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Wineries of the Oliver City Region

Bartier Bros

4821 Ryegrass Rd.
Oliver, British Columbia

Brother Don and Michael Bartier were born in the Okanagan. They came home joined forces and opened the Bartier Bros winery in Summerland. They have a small vineyard and use the facilities at the Crush Pad.

Michael is a well know winemaker in the Okanagan. Michael's winemaking experience was launched by making wine at the Okanagan's Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards (See Ya Later Ranch). From there he took university courses a UC Davis and Washington State University. He followed that with an apprenticeship with Australia's celebrated Hardys winemaker. On his return to Canada, Michael made wine at Township 7, Stag's Hollow and Road 13 Vineyards. He is also head winemaker at the Okanagan Crush Pad.

Don a successful businessman runs the business side of the winery

Michael's winemaking philosophy is simple:

  1. Plant the correct grapes on the correct site.
  2. Farm these well, thinking of the vineyard as a 200-year project.
  3. Take the good fruit into the cellar, and make sure the vineyard characters, not the winemaker's manipulations, make it to the glass.
  4. Don't try to copy Napa, or Bordeaux, or Burgundy; make Okanagan wine. These places make beautiful wines, but they're different from what the Okanagan gives, and they don't have the privilege of working with Okanagan grapes.

Winemaker: Michael Bartier

Cassini Cellars Winery

32056 Highway 97
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

After falling in love with the Okanagan during a vacation Adrian Capeneata and his wife bought a organic lavender farm south of Oliver in 2006. Planting began in 2009 chose primarily Cabernet Franc and Merlot, with just a few rows of Pinot Gris. Adrain believes in the reds

Consultant Phil Soo was hired to make their first wines.

The winery has a strong visible presence on the Golden Mile Cassini built a a large tasting room with a 10-metre (33-foot) bar long enough for 25 visitors to be served at once. Windows on two walls give guests a view of the barrel cellar and the tank cellar.

signature wine Maximus a red blend

Winemaker: Phil Soo


Castoro de Oro Estate Winery

4004 Highway 97
Oliver, BC V0H 1T1

Bruno Kelle and Stella Schmidt believe they found a diamond in the rough when they located their winery on the Golden Mile south of Oliver. The couple fell in love with the wine region while touring the area in 2005. When Bruno was asked if he was interested in purchasing anything he responded by saying “Yes, your winery” The very nice lady informed him that it wasn't for sale but that another winery was. At that point it was just a joke but they did go look at the winery for sale. By the time their mini vacation was over they we were excitedly discussing the possibilities and potential of being winery owners. They continued to pursue the idea and soon purchased their winery. The property (7.4 acres) with a great slope, wonderful soil for grapes and no frost will provide excellent grapes for producing wine.

Name changes from Golden Beaver to Castoro de Oro Estate Winery in 2011 . It was the prospect of oro - gold, which prompted settlement of early Canada. As prospectors carved the mountainsides, one of nature's most intelligent creatures, castoro - beaver, built dams, flooding and ultimately creating rich agricultural soil. The beaver's ability to make changes to the landscape is secondary only to man. Canada recognizes this noble creature as the emblem of national sovereignty. The handcrafted Castoro de Oro Estate Wines reflect the natural flavours of our terroir and are a tribute to our country.

A true family winery, their son helps with making the unique wines. They produce 14-16 small batch handcrafted wines per year. A comfortable patio with picnic tables provides a spectacular view of the Okanagan Valley.

Signature wine: Unique Vin de Cure' in both Red - Merlot and White – Vidal or Pinot Blanc

Winemakers: Bruno Kelle, Stella Schmidt 
Philosophy: Make spectacular wine from hand picked, hand sorted grapes.

Gold Hill Winey

3502 Fruitvale Way
Oliver, B.C.


The winery opened in 2009 founded by brothers Sant and Gurbachan Gill. For the location, they chose their prime vineyard on the slopes of a hill along the Golden Mile, between Oliver and Osoyoos. They called he winery Gold Hill because of its location along this famous stretch–and because they wanted to produce the very best wine possible, the Gold standard, a moniker which challenges their wine-making year after year.

They partnered with winemaker Phil Soo. Gold Hill’s inaugural 2009 Cabernet Franc was honoured with the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence in 2012.

Granite Bluff Estate Winery

93 Secrest Hill Road
Oliver, British Columbia


A new winery not as yet fully developed north of Oliver.


Intersection Winery

9736 326th Avenue
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Bruce Schmidt born and raised in Kelowna, worked in the wine and spirits division of Nabisco Brands Canada and was responsible for the national marketing for Calona Wines, then one of the industry leaders. This is where he developed his interest in wine and the Okanagan wine industry. He started his own marketing and venture capital consulting firm in 1987, one of the clients he helped raise capital for was Blue Mountain Vineyard & Cellars

In 2002 Bruce began the search of his own winery purchasing properly in 2007. The winery is located at one of the larger ˜intersections' on Highway 97 thus the name Intersection., however we also feel that this project is truly an “intersection” of lifestyle, quality experiences, great food and friends (who like decent wine). It's all about honest wine at a decent price that we are proud to share with friends and family. Intersection is the brand name the holding company  is Parallel 49 Vineyards

The property now has 20,000 closely-packed vines on four hectares (10 acres). Half of the vines are red varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Franc) and the other half are whites (Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Marsanne, Riesling). Wine production began in the 2009 vintage under the hand of consulting winemaker Philip Soo. The wineries direction is to produce relatively small amounts of premium red and whites aimed at the wine enthusiast.

Signature wines are 100% unfiltered Merlot, 2. White blend that is Viognier based.

Winemaker Dylan Roche
Philosophy: Grow great grapes and stay out of their way as much as possible. Touch them as little as possible by eliminating unnecessary bruising and pumping.

Kismet Estate Winery

9580 Road 20,
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Kismet Estate Winery

The winery is owned by Balwinder Dhaliwal and Sukhwinder Dhaliwal. The business started over twenty years ago growning grapes for others before deciding to produce their own wines. they have vineyard locations starting from North of Oliver to the south of Osoyoos. Each vineyard location has been chosen extensively and carefully to produce the best quality of grapes.
In total they have 200 acres producing 1200 cases

The name Kismet is derived from the Punjabi word 'destiny'. 

A wine shop opened in 2014 at their Oliver location on the Golden Mile.

Kismet Estate Winery 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve award in 2016 The Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Excellence in British Columbia Wines

Winemaker: Richard Kanazawa 
Philosophy: We would like to deliver wines that offer more than a price point and over delivers on its price point.

La Casa Bianca Winery

7249 BC-97
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Home of Unique wines

After falling in love with the Okanagan during a vacation Noel Berkland and his Linda bought a organic lavender farm south of Oliver in 2006. Noel and Linda are from South Africa who loved to travel the world.

Planting began in 2009 chose primarily Cabernet Franc and Merlot, with just a few rows of Pinot Gris. Adrain believes in the reds. The winery is named after daughter Bianca and their white home.

They are licensed to do Grape, Fruit, Nut (Vin de Noix) and Herbal Wines (Wine with herbal benefits) – and some Mead in the near future – as our bees are such an integral part of our farm!

They produce dandelion and walnut wine.


Maverick Estate Winery

29686 Highway 97
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Okanagan partners Jan Nelson and Winemaker, Andrew Windsor, are thrilled to announce their purchase of award-winning Maverick Estate Winery from owners Bertus and Elzaan Albertyn.

The name Maverick was chosen to reflect the owners style  - going our own way, doing our own thing, not following the rest of the market.  We are unique in our attitude and our wines. Maverick Estate Winery's emblem is inspired by the pictographs drawn on cave walls around South Africa many thousands of years ago. Our emblem represents the enthusiastically unconventional free thinker. Whether in ancient times or today, Mavericks are not afraid to forge their own path and stay true to what they believe in. We are mavericks: uncompromising in our pursuit and unrestrained in our enjoyment of exceptional wine.

Dr Schalk De Witt came to Canada from South Africa in 1990. He travelled through the green farm land and sparkling lakes of BC's south Okanagan in amazed by the similarities to his hometown half a world away. He knew he'd found the place he wanted to call home. But, life has a way of getting in the way, at least temporarily, of even the surest of intentions. Work and family commitments took him into the Kootenays and then on to Alberta. He and his wife Lynn invested in two Okanagan properties 48 prime grape growing acres in Osoyoos in 2005.

His daughter married her childhood friend Bertus Albertyn who grew up to be a winemaker. With a winemaker as a son inlaw Dr Schalk knew he need to start a winery.

Prior to Maverick Bertus was the winemaker at Burrowing Owl’s He is deliberately styling the wines differently at Maverick . They are more Old World, says Bertus, who began his winemaking career in South Africa . The whites, for example, all have a portion of barrel-fermented wine in the blends. Production at Maverick is currently 500 cases. The Highway 97 vineyard is planted to Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and a little Chardonnay. The other property, which has just enough water to support six hectares (15 acres) of vines, will be planted in 2012 with similar varieties

Signature wines Rubicon a red blend, Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah/Cabernet Franc. Origin, a white blend of Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc.also a Sofia port-style wine



Pipe Dreams Vineyard and Estate Winery

168 Sportsman Bowl Road
Oliver, British Columbia

The winery is owned by John Ness who bought the property in 2009. It is located on the north west side of Oliver. The name of this winery comes from a question that John Ness, the owner, asked himself when launching the project: is it a big dream, or just a pipe dream?

After childhood summers with his family experiencing the Okanagan, John formed a lifelong dream to return and live among grapevines.Throwing caution to the wind, he moved to Oliver in 2009 to bring his dream to life. He secured prime grape growing land and planted some less-common-in-BC varietals, ones that are best suited to the site including Kerner, Zweigelt, Gamay and Grüner Veltliner.

consulting winemaker is Mark Wendenburg. John chose varieties outside the mainstream of Okanagan plantings: Grüner Veltliner, Kerner, Gamay Noir and Zweigelt. 

Pipe Dream produces a very nice Grüner Veltliner


Prospect of the Okanagan

Oliver, B.C.


Prospect is a virtual winery using the facilities of Mission Hll to produce the wines. Originally the wines were names Ganton and Larsen Prospect winey but was renamed. It is the largest virtual winery in the province.

The wines are priced low but has the quaility of fine wines Corrie Krehbielis the winemaker. She grew up in the Okanagan Valley, and is the 4th generation of a family of Okanagan fruit farmers.

They use age-old winemaking and viticulture techniques, coupled with modern technology, such as drone-assisted harvesting and optical grape sorting to deliver outstanding quality

Red Horse Vineyards

365 Zinfandel Avenue
Oliver, B.C.



Located on the east side close to Tuc El Nuit Lake. In 2008, Rod and Pat Fortin decided to retire in the interior of BC.

Falling in love with the beautiful Okanagan vineyards they decided to start their own winery.

In 2016 their sonsTim  and  his  wife  Eileen  joined the team purchasing  the  adjoining  property.  Together  with  their  sons  Kelsey  and  Taylor  they’ve  planted  the  Mountainview  Vineyard,  built  the new  winery facility and  are  now  completing  the  new  Tasting  room. 

Three  generations  working  together  is  a  dream  come  true.

 Their vineyard's gravelly soil produces a dark, rich, bold cabernet sauvignon grape. In 2010, our family established "Red Horses Vineyard" and today we have three generations involved in production of the wine

Second Chapter Vineyards

510 Tinhorn Creek Rd
Oliver, BC - V0H1T1


The Pullen family were the one time owers of Church and State wineries before selling out. This is their second adventure into the winery business. Phil Glazebrook is the winemaker with consultant Pascal Madevon.

The winery bottles some of its wines under the Compass Label. The vineyard was planted in Cabernet Franc and will produce about 350 cases when it is first harvested in 2020. It’s gently sloped eastward, with a dense rocky soil. The site had been left fallow for 24 years, and through extensive soil sampling we went with a blend of Clone 214 and Clone 327 Cab Franc as most suited to this unique site


Silver Sage Winery

4852 Ryegrass Rd
Oliver, B.C. Canada V0H 1T1

Silver Sage Winery was established by Anna and Victor Manola. Set on the bank of Oxbow Creek, which meanders gently through the vineyard, Silver Sage offers a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains and countryside.

The winery is located in the Okanagan Valley, more precisely in Oliver, BC, in the Golden Mile region, which is well known for its rich soils and warm microclimate.

In 1996 the dream became a reality. They purchased 25 acres of land near Oliver, BC, and with a lot of hard work, love, and passion, it became an established vineyard. A tragic accident took Victor away from Anna on November 10, 2002, but Anna and the family have carried on to fulfill the family tradition and dream.

Winemaker: Anna Manola

Ursa Major Estate Winery

4078 Black Sage Rd,
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0


Rajen Toor is the owner and half of the winemaking team at Ursa Major Wines. His family owns  Desert Hills, where he is also the assistant winemaker. The name comes from the Ursa Major constellation (the Great Bear constellation).

The winery project began as a conversion to organic growing, sustainable cellar practices, and the open mind to experiment and play with the varietals that they have been growing for 25 years.

VinAmite Cellars

5381 Highway 97
Oliver, V0H 1T1



Oliver's VinAmite Cellars opened in 2015, a small lots winery with no plans of growing beyond 3,000 cases in the near future, starting with baby steps as we evolve our vision and points of differentiation . The name means Hiding in plain sight and can also be translated into Lost Wine

There has been a vineyard in this location for many years this vineyard sold its grapes to well-known wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley at a crucial time of the wine industry's development into what it is today, only to be 'lost' in other winemakers' blends, lost in blends from its own terroir of unique taste and sense of identity.

Chardonnay grows at the bottom of the hill by the highway working its way up hill which is shared between the Gamay Noir and Pinot Gris. AT the top surrounding the winery is the Cabernet Sauvignon.

A family affair, partnered by Ray and Wendy Coulombe and their two equally committed daughters, Catherine and Nathalie Coulombe.

A Salmon-Safe Winery


Winemaker's Cut

3828 Okanagan Highway
Oliver, British Columbia

Winemakers Cut is the brand name of winemaker Michal Mosny. Who launched Winemaker’s CUT wines in 2017 (2016 was the first vintage for Syrah). Like a director’s cut, an edited version of a film that represents the director’s unique point of view, Winemaker’s Cut is the winemaker’s unique styling of an Okanagan wine. Through traditional winemaking methods the wines develop naturally and express the characteristics indicative of the Okanagan Valley vineyard. Paying homage to the vineyards environmental conditions including soil type and seasonal climate allows the winemaker to capture a moment in time, cut from vineyard vine.

Plans:  Michal's plan is to produce limited quantity of premium wines from premium vineyard. Wines that represents Okanagan in natural and little more artistic way.

The vineyard is located at Deadman Lake. The vineyard is located between Oliver and Osoyoos, British Columbia. Situated on the western side of the valley this vineyard lies 100 meters south-west of Deadman Lake and roughly 1200 meters north of the renown Spotted Lake.

Winemaker Michal Mosny

Winemaking Philosophy: Naturally, Sustainability, Hand sorting, Skin contact, Low pressure pressing, Barrel aging, Slovakian, American and French Oak Vineyard & size: 3.5 acre vineyard, Syrah, CabFrank, SauvBlanc

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