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Peter Rotar & Marco Zamuner

Magnotta Winemakers

Magnotta is one of Ontario's prime Wineries found by Gabe and Roseanna Di Zio in 1989. Magnotta is Ontario's third largest winery and the only company of its kind in Ontario licensed to produce and sell wine, beer and distilled products. Magnotta’s 75,000 square foot flagship head office, winery, brewery, and distillery is located in Vaughan, Ontario, just a few minutes north of Toronto

The winery features two very experienced winemakers Peter Rotar and Marco Zamuner

Peter Rotar has been a professional enologist for over 30 years. He is a graduate of the Minis Viticulture and Vinification College in Romania. Peter furthered his studies at the Bucharest Oenology Institute in Bucharest, Romania and went on to complete his degree in viticulture and enology at the Western University of Oenology in Timisoara, Romania.

He worked for 15 years at one of the largest wineries in the Banat Province of western Romania. During his tenure there, Peter was not only responsible for winemaking but also specialized in distillation and the production of spirits and the development of several spirit and brandy recipes. Peter traveled to Canada in 1996 and has spent the last 15 years as Head Enologist for Magnotta Winery.

Peter’s career with Magnotta includes 15 years of vineyard and viticultural experience acquired not just in Magnotta’s Niagara Peninsula vineyards but also viticultural and harvest experience in Chile’s most famous grape growing region.

During Peter’s career with the company, Magnotta has gone on to win over 4,500 international wine awards at the world’s most prestigious competitions.

Peter has been actively involved with the Niagara Tasting Group for over 14 years and has also garnered much experience as a result of having been involved in many Californian winemaking and tasting events.

A true professional, Peter is dedicated to producing the very best VQA wines possible from world-class grapes grown in Magnotta’s very own Ontario VQA vineyards.

Marco Zamuner has been a professional oenologist for 20 years. He is a graduate from the agricultural institute G.B. Cerletti as an agriculture expert specialized in viticulture and oenology. In addition, he received a degree in oenology from the University of Padova in northern Italy.

After his studies, he worked in local Italian wineries, both large and small scale in production. He was responsible for overseeing the creation of sparkling wines and Passito-style wines while working alongside vineyard managers from different wine regions.

In 1999, Marco travelled to Canada and has spent the last 15 years as Oenologist for Magnotta Winery. His career with Magnotta includes many years of viticultural experience both in the Niagara Peninsula and Chile's Maipo Valley. He has developed strong ties with growers, contractors and suppliers within Ontario's grape growing regions.

During Marco's career with Magnotta, the company has gone on to process over 3,000 metric tonnes of Ontario grown grapes each year. Through his guidance, Marco has helped increase the reputation of Magnotta's VQA wines by closely listening and fulfilling customers' needs both in terms of styling and pricing. He has played a key role in expanding the varieties of VQA wines now showcased in Magnotta's extensive VQA portfolio, one of the largest in Canada.

Every day, Marco dedicates himself to producing and acquiring the best possible grapes for the winery's needs while maintaining the high standards and consistency of its award winning wines.

At the 2019 All Canadian Championships Magnotta won a double gold for its  Magnotta Starlight VQA Venture Series (sparkling Wine). Their  Pinot Grigio VQA Venture Series and Magnotta Cabernet Sauvignon VQA Venture Series      also awarded medals.

In the Bordeaux blend category G.Marquis Epic VQA – The Silver Line won silver. Magnotta Riesling Icewine NP LE VQA won bronze.

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