Sonia Carpenter

Together Sonia Carpenter and her husband David Craw have laboured at transforming some vacant land on the shores of the Washademoak Lake, New Brunswick into a 6.5 acre vineyard of Hybrid Grapes. David and Sonia started the venture in 2001 when the first 1.5 acres of vineayrd was planted to Leon Millot, DeChaunac, Auxerois and Seyval Blanc.

Carpenter must be New Brunswick's first "flying winemaker. This term was coined mainly for Aussie winemakers who travel the world to make wine in other regions, applying the strong technical approach that gave Australian wine an edge for so many years. Carpenter flies to New Zealand each winter to holiday and also work, making wine there, in the country where she studied winemaking. She has done very well down in Kiwi country

They produce Cranpagne a sparking cranberry winealong with other grpe wines

Here at Motts Landing we really have two main goals. Firstly to make the best wines in the Maritimes and the second to do our part in rekindling an interest in Agriculture for the region we live in.




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