include a musical staff, along with a musical reference on the back labels .There is a musical history within the family.

Long before Alex Lubchynski grew grapes for a living, he played and sang with weekend bands in Alberta, one of which was called The Twilighters. An excellent singer and guitar player, Alex often turns Beaumont’s tasting room into a lively hootenanny

Their son and daughter are involved in the winery.

Alana has a passion for the winemaking after furthering her education, working abroad in wineries gaining experience and having 9 vintages under her belt. Alana has traveled extensively on the Canadian off season to work 2 vintages in Australia and one in New Zealand. Alana has explored wine regions in Europe and also experienced the World Wine Expo in Bordeaux France.

Scott’s interests lay in the love for the land, sales and the business of viticulture. His new way of doing things, blends the old with the new.

Signature wines include Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir and Gewürztraminer

Winemaker: Alana Lubchynski
Philosophy: Great wines come from the best estate grapes grown in our vineyards and winemaking techniques that capture the character in every bottle.

Black Swift Vineyards

 2345 Boucherie Rd

West Kelowna,

Black Swift Vineyards located above Okanagan lake on the west bank is part of the Terrabella Winery group.
The name Black Swift comes from a local bird that flies in screaming frenzies and only produces one solitary egg each year.

The Hatch is where the winery first produced wines also owned ny Terrabella.

The interesting aritechure is one of the wineries main features.

Labels include Black Swift and Screaming Freenzy.  Specializing in Syrah, Cab Franc, Chardonnay and Riesling. The winemaker is Jason Parker.

They have some very interesting labels based on Paul Morstad's art


Ciao Bella Winery

3252 Glencoe Road
West Kelowna, BC V4T 1M2

Ciao Bella Winery is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery in West Kelowna, BC. They are proudly producing Okanagan wines with Italian flair The Fiume family originated from Italy where they had grown grapes for generation. They moved to Yellowknife operating a restaurant before moving to the Okanagan.

They have one of the oldest vineyards on the west bank
Signature wines : Focus on Pinot Noir Estate grown grapes, also planting Pinot Grigio in spring 2016

They have 3 wines, Pinot Grigio 2014, Pinot Rose 2014( won a SILVER for the Rose at the B.C Fall wine Festival when we were less than 2 months old) and Pinot Nero 2014 ( won Best Varietal- Best Pinot Nero(Noir) in British Columbia this Spring 2016. We also just got in the mail, a Silver medal for the Pinot Nero at the All Canadian Wine Championships

Winemaker: Jim Faulkner and Roberto Fiume
Philosophy: to make Italian style wines by growing the highest quality grapes grown in our own on site vineyard

Crown & Thieves Winery

3930 Harding  Rd
West Kelowna, BC

The winery is owned by winemaker Jason Parker. A most unique winery. It is designed to look a ruin. The winery was designed by Lake Monster Studios. Lake Monster is a architectural company in Vernon. Jason what his customers to have a special experience when visiting his winery.

Jason has born in Kitimat where his dad was an amature winemaker. As a young man Jasons interst was music forming a band claaed Glasshead.

His winemaking career began in 2000 at Hainle Winery.

Crown & Theives firt vintage was 2014 winning a Lt Govenors award for the Syrah. His 6.5 acre vineyard is planted with Gammay Noir, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Muscat

Frind Estate Winery

3725 Boucherie Rd
West Kelowna, BC

Located at the historic Bennett Property, a lake front property. Owned by Markus Frind the founder of the online dating site Plentyoffish.  Markus wanted to combine his two passions; technology and agriculture.   Today Frind Estate Winery is one of the most advanced wineries in the world using cutting edge technology to create truely distinctive wines.

Markus has boldly purchased 1300 acres of land dotted along the entire length of the interior BC wine region with parcels in every major terroir, from Osoyoos to Vernon! About 30% of this land is set aside as an ecological reserve and will never be planted. Once the rest of this land is planted with vines, Frind’s domaine will represent 6% of BC’s total land under vine! 

Each bottle of Frind Estate wines features an abstract golden pinecone representing 3 aspects meaningful to the founder and his family – science, symbolism and sentiment.

The beach café offers take-out options with seating inside the cafe and at their licensed, lakefront picnic area 7 days a week on a first come, first serve basis.

Grizzli Winery

2550 Boucherie Rd,
West Kelowna,  BC,

The winery is owned by John Chang founder of Lulu Island Winery in Richmond BC. the 60,000 square ft (approx. 5575 square meter), Tuscany-style winery will provide an old-world Italian feel on the scenic Boucherie Road in West Kelowna’s famous wine country. 

The facilities will feature 4 large open  and spacious  wine tasting rooms, a retail store, picture perfect outdoor gardens, picnic areas, easy access and ample parking for motor coaches plus 150 seat restaurant offering indoor and outdoor seating.

Mr Chang is a leading exporter of wines to China especially icewine.

His father was a farmer, and Mr.Chang decided to focus his entrepreneurial efforts in Canada on farming and winemaking. He had, in fact, first learned winemaking and fermentation techniques from his grandmother. Chang started to master his brewing skills humbly, combining those Chinese traditional wine methods he learned with modern Western technology and equipment.

He opened his winery as Blossom Winery in 2000, he moved it location and renamed it Lulu Island Winery in 2007. The winery makes up 15 acres, and features a wine shop and tasting rooms.


Indigenous World Winery

2218 Horizon Dr,
West Kelowna, BC V1Z 3L4


Robert Louie is the Chief of the Westbank First Nation and he and his wife Bernice are the originators of the Indigenous World concept. 

The Indigenous World Winery, which began releasing its wines fall 2015, is the second Okanagan winery with aboriginal ownership

Winemaker: Jason Parkes

Kalala Organic Vineyards

3361 Glencoe Rd
West Kelowna, BC
V4T 1M1

Founder and President Karnail Singh Sidhu left his native India in 1993 with an Electrical Engineering degree and 25 years of experience in agriculture. Upon his arrival in Canada, Karnail moved to the pristine Okanagan Valley and started a family. He learned his trade at Summer Hill Pyramid Winery developing organic techniques. The winery overlooks the lake, opening 5th of July 2008. The vineyards were deemed certified organic in September 2010.

Kalala is the name of the town where Karnail was born.

Kalala Organic Estate Winery won top spot in the Chardonnay du Monde competition in 2016 for its 2013 Chardonnay Icewine

In 2020, the B.C. Grape Growers’ Association presented its inaugural Viticulturist of the Year award to Karnail.

Winemaker: Tibor Erdelyi Consultant Dr. Alan Marks Ph.D.
Philosophy: Let the terroir and varietal characteristics to be fully expressed by adhering to minimal handling and gentle processing from growing to harvesting and to final vinification

Little Straw Vineyards Winery

2815 Ourtoland Road
West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2H7

The winery was sold in Dec2021 to  Kalala Organic Vineyards owned by Narinder & Karnail Sidhu

This family-owned winery first opened in 1996 as Slamka Cellars, in 2004 it adopted the English translation of the family surname and continued to operate as Little Straw Vineyards.

The Slamka family farms approximately 15 acres of vines on a land base of 23 acres, with the most planted white variety being Sauvignon Blanc and the main reds being Pinot Noir and Marechal Foch. Other varieties grown include Auxerrois, Riesling, Viognier, Lemberger, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and several aromatic whites used in the popular white blend Tapestry. Total production currently stands at about four thousand cases per year, with a preponderance of whites over reds

The wine shop is open year round, while the on-site bistro, The Barrel Top Grill, operates from late spring until early October

Signature wine: Tapestry

Winemaker: Peter Slamka
Philosophy: Good wines start in the vineyard.

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

1730 Mission Hill Road
West Kelowna, BC V4T 2E4

One of the largest and fastest growing wineries in Canada, the winery was founded in 1980 by Anthony von Mandl. Today it produces over 200,000 cases of wine, with a world wide reputation. The Winery was recently rebuilt and features an underground cellar. It sits at the top of Boucherie Mountain with a magnificent view of the lake. Mission Hill was named winery of the year in BC by Wine Press Northwest The winery has numerous vineyards throughout the Okanagan.

Proprietor Anthony von Mandl and winemaker John Simes are very proud that their 1999 Estate Chardonnay won the only gold medal awarded to a Canadian winery as part of the year's Chardonnay du Monde competition in France.

The tour guides at Mission Hill tell an interesting story: In an international wine competition Mission Hill was awarded the GOLD but when the judges saw that the winner was a Canadian wine they redid the contest. Guess who won again?

In 1984 they won the coveted Avery Trophy for 'Best Chardonnay in the World' at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in the United Kingdom. Their list of achievements has continued to grow

In 1994 Mission Hill Family Estate put the Okanagan Valley on the map by winning the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London for 'Best Chardonnay in the World' and at the time the Master of Wine Judges were in such disbelief they re-tasted all of the wines and Mission Hill won a second time.

Mission Hill Family Estate Stuns the Wine World by Winning 'World's Best Pinot Noir' at Decanter World Wine Awards 2013

Mission Hill exports wine to the US, Europe, the UK and Asia.
Mission Hill owns Artisan Wine Company Rigmarole Wines,Broken Shadow and Wild Horse Canyon Wines are made by Artisan

Mission Hill produces the label Martin's Lane. Martin's Lane was named in honour of Martin von Mandl, the late father of Mission Hill proprietor Anthony von Mandl.

January 2014 CedarCreek Estate Winery is being purchased by von Mandl Family Estates, the new holding company of Anthony von Mandl, the owner of Mission Hill Family Estates.

Mission Hill ’s Naramata Ranch. is a vineyard owned by Mission Hill on the Naramata Bench. Anthony von Mandl also owns the newly established CheckMate winery south of Oliver

WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada Winery of the Year 2019. The winery took a whopping 18 medals, including two Platinums, six Golds, seven Silvers and three Bronze. Never in this competition has a winning winery strung together so many medals, and they range across wine styles, grape varieties and price points.

Chief Winemaker: Ben Bryant

The belief that balance is the most important element in wine. John also strives to produce wines with New World ripeness but Old World elegance. This is achieved in the vineyard by moderating yields to suit the vintage's weather, and harvesting at optimum ripeness. In the winery, oak is used with discretion, in a supporting role, in order to add complexity and only on wines suited to barrique fermentation and maturation.

Their signature wine is a Bordeaux inspired blend, called Oculus. It is crafted from only the highest quality grape clusters from designated blocks that are set aside and nurtured to maturity. The fruit undergoes extended fermentation and maceration the wine is then aged in new and old French barrels for a minimum of 14 months. A rich and deeply concentrated and powerful artisanal wine. It will develop additional complexity over three to five years. It is so named Oculus, as it encapsulates the vision Anthony von Mandl has for Canadian wines.

Mt. Boucherie Estate

829 Douglas Road
West Kelowna, BC V1Z 1N9

Located on the western slope overlooking Okanagan Lake. The name Mount Boucherie refers to the extinct volcano that is the geologic landmark of West Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Last active 60 million years ago, it once towered over the local landscape at a height of 2000 meters before being eroded by glaciation to 417.  The soils which were created by this scouring glacial activity are those on which the grapes are grow on today.

The vineyards were first established in 1968 making these some of the first plantings in the British Columbia wine industry.  Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery has since become among the largest estate gown wine producers in BC, currently farming nearly 200 acres in the Okanagan (Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Falls, West Kelowna) and Similkameen Valleys.  The aim is to reflect the diversity of BC Wine through these choice sites.

A group headed by Vancouver businessman Sonny Huang, took over Mt. Boucherie on March 30, 2016. 

Mt. Boucherie began an initiative in 2017 to build a greenhouse to help rejuvenate our vineyards with new plants.  This gives us the ability to identify some of the strongest/best vines in our vineyards and propagate them ourselves rather than rely on sources outside the country. This greenhouse project will eventually provide over 60,000 vines.

Jeff Hundertmark took over winemaking in 2018 and Brett Thiessen joined the team as vineyard manager.  Together they are endeavoring to convert the estate vineyards to an organic based philosophy. A 15,000 square foot visitor center is slated to open in 2019 featuring a restaurant and updated retail experience.  Their flagship Summit Red has performed well in international competitions most recently getting a 97 point score and double gold from the San Francisco International Wine Competition.

The Blaufränkisch received Gold at the 2019 National Wine Awards of Canada

Neon Eon


West Kelowna,

Neon Eon


A virtual winery owned by winemaker  Tyler Thrussell in West Kelowna, BC. In an effort to capture the Spirit of the grape, these wines break from the heavy manipulation common in wine making today and instead respect the fruit and the land it grows on. This Spirit is born in the vineyard, raised in the cellar - by allowing the natural fermentation process to take place - and experienced in the glass.

All Neon Eon wines are made using either organic or biodynamic grapes and have no added yeasts, sulphur, enzymes, nutrients or any other inputs. There is nothing removed either, the wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The labels are rather interesting.


Niche Wine Co

1901 Bartley Road
West Kelowna , B.C
V1Z 2M6 Canada

Niche Wine Co Joanna and James Schlosser

This boutique winery, which is released its first wines in the spring of 2011, is called Niche because the owners Joanna and James Schlosser believe the vineyard occupies an ecological niche and the wine business represents a career niche for them. The winery has been established in a former barn on a rural property purchased in 1980 by James's parents, Kelowna lawyers Jerold and Kathleen Schlosser, who began planting in 1997.

Half the vineyard is planted to two clones of Pinot Noir. There is also a hectare of Gewürztraminer and test blocks of Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Maréchal Foch. James has his Masters in Oenology and Viticulture. Art and Science are at work in the making of Niche Wine

Their wines are made without fancy equipment and instead benefit from gravity, smarts and a few strong hands. All niche wine is produced entirely from grapes grow by Hugh and Mary Vineyard, a small vineyard owned and operated by James' parents, Kathleen and Jerry Schlosser.

Signature wines : Chardonnay, Riesling, Rose, Pinot Noir and Foch

Winemaker: James Schlosser
Philosophy: It all starts in the vineyard. “the best fertilizer for a vineyard is the Winemaker's footprints

Off the Grid Organic Winery

3623 Glencoe Road
Westbank, BC

In the back hill of Historic Westbank not far from the local attractions the Paynters family established Paynters Fruit Market, and the Corner Fruit Stall.  And now a winery. Their story and love of the land goes back 4 generations. the Paynters emigrated to Canada in 1909. The patriarch, Edwin Paynter, had trained as a lawyer in England but came to Canada with farming intentions.

Nigel and Travis Paynter  and their wifes Sheri Paynter  and Hayley Paynter own the winery.

Our decision to grow our grapes following certified organic guidelines stemmed from this devotion. Originally a fruit orchard, the family decided to be done with the many pesticides and move forward in a new, and more green, direction. The first vines were planted in 2007 in conjunction with two other family properties. Together we grow Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Zweigelt, Riesling, and Pinot Noir. 

Winemaker: Sheri Paynter
Philosophy : We believe in organic growing and sustainable growing practices 

Quails' Gate Vineyard Estate Winery

3303 Boucherie Rd
West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2H3

Dick Stewart and his son Ben opened Quails' Gate Estate Winery in West Kelowna, in 1989. Their passion was Pinot Noir and the desire to prove red wines could flourish on the south-facing slope of Mount Boucherie, the soil been a mixture of volcanic rock and clay.

In 1997 they rebuilt their winery incorporating modern technology with its heritage theme. The Wine shop is situated in a carefully restored log cabin which was the original home of Okanagan Valley pioneers John and Susan Allison who arrived in the area circa 1873. The shop is open daily from 10am until 5pm and carries a full range of wine related products and accessories.

Quails' Gate is known as an industry leader in the area of viticulture and places a huge emphasis on the development of exceptional wines through the research of new experimental varietal clones and canopy management techniques with high-density plantings. Since 1996 more than 60 acres have been planted with 75,000 new vines.

In 2016 a new vineyard across the lake in Kelowna was been planted there are 160 acres. The project is under the guidance of Quails’ Gate Viticulturist Chad Douglas. 

The Old Vines Patio Restaurant is now opened year-round under Executive Chef Judith Knight.

Winemaker: Ross Baker
Philosophy:"Through careful management of our vineyard and the use of both old and new world techniques, we aim to make varietal wines distinctly different to each other with the emphasis on producing world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay."

Rollingdale Winery

2306 Hayman Road
West Kelowna, BC V1Z 1Z5,

A small farm gate winery located in Lakeview Heights. Owned and operated by Steve and Kristy Dale. They selected the property for it's proximity to Kelowna, stunning view, and great site for icewine production. The wineries name comes from the rolling hills and the name Dale.

The winery plans on specializing in icewines and to become a day resort for visitors and residents of Kelowna.

In 2013 Rollingdale announced it had become the first winery in North America to accept Bitcoin, the controversial digital currency that was launched in 2009

Signature wines: Pinot Blanc, Sweet Tooth Series Icewine and Pinot Gris Sweet Tooth Series Icewine.

Certified Organic

2010 International Organic Winery of the Year!

Winemaker: Steve Dale
Philosophy:Organic grapes taste best! Preserve the fruit.

Tender Hope Winery

350-1405 Stevens Road
West Kelowna, BC

Owned by winemaker Efi Perel who has over 25 years of experience growing grapes and producing wine.

Winemaker: Efi Perel
Philosophy: let the fruit shine and make wines that reflect the tastes and smells of the land the grapes grew on. We use traditional wine making methods and minimum intervention with the natural process of wine making and aging, letting the wines mature naturally.

The Gallery Winery

West Kelowna, BC V1Z 3L4



Originally named The Dance.

Opened in 2019 owned by Kirstin Wakal. The 25 acre picturesque property has been in the family since the late 70’s but remained vacant until about ten years ago when both Kirstin and her sister moved onto the property to live with their families. In the last five years they have leveled the gullies and planted the vineyard consisting of Riesling, Ehrenfelser and Muscat and one red varietal, Malbec. In fact, they may be one of the most northern plantings of Malbec in the world! 

The name was inspired by the free spirited dancer. From the dancing vines where it all begins… to the intricate dance between the wine maker with the grape… through to the celebratory dance of the one who enjoys a glass of our vino… we hope you dance! 


The Hatch

3225 Boucherie Road
West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2G9

The Hatch is part of Terrabella Wineries Ltd. which started in 2010. In 2011 they purchased Perseus Winery. Black Swift Vineyards in the Similkameen is also part of Terrabella Wineries, Jesse Harnden is the main principle.

How the name was chosen:
Through the hatch, we’re proud to showcase the diversity of the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, and we do so by partnering with growers to showcase their land through our wines. In that sense, we will always be hatching new wines, new ideas, new labels, new sorts of fun all the time.

Winemaker: Jason Parkes
I just want the wines to taste like the grapes that they came from’ – Jason Parkes, Winemaker

Volcanic Hills Vineyards and Cellar

2845 Boucherie Rd
West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2G6

The winery is owned by Sarwan Gidda who helped co-found Mt. Boucherie Estate. When Sarwan decided it was time to go out on his own his son Bobby designed the building. Bobby, who also previously worked in the Mt. Boucherie cellar, designed Volcanic Hills, a $2.3 million winery with geothermal heating and cooling. The expansive wine shop is above the processing cellars, with a view of Okanagan Lake. He designed the winery's tasting room to be large and accommodating for visitors.

 This all began when Sarwan's father, Mehtab Gidda, came to Canada from a small town in East Punjab, India in 1958. Having just $5 in his pocket, a metal plate, spoon, and fork, and not lick of English in his vocabulary, the dream of a better life began in when he settled in the Land of Wonder –the Okanagan Valley. 

Bobby Gidda, Christina Umber, Sarwan Gidda, Harpreet Gidda, Amit Gidda are all part owners

The vineyard located on the slope has 30.3 hectares (75 acres). The wines include Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and icewine. The vineyard also has Zweigelt, Michurinetz and Marechal Foch

The winery’s 2010 rosé garnered a Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence. The rosé style is a particular interest of Daniel Bontorin, the Volcanic Hills winemaker. He has his own label, Seven Directions Wine, making only rosé

Philosophy:Great wine starts in the vineyard.  Through caring first for the land, and careful varietal selection, we are able to sustainably grow our grapes to produce wines that require minimal intervention in the winery.  The result -  each unique vintage we create wines that showcase this land of opportunity and the true terroir of the Okanagan Valley.

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