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Da Silva Vineyards

375 Upper Bench Rd N
Penticton, Bc

The Da Silva family has a rich history. We have one foot rooted in history and one foot moving toward the future.  It was in 1955 that the Da Silva Family came to the OKanagan. Their hard work and passion for the land paid of when they were able to purchase land on the naramata Bench.

The Naramata Bench is bounded by lake shore, clay bluffs, vineyards, orchards and wilderness. Tree lined streets, artisan shops, museum, quaint country stores and nature trails are nearby. The Naramata Bench has optimal growing conditions due to the proximity of Okanagan Lake which provides for a long season. As of May 14th 2019 its an official Sub GI.

Today the proprietors are Twylla and Richard Da Silva. The winery obtains its grapes from 9 different vinyrds from the south Okanagan and the Similkameen. Richard is the winemaker. The couple first made wine under the Misconduct label with some help from friends while Richard explored the intricacies of winemaking. 

Richards first job was working at the Summerland Research Station He then started his own technology company before starting  Da Silva Vineyard Management in 2004

We are steadfast in our belief that terroir is the most important factor in winemaking. Through our deep-rooted understanding of the South Okanagan, we are crafting wines that are a true reflection of place.  Each lot is harvested separately, allowing Richard to capture the expression of each vineyard in the cellar. We have opted to focus on small lot winemaking because it gives us the opportunity to develop quality. Each lot is harvested separately, allowing Richard to capture the expression of each vineyard in the cellar.

Da Silva Vineyards


To Richard it is importan t that every wine  Da Silva. produces recognized on every label the grower’s name, the latitude and longitude of the vineyard, and the vinification technique used on the fruit. The names of the wine relflect their Portugess heriatage.

From their Kitchen you can Experience a variety of Tapas and unexpected dishes from Chef Adame. The Kitchen, at Da Silva Vineyards and Winery, offers an unconventional fine dining experience with a range of ethnic farm foods, many of them Mexican and Portuguese in origin. The ever-changing menu offers a range of extraordinary dishes ranging from tapas to salads to main courses.

Their deck offers an excellent view view of the mountains and lake.

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