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Okanagan Falls Wineries

Stag's Hollow - Photo by Roslyne Buchanan
Stag's Hollow - Photo by Roslyne Buchanan


Alto Wine Group

4220 McLean Creek Road
Okanagan Falls, B.C.

In March 2010, Alan Dickinson and his partners (Tom DiBello,Mark Simpson,Anthony Buree ,John Dickinson) started Alton Winery. Alan spent numerous weekend flying from Vancouver to The Okanagan searching for the right place to grow Riesling . They acquired an Okanagan Falls vineyard that had been planted several years earlier by the owners of Wild Goose Vineyards. Half the vineyard is planted with Riesling. Dickinson, a lover of Riesling, added more of that variety, replacing struggling Malbec and Muscat vines.

The winery focus on small lot custom crush winemaking 1,400 cases. Each partner directs their own program with collaboration and general oversight and instruction by Tom DiBello.  Their future direction is   Measured growth.  Maintain small production of each wine allowing close control over grape sources and wines that continue to reflect the individual sites from which they are sourced.

In addition to their own wines they provide production services to other small wineries both in their facility and with our mobile crush pad

The first release is Synchromesh Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken

Their signature wines will be Synchromesh – Different styles of Riesling and a Cabernet Franc driven red.

They also own Include ()

Winemaker: Tom DiBello
Philosophy: Synchromesh – Unique terroir driven wines.  Minimal manipulation allowing true expression.  All traditionally styled. 


Black Dog Cellars

385 Matheson Road
Okanagan Falls
BC V0H 1R5



Black Dog Cellars opened in 2014. Ask yourself what a winery/ cidery in the Okanagan has in common with Sir Winston Churchhill. David Rendina, who bought this vineyard in 2010, is a Winston Churchill buff and that inspired the Black Dog name. Churchill suffered throughout his life from clinical depression which he called his “Black Dog.”

David bought this four-hectare (10-acre) vineyard across the road from Blasted Church Winery. The vines – mainly Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir - are close to 30 years old and most of the production is sold to Gray Monk Estate Winery. The vineyard allowed David, who is an environmental engineer, to climb on a tractor and pursue his interest in farming.

Along with wine they ( David's daughter Kate and son-inlaw Nik) plan on making cider. Nik and Kate took cider making courses at Washington State University. They have produced an aplle iced cider.

People often ask why we decided to name our business "Black Dog". Many think that it's because we live on the edge of Skaha Lake (Skaha means Dog in the local native language) and because we grow some of the best Pinot Noir (Black) grapes. Others have guessed that it's named BlackDog because we  breed  and  sell our friendly  Rottweiler's (Black Dog Sellers?).  

Signature cider: Howling Moon Okanagan Original Craft Cider

Winemaker/ cider master : Niklas and Kate Durisek


Blasted Church

378 Parsons Road
Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R2


Sean Morrison purchased a majority interest in Blasted Church in the summer of 2020 – Sean was attracted to Blasted Church because of its iconic brand in the BC wine industry.

Sean has been fortunate to have worked with many of Canada’s leading brands and businesses including: The Keg, lululemon, A&W, Aritzia, Mr. Lube, Boston Pizza and Air Miles Canada.

In 2002 the original foundersChris and Evelyn Campbell moved from Vancouver to their new home in Okanagan Falls . They decided to give the winery a name that would pop.

Today the winery is extremely well known for its funny labels and quality wines. Blasted Church has grown over tenfold in sales, has become one of the most recognized, and admired wineries in Canada. The winery has won numerous awards including Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Excellence in British Columbia Wines, for its 2012 Holy Moly Petit Verdot. Cabernet Merlot 2008 took home the grand prize by winning the red wine of the year at the 2011 All Canadian Wine Champs

 On a cool spring morning in 1929, a small crew from Okanagan Falls set off to a deserted mining camp some 16 miles away from home. Their mission: to dismantle an old wooden church and bring it back to Okanagan Falls.
The plan called for a controlled blast of four dynamite sticks inside the church in order to "loosen the nails". Odd as it may seem, the explosion spared the wood from damage during dismantling.
Save for losing the steeple, the plan succeeded. Now, the 120-year-old wooden church stands proudly in its second home of Okanagan Falls.

In naming their VQA wines "Blasted Church", they celebrate the ingenuity of this initiative and honour these pioneers for their vision, steadfastness and craftsmanship

The House, a new tasting space (2022)at the Okanagan Falls winery, will be the venue for bespoke food and wine pairings and will showcase chef Burke’s cooking demos

Winemaker: Evan Saunders,
Philosophy: From day one, we had agreed to surround ourselves with talented staff, and give them the full support, trust, and resources required to perform their very best for the organization

Blue Mountain Vineyard

RR1, S3, C4,
Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0

Blue Mountain Vineyard is located next to a bird sanctuary and wilderness area overlooking beautiful Vaseux Lake. The Mavety family produces a limited quantity of superb wines, using traditional winemaking methods. Winemaker Ian Mavety's goal is to produce wines of quality and style that compliment the emerging Northwest Cuisine.

The Mavetys were among the pioneers Okanagan having the fortune to acquire a site where they believed the geographic factors came together better than anywhere else in the valley. Named for the hazy blue mountains that frame the vineyards, the foundations for Blue Mountain were thus established in 1971. Blue Mountain is a true family operation. The winery is worked by Ian's wife Jane, daughter  Christie and son Matt.

Along with exceptional terroir, owners Ian, Jane, Matt and Christie Mavety credit their success to the integrity of their estate. 

The wine shop and tasting room is housed in a magnificent stone brick building. Tours are by appointment.

The winery and vineyards ( 30 acre) has one of the most beautiful views with its south-facing slopes over looking Lake Vaseux.

They produce Pinot Noir, Gamay, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris,Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. They are a leading producer of Sparkling wine

Winemaker Matt Mavety
Philosophy:wine-making begins in the vineyard. Years of gained knowledge in how to adapt to annual weather changes and produce fruit of similar character and concentration annually is how he achieves the highest level of consistency and quality in the wine.

Bonamici Cellars

2385 Rolling Hills Road

Starting as a virtual winery, Bonamici ( good friends in Italian) is a partnership of two old friends (hence the name): consulting winemaker Philip Soo and veteran marketing executive Mario Rodi. It was, the only virtual winery to win a Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence. They opened their tasting room in 2018.


They planted one acre each of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris . In 2018 they are planted another two acres: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sangiovese. Four acres remain to be planted, likely with red varietals.

Winemaker: Phil Soo
Philosophy: Minimal intervention by the winemaker and let nature do the work. We want wines to express the true nature of the vineyard and terroir.


Carter Wine Co

2434 Oliver Ranch Road
Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R2



The winery sits on the rolling hills of our vineyard. The peak of the winery overlooks gorgeous views of peaceful Vaseux Lake. The land sits on 10 acres with five acres of planted grapes.

Stephen Carter is the principal owner and general manager of Hawks Vineyard and BC Wine Studio.

Valerie Tremblay, is co-owner, Winemaker, Grower and Assistant General Manager
They rebrand the Hawk label in 2018 for Carter Wine Company labels. She is also the
Cellar Master and Manager of BC Wine Studio.

The vineyard was orginally planted in in 1981 but fell into negelt. Stephen bough the property in 2012. Forming a working relationship with Mark Simpson. Mark established the Siren Label and Stephen worked the property and vineyard before creating the Hawkin Vineyard Label.

Valerie Tremblay, with her 15 years experience as a Farm labor Contractor and one harvest with Hester Creek winery has a cellar. She was hired to help Stephen in the vineyard. It made all the difference for Hawks Vineyard and BC Wine Studio.

Code Wines

924 Peachcliff Drive
Okanagan Falls, BC
V0H 1R1.


The Code family originally from Saskatchewan bought their proropery near Okanagan Falls in 2016 and planted vvines in 2017. In 2021, after completing the construction of their home and small winery building, they moved to the vineyard site full time.  Their first crush was in 2019 and the wines were first produced with Dylan and Penelope Roche on the Naramata bench.  we prepare to crush They will make their first vintage at our own site in 2022! 

Harlee Nelson-Code and Shay Code are owners. Their children Thomas and Molly have also helped with the farming over the last five years.  And more recently Thomas has been helping with the set-up of our technology for our web-site and on-line store.  And Molly has been helping with the warehouse logistics and other operational details.

The Story behind the name? This is my family's name (dating back to at least mid 1600s in Wicklow, Ireland).  Given our rather unique family name and our intent on focusing on clonal-small lot wines, our branding & design consultant (Adam Kereliuk from Measured-Mothered) came up with the idea to do a riff on "Genetic Code".  Hence you will see this concept threaded through our branding.  Including the label, which is embossed with the genetic code building blocks of the Pinot Noir plant.

The site spans 13 acres and has diverse topography, including rocky cliffs, steep hillsides, rolling benches, and a strip of valley floor. They have planted 5 acres to vitis vinifera grapes across 9 separate blocks.They have planted four clones of Pinot Noir, one clone of Chardonnay, one clone of Viognier, and three clones of Syrah.

signature wines?  Pinot Noirs

Winemaking Philosophy: Minimal intervention.  As natural as possible to align with our organic vineyard practices.  We want our fruit and terroir to be the feature...not a heavy hand in the winery.


Tastings by Appointment.

Winery photos by Jon Adrian

Echo Bay Vineyard

224 Eastside Road
Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada

Located on Skaha Lake the winery is currenty open by appointment only. It’s an 18 acre parcel of land along Eastside Road, Okanagan Falls that slopes down to the Skaha lakeshore. When the Kenyon’s bought the property in 1967, the former owners had torn out an aging apple orchard and the land was left fallow. In 1978, Al and Nella Kenyon moved to Echo Bay full-time. They planted alfalfa first and a mixture of grasses to start raising a few cattle and chickens.

Although for years the family talked about growing grapes, it wasn’t until 2013, under the direction of long time grower Richard Cleave, that they planted vines.  In 2015 and 2016 we made our first wine with Alan Dickinson at Synchromesh at Synchromesh Winery. Presently, Kelsey Rufiange, grand-daughter of Al and Nella Kenyon, is the winemaker at Echo Bay. She studied oenology and viticulture at Lincoln University and worked vintages in New Zealand, California and Australia.

Currently 5-acre vineyard is planted with Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon along with smaller quantities of Malbec, Carmenère, Petit Verdot and Sangiovese.

The symbols used in our label come from synoptic weather charts, where each symbol identifies a state or change in weather conditions.  

Philosophy: We strive to make our wine with minimal intervention. The native yeasts are left to spontaneously ferment our grapes into wine as healthy grapes from the vineyard help encourage clean and trouble-free fermentations. With yeasts playing a significant role in aromas and flavours, we believe that indigenous ferments are a way to create a truly authentic wine of place. 



Liquidity Wines

4720 Allendale Road
Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R2

Purchased by Iconic Wineries of British Columbia March 2020.

Situated midway between Skaha and Vaseux Lakes upon the "Vaseux Bench", the most narrow region of the Okanagan Valley. Liquidity resides in ideal conditions for grape growing. The vineyards here have been producing grapes for over 20 years. Partners Ian MacDonald,James Davidson and Dale Shwed decide to buy the property and open a winery.

The Vineyard had 10 acres of mature vines, notably Pinot Noir; another 10 acres on the prime south-facing slope has been replanted. The other varieties here include Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and a little Cabernet Sauvignon Liquidity named Matt Holmes, the former winemaker at Tantalus Vineyards, as its vineyard and winery manager.

The adobe-style home originally on this property was redeveloped in 2013 to include a spacious tasting room and bistro with one of the finest vineyard views in the Okanagan.

Liquidity Wines estate-grown 2013 Chardonnay has been awarded a silver medal at the prestigious Chardonnay du Monde international competition in France 2016. They have two vineyards – 20 acres planted on the winery site and 11 acres planted on the former Lusitano site.

Liquidity Gold Medal winner Chardonnay du Monde 2018 - Chardonnay Okanagan Falls Reserve 2016

Winemaker: Alison Moyes
Philosophy: “It is more about the quality, long-term, than about the quantity

Mayhem Wine Inc

4287 McLean Creek Road
Okanagan Falls


Mayhem Wines Inc., was launched in late October 2018 under the license of Meyer Family Vineyards of Okanagan Falls. Taking over from Anarchist Mountain.

Meyer and Mayhem are related wineries. Mayhem is a collaboration between Terry Meyer Stone of Anarchist Mountain Vineyards and her brother, JAK Meyer of Meyer Family Vineyards, along with their spouses. The collaboration provides Mayhem access to the Meyer winemaking facility at Okanagan Falls and the mandate to work with varietals different from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the focus at Meyer. JAK Meyer did not think that he and his sister should be competing when the better option was to broaden the portfolio on offer from the two Meyers. The strategy is working. Andrew Stone and Terry Meyer Stone are sourcing fruit from growers in the South Okanagan, from Naramata to Oliver, while JAK focussed on his estate vineyards on the Naramata Bench and near Okanagan Falls.

As a natural progression for both of the businesses Mayhem Wines was created from an enthusiasm of the BC wine industry and market opportunities offered in expanding into other varieties. “From chaos and mayhem come opportunities” is our motto. And if you have ever worked closely with family you know how true this can be! Mayhem was born as a fun, versatile, unapologetic brand. As Terry likes to say “Always happy to bring a little chaos, anarchy and Mayhem into this world....”

Mayhen is owned by JAK Meyer with wife Janice Stevens, sister Terry Meyer Stone and Andrew Stone

Terry and Andrew own Anarchist Mountain Vineyard, which is where the Mayhem merlot grapes are grown; there are plantings of Cabernet Franc that will come into production in a couple season’s time. JAK and Janice have Gewürztraminer on their property, some of which was used for the Mayhem Gewürztraminer wine, a new release for the portfolio. We source fruit from vineyards with top notch growers and unique terriors and using the exceptional talents of winemaker Simone Ardiel create wines that compliment but don’t compete with the Meyer Family Vineyards established portfolio of burgundy-style wines.

The Anarchist vineyard over looks the Southern Okanagan Valley. Anarchist Mountain Vineyards sits at 1700 ft in a thin temperature inversion on the east side of the valley. The altitude provides a moderating effect that regulates acid balance in the ripe Southern valley fruit. Planted in 1985 the vineyard yields small volumes of high intensity fruit - less than 2 tons/acre.

The altitude moderates the heat of the Summer creates a unique growing site that is able to grow both Pinot Noir, Merlot and Chardonnay with distinct flavours that can be deep and intense while retaining delicacy and complexity. The Pinot noir and Chardonnay from the vineyard goes to Meyer Vineyards the Merlot and other varitailes remain with Mayhem

Pendelbogen vine training technique are used. Pendelbogen promotes better sap distribution and more fruit bearing shoots, especially in the centre buds on the cane. Pendelbogen is characterized by an arch that allows for a longer cane.

Mayhem has its own winemaker, Simone Ardie

Meyer Family Vineyards

4287 McLean Creek Rd
Okanagan Falls
British Columbia V0H 1R1

In 2006 the Meyer family purchased 3.1 acres of land on the Naramata Bench's Old Main Road. The land had ten year old Chardonnay vines. A team was put in place to create great wines. The team James Cluer General manager,Rhys production manager, Pierre LeVesque as vineyard anger and winemaker, along with Laura and Terry Meyer. Proprietors are Jak and his wife Janice

In 2008 they expanded purchasing property in Okanagan Falls 6.9 Hectares. Planted mostly with Pinot Noir . The tasting room is located here at 4287 Mclean Road. Between the two two vineyards there are 7 acres of Chardonnay, 7 acres of Pinot Noir, 4.5 acres of Gewürztraminer and 1.5 acre of Merlot .
Product of 3000 cases

To produce the finest quality wines in the traditions of burgundy, we followed certain philosophies, strategies and techniques in production. Each wine reflects the single vineyard of its origin, the soil, the climate, the slope. Hand harvested, hand crafted, with great attention to detail, we take pride in each bottle of wine. Meyer Family Vineyards wines are produced on two main vineyards, the 1.62 hectare Old Main Road vineyard on the Naramata Bench and the 6.9 hectare McLean Creek Road vineyard in Okanagan Falls.

Signature wines are the tribute series Chardonnay and Pinot Noir . Meyer Family wines can be found in BC and Alberta. Exporting to 8 countries outside of Canada including a full corporate listing with Marks and Spencer in 169 stores in the UK

New brand Mayhem wines

Winemaker: Chris Carson
Philosophy Single vineyard wines with an emphasis on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We believe that wines are made in the vineyard and have a very hands off approach to winemaking. Each vineyard and vintage is made to showcase and reflect the terroir

Montakarn Estate Winery

2356 Rolling Hills Rd,
Okanagan Falls


Originally located Black Sage Road on Oliver's east side. They moved to the Okanagan falls region in 2020.

The winery is owned by Gary Mission and his wife Montakarn. The work of planting the vineyards began in 2003. Today the vineyards are planted with Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Malbec.

Montakarn Misson is the co-owner and namesake of the winery. Gary met and fell in love with Montakarn in her native Thailand. A graduate of Bangkok University with a Degree in Marketing, Montakarn headed up her own successful business which flourished for 14 years. Gary with a great deal of wooing and many trips to Thailand was able to win Montakarn’s heart. After getting married in Thailand Gary and Montakarn moved to Langley. Upon purchasing the first property in 2003 Gary and Montakarn began removing some of the peach and apricot trees in favour of vines.  Our vines now include Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and small amounts of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. In 2019 we decided to move to a more suitable spot just north in Okanagan Falls.

Winemaker: Gary Mission
Philosophy: We are not pretentious. In a world of overblown pomp and pretense we strive to be the opposite. We do not put on airs. What you see is what you get. We are hard working, honest people with a love for winemaking. We know our customers put their faith in our ability to make the best wines our vineyard can offer. We honour that trust it guides us everyday.

Nighthawk Vineyards

2735 Green Lake Road,
Okanagan, British Columbia V0H 1R0

Nighthawk Vineyards has been harvesting high quality grapes 2002 and over the past year has evolved from vineyard to boutique farm gate winery. They are just down the road from See Ya Later Ranch Winery. The 10-acre vineyard is planted to three varieties: five acres of Gewürztraminer, three of Pinot Noir and two of Chardonnay. Some of the vines are 15 years old.

Nighthawk Vineyards is the passion of two families…Daniel & Christy Bibby and their children, and David & Melanie Flotten. The winery is named after the majestic birds found in the valley.

The labels are by Kelowna artist Alex Fong, reflecting the enchanting views of the vineyard that inspired him to paint two canvasses for the partners.

Winemaker: Dakota Bibby

Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery

2320 Oliver Ranch Road
Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0

Noble Ridge Vineyard Winery lays in the Okanagan Valley at the northern most tip of the only desert in Canada. The winery is named for the noble varieties of grapes grown and the ridge that divides the land on which they thrive. 

After taking his family on a 3 month sabbatical around Europe, and looking at properties in France, Jim D'Andrea, a Calgary lawyer, decided to purchase a property in Okanagan Falls in 2001. The original 3.5 acres of planted vines has now grown to 22 acres in plants. Located at the northern end of the Osoyoos desert over looking Vaseux Lake. The name of the vineyard is inspired by the ridge and by the noble grape varieties being grown. Jim and Leslie D'Andrea established Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery in 2001.The wine shop opened in 2006.

signature wines: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay (just won a silver medal in the CHARDONNAY-DU-MONDE competition in Burgundy, France), Pinot Noir, Meritage, King's Ransom (Premium Meritage Blend

Trophy, Best Sparkling Wine of the Year 2016 ACWC
Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery, BC 2012 “The One” Sparkling . It won a Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Excellence in British Columbia Wines.


Winemaker: Benoit Gauthier


Ramification Cellars

3500 Highway 97
Okanagan Falls

Ramification Cellars has 5 acres over looking Vaseux Lake. The winery was developed-by Don Loyd and his daughter Rachel. Don is a local commercial and residential real state agent and also owns various KFC in Canada and USA.

They produce between 1200 and 1500 cases a year with their first vintage in 2015. Their signature wines are Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.


Rigour & Whimsy. 

4112 McLean Creek Rd,
Okanagan Falls, 

New in 2018 The owner winemaker is Costa Gavaris  He specializes in Pinot Blanc, which was fermented on the skins for two months and aged in barrel for 15 months.  They have planted approximately 3.5 acres of the 5 acres we own. This is half and half Gamay and Chenin. 


See Ya Later Ranch

Green Lake Road Box 480
Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0

Five Kilometers southwest of Okanagan Falls high on the mountain side sits the historic farm house made of hand-split stones. It commands the same unbelievable view it did 100 years ago when European settlers first turned the soil of Hawthorne Mountain. The vineyards' site was settled in the early 1900's by the Hawthorne Brothers, and wine grapes have been growing here since the early 1960's. Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards as it exists today, was incorporated in 1995. The winery was originally opened in 1986 as LeComte Estate Winery

In 2007 the name was changed to See Ya later Ranch at Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards Vineyard Acreage: 171 acres Average Annual Production: 25,000 cases

The winery is now part of Arterra Wines Co.

See Ya Later Ranch's Rover Awarded First Ever Premier's Wine Award

The Name :

Major Hugh Fraser, a colourful character who purchased the property high above the Okanagan Valley in 1919. The Major found the freedom and open skies of the valley the perfect complement to his fun-loving personality and fondness for lavish parties. Here, near the town of Okanagan Falls, he planted vines and seeded a legend. The ranch was his home for more than forty-five years, each one adding to a rich mix of truth and fiction involving elaborate gatherings, plenty of dogs and a wife from Ontario, who on seeing the rustic surroundings, left both the Valley and a three-word note:

See Ya Later

Winemaker: David Saysomsack
Philosophy: We strive to make wines with distinctive character and we concentrate on maximizing the flavours in our wines.

Stag's Hollows Winery and Vineyard


2237 Sun Valley Way
Okanagan Falls, BC
V0H 1R2

Sold April 2019 ! The new owner is Eric Liu, the proprietor of Bench 1775 Winery on Naramata Road.

Stags Hollow is the fulfillment of Larry Gerelus and Linda Pruegger's dream, who retired in 2021. Situated on a picturesque bench surrounded by mountains, lakes, vineyards, and nature reserves, they are located just south of Okanagan Falls on 10 acres of prime grape growing land.

The vineyard is now 25 years plus old and is now planted with Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc, Vidal & Muscat.  In addition, they purchased another vineyard about 2kms away from the winery in Okanagan Falls in 2011 that was planted in 2012.   Grapes at this vineyard include Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Gamay Noir, Dolcetto(we are the first in BC to plant), Vidal,  In addition, this year we will also be planting  Albariño, another Spanish grape .

The micro-climate in the area as well as the ideal soils which are mostly gravel and clay provide superb conditions to grow both red and white grapes.

Over the past 25 years, Larry has worn the hats of Winemaker, viticulturist, marketer, builder and fixer of almost anything that needed to be fixed! Today Larry concentrates his efforts in the vineyard and marketing. His philosophy has always been if you grow quality in the vineyard, making great wine will follow. He strives for balance, sustainability and a holistic approach to growing grapes.

Named winery of the year by Wine Press Northwest 2012
2013 BC Lieutenant Governor Award of Excellence. 2016 InterVin International Wine Awards Gold – 2014 Renaissance Syrah

New Label Cachet Wines

Tyler their son has now joined the crew working his way up the ladder at the winery.

Philosophy: Grow grapes of the highest quality to produce intensely fine wines, which express the bouquet, flavours, and textures of the terroir


Stoney Slope Vineyards

Stoney Slopes Vineyard
2434 Oliver Ranch Road,
Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada


One of the Okanagan's newest winery owned by Mark Simpson and Stephen Carter . The 30 year old Stoney Slope vineyard is well known in the Okanagan. The wineries name was chosen to respect that heritage and reputation of the vineyard.

Mark Simpson is a well known winemaker owner of Artisan Food and Beverage Group. As a Brew-master and Winemaker Mark has twenty-three years experience in food and beverage manufacturing. He has extensive experience in product development, supply chain management and purchasing, quality assurance, public relations and marketing.

The future direction of the winery will be to make wine that reflect their terroir, featuring precise and focused winemaking. Create an outstanding visitor experience with our tasting room and special events

The winery features a specially contoured outdoor concert amphitheatre, a tasting room and picnic area nestled in the middle of the vineyard. There are plans to add a luxury camping experience featuring Yurts or tents with luxury beds and linens right in our vineyard.

The vineyard is 5.9 acres planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Lemberger, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Semillion      

Signature wines are Siren's Call Harmonious and Siren's Call Petit Verdot

Winemaker: Mark Simpson
Philosophy: Make wines of terroir from outstanding vineyards ideally suited for that variety. Match the wines with a diverse and focused oak barrel program


Synchromesh Wines

4220 McLean Creek Rd
Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0

Synchromesh wines is owned by the Dickson Family (Alan and Amy, John and Kirsty). Their dream to start a winery began after touring the Okanagan. They first opened Alto Wine Group, offering a range of production services to help improve the financial viability of the little guys.  This also allowed the family to pursue their personal wine brand where Synchromesh Wines was born.

The Name: We have a family history with vintage cars and motorsports that continues today with car restorations and track activities as time allows.  Synchromesh is part of a vehicle transmission but if loosely translated means ‘Everything working together’ with is the holistic approach we take to farming and our business.

They have four vineyards all located on the east side of the Okanagan Lake between Kelowna and Okanagan Falls. Storm Haven Vineyard is located at Okanagan Falls where the flagship wines are grown. It is also the location for the tasting room.

They practice a no-chemical farming with a holistic approach and fall somewhere between organic and biodynamic in practices

The Thorny Vines property is a 2 acre site located on the southern end of the Naramata Bench produces Riesling. Turtlerock Farms Vineyard lies on the upper side of Naramata Road half way between Penticton and the Village of Naramata growing Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Palo Solara grows Pinot Noir.

2011 Synchromesh Storm Haven Riesling was selected as one of 12 winners for a Lieutenant Governors Award for Excellence

When you visit us you will meet the family, not employees and we can tell you every detail about the farming, winemaking and wines because we do it all ourselves.

Winemaker: Alan Dickinson
Philosophy: Start on the farm and end on the farm… we ferment wild and don’t manipulate the wines in any way so the emphasis is on getting it right in the vineyard

Wild Goose Vineyard

RR#1, S3, C11, Sun Valley Way
Okanagan Falls, BC, V0H 1R0


July 07-2021

Burrowing Owl has announced it has acquired “the tremendously popular Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery located in Okanagan Falls, just South of Penticton, BC.”

From the release:

“We are very excited about this acquisition,” stated Chris Wyse, President of Burrowing Owl Vineyards Ltd. 

Burrowing Owl’s Founder and Proprietor, Jim Wyse. 

Located near Okanagan Falls founder Adolf Kruger was one of the leaders in persuading the BC Government to support farm wineries. The Kruger's operate a true family winery of 20 acres. It all began in early 1983 when founder Adolf Kruger purchased a barren piece of land east of Okanagan Falls. Upon his return to his newly purchased property he discovered a large flock of Canada geese feeding in amongst the tumbleweeds, boulders, and rubble. As he approached, the birds took flight. From that time on the property became known as Wild Goose Vineyards.

The winery regulations at the time required estate wineries to own or manage a minimum of 20 acres. In June of 1990 Adolf, along with the owners of two small vineyards on the Naramata Bench, persuaded the provincial government to create regulations allowing “farmgate” wineries on smaller vineyards. Wild Goose was the first licensed to grow, make wine and bottle on site! 

A new tasting room was completed in June of 2012 The tasting room looks over the beautiful Stoney Slope Riesling vineyard with the backdrop of Peach Cliff Mountain in the background, a truly stunning view! The new building has a spacious tasting room with a large tasting bar and retail sales area.

Wild Goose has grown to one of the largest and most awarded of the Okanagan Falls wineries, including nine Lieutenant Governor’s Awards of Excellence in Winemaking

Best White Wine of the Year ACWC 2021

Wild Goose Vineyards and Winery, BC           2020       Gewürztraminer               $20.69

Winemaker: Adolf Kruger


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