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Québec City sits on the Saint Lawrence River slightly north and east of Montreal. After leaving the Gulf of St Lawrence and heading inland Quebec city is where the river narrows. Quebec is an Algonquin word meaning "where the river narrows". The city is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. Historical, cultural and outdoor activities, exquisite food as well as international events and wineries await.


Clos Lambert

690, rte. de la Rivière-Etchemin
Lévis (St-Jean-Chrysostôme)

A Medieval-themed vineyard owned by Raymond Lambert.

Coop Des Producteurs Viticole Bourg-Royal

1910 rue des Érables
Charlesbourg, Québec

As the name suggests, this is a cooperative with one vineyard, one winemaker but numerous owners. It is one of the oldest in Québec's modern wine history beginning in 1982. The winery is testing over 350 varieties. The Winemaker Gilles Tremblay, believes in classic white wine fermentation with a bit of pelliclaire maceration (skin contact). As for the Reds, he prefers a Beaujolais-style approach.

Winemaker: Gilles Tremblay
Philosophy: Classic white wine fermentation with a bit of skin contact. For the red a Beaujolais style approach.

Côte St-Charles winery


Roland Drouin and Mireille Drouin proudly grow their own estate grapes and produce red, white, rose and port-style wines, perfect for pairing with any meal.

Not sure if this one is still open


Domaine de la Source a Marguerite


3788, Chemin Royal
Ste-Famille, Ile dOrleans, Quebec
G0A 3P0


Located on the shore of the St.Lawrence River witha breath taking view of the laurentian Mountains.This winery not only grows an extensive range of hardy grape varieties but also operates an apple orchard.
They have 3 hectares of vinyards all hybrides including Frontenac,Sabrevoie, Muscat and Leon Milot

They also produce fruit wines and liqueurs


Picnic facilities

Domaine des 3 Moulins


869, Route 138
Neuville , Québec
G0A 2R0


Domaine des 3 Moulins

located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Neuville in the Portneuf region of Quebec. Monick Valois and Pio Bégin acquire the land in 2001

The Mission of the owners and their team is to create a sustainable and profitable company that will be recognized by its peers and the community for its production of quality products. In the long term, they will create a one-of-a-kind wine tourism center that will become an inescapable asset for the entire Québec City and Portneuf region.

Le Domaine des 3 moulins est un magnifique vignoble situé sur les Rives du St-Laurent à Neuville dans la région de Portneuf au Québec.

The name translated is 3 Mills


Domaine des Météores winery

203, chemin du Lac-Grosleau (Route 317) 
Ripon, (Qc) 


The biological vineyard of Domaine des Météores derives its name from lakes in the valley - which the local legend attributes to the fall of meteorites - to which the vineyard is leaned.

Le Vignoble biologique du Domaine des Météores tire son nom de lacs en cuvette – que la légende locale attribue à la chute de météorites – auxquels le vignoble est adossé.

Established in 2006, the vineyard is encamped due south on the slopes of the Petite-Nation River valley near Ripon. The Domaine des Météores has more than 12,000 feet of vines

Établi en 2006, le vignoble est campé plein sud sur les pentes de la vallée de la rivière Petite-Nation près de Ripon. Le Domaine des Météores compte plus de 12,000 pieds de vigne.

The owner is André Cellard

Domaine l'Ange Gardien

6869, avenue Royale,
L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec
G0A 2K0


The winery is located on the hills of L'Ange-Gardien, on beautiful Côte-de-Beaupré., less than 20 minutes from downtown Québec City. Access is possible from Avenue Royale (Route de la Nouvelle France), which is also part of the Marie-Hélène Prémont bikeway

The winery is located on the hills of L'Ange-Gardien, on beautiful Côte-de-Beaupré. Just a stone's throw from Quebec City, it is located on Royale avenue, which is also the "Route de la Nouvelle-France", and the "Marie-Hélène Prémont bicycle trail". The vineyard looks out onto Ile d'Orléans, and has a beautiful view on Quebec City to the west and the Mont Ste-Anne to the east.

The winery opened nov 2007. The winery is owned by four friends Jean-Louis Crête, Daniel Desjardins Bruno Fortin and Denis Morrissette. Today the property 3 hectares boasts approximately 10,000 vines, 600 apple trees, 600 cherry trees and one hectare in strawberries.

Signature wine “L'ange Gardien” a fortified white wine (white porto style)

Winemaker: Jean-Louis Crête

winemaking philosophy: Provide quality products

Domaine Mont Vézeau

365, Route 321 
Ripon (Qc) 
J0V 1V0

Nn the spring of 2002 that the Foucault family acquired what would become a few years later the vineyard and strawberry Domaine Mont-VézeauLocated in the heart of the Petite-Nation, at the foot of Mont Vézeau. The vineyard is 9 acres, consists of a plantation of 9000 feet of vines of different red and white grape varieties.

In January 2008, Domaine Mont-Vézeau became the first vineyard to obtain a license to operate in the Petite-Nation region

In order to counter the extreme cold of winter, they have selected hybrid varieties whose hardiness allows them to survive at temperatures as low as -35 ° C.

White vines: Adelmina, Vandal Cliche, Frontenac gray, Frontenac blanc, Prairie Star, Louise Swenson.

Red grape varieties: Marquette, Frontenac red, Ste-Croix, Radisson, Sabrevoix, Pioneer.

Ththey also grow strawberry. With 5 acres characterized by 6 varieties of strawberries as well as 5400 plants of raspberry. In order to extend the season, the Domaine has selected varieties ranging from early to late.

Owned by Jean-Pierre Foucault et Linda Boulianne

C’est au printemps 2002 que la famille Foucault fait l’acquisition de ce qui deviendra quelques années plus tard le vignoble et fraisière Domaine Mont-Vézeau. Afin d’avoir plus de visibilité, ils choisissent un endroit bien localisé et très accessible aux abords de la route 321. Dans son ensemble, le Domaine totalise une superficie de 75 acres.

Domaine Royarnois

146, chemin du Cap-Tourmente
Saint-Joachim (Québec) G0A 3X0

Located in the emerging wine region of Montmorency, east of Québec City in front of Île d'Orléans along the mighty St Laurent River. Nearby is the Cap Tourment wildlife reserve which explains the snow geese on the winery's label.
R. A. Harnois is the Winemaker who feels making a high quality wine is the reward of good grapes and exact quality control.

la Chaloise

545, Rang St-Eustache
Lotbinière (Québec) G0S 1S0 Canada


The vineyard is owned by The Charlotte Charloise Reason and Charles L'Ecuyer, two citizens who received the call of the campaign after falling in love with the Lotbinière region. The wineries name is a combination of their two names.On their land, they produce wine varieties for northern climates but also a sublime black currant liqueur, syrup, jelly, jam and excellent fruit pastes

located 60km from Québec and 60km from Trois Rivières near of Fleuve St Laurent

Le vignoble La Charloise appartient à Charlotte Reason et Charles L´Écuyer, deux citadins ayant reçu l´appel de la campagne après être tombés amoureux de la région de Lotbinière. Sur leur terre, ils produisent du vin de cépages pour climat nordique mais aussi une sublime liqueur de cassis, du sirop, de la gelée, de la confiture et d´excellentes pâtes de fruits.

Winemaker: Matteo Meglioli and Charles L'Écuyer
Philosophy: 100% Quebec with philosophy of Vignerons Independants du Québec


Vignoble Bourg Royal

1910 Rue des Erables
Charesbourg QC


The winery operates under the guidence of Jorj Radus. Along with his partners they have restored the vineyards which began back in 1980. He is beleived to be the first to make a Crandberry Icewine he calls L'Ame de Dracula .


Vignoble de Sainte-Petronille

1A, chemin du Bout de l'Ile
Ste-Pétronille, (Québec), G0A 4C0


Vignoble de Sainte-Petronille

The Ste-Pétronille Vineyard celebrates 17 years in buisness. Since 1990, we cultivate various types of vines that can resist our Quebec climate. The winery is owned by Nathalie Lane and Louis Denault

Their wines include Voile de la mariée (white wine), Cuvée Ste-Pétronille (red wine)Bouquet d'Orléans (rosé wine) and Vandal -Vin de glace-(ice wine)



Vignoble Îsle de Bacchus

1071 chemin Royal
d'Orléans, Quebec
G0A 1N0

One of Québec's newer wineries founded by partners Alexandre Bouchard, Donald Bouchard, Jean-Louis Cr ê te, , and Pierre Lemieux. Located on an Island in the St Lawrence River Îsle d' Orléans. In 1934 the island was originally named Îsle de Bacchus by explorer Jacques Cartier.

The vineyards are located on the island's western slopes providing one of the provinces longer growing seasons.

Vignoble Mitan


2608, Chemin Royal
Sainte-Famille, Quebec



Located less than one kilometer from the road of Mitan, the vineyard offers several products from more than 10 000 vine plants of different grape varieties. You will discover white, red, rosé wines, a late vintage, fortified wines and an ice wine that won the Victor Dietrich Grand Prix at the 2010 Nations Cup.

Situé à moins d’un kilomètre de la route du Mitan, le vignoble vous propose plusieurs produits issus de plus de 10 000 plants de vigne de différents cépages. Vous y découvrirez des vins blanc, rouge, rosé, une vendange tardive, des vins fortifiés et un vin de glace ayant gagné le grand prix Victor Dietrich à la Coupe des Nations 2010.

Owned by Marcellin Turcotte


Vignoble la Cache a Maxime

265, rue Drouin, C.P. 929
Scott (Quebec)
G0S 3G0

(418) 387-5060


The vineyard covers an area of ​​two and a half hectares. It includes more than 7000 vines, vines specially designed for our climate, divided into three grape varieties: Maréchal Foch, Sainte-Croix and Vandal-Cliche.

Restaurant and bar facilities available on the property.


Vignoble Le Moulin du Petit Pre

7021 Avenue Royale
Château-Richer, QC G0A 1N0

Telephone: 418-824-7077
Fax: 418-824-3379


The Vineyard Petit Pre is located in Chateau-Richer at 7021 Royal Avenue, also known as the "Route of New France." The vineyard takes its name from the Petit Moulin du Pre, originally built in 1695. The winery i slocated in this historic stone mil.

The five-hectare vineyard was planted in 1997, primarily with Vandal Cliche grapes, whhic were developed in Quebec to withstand the cold winter months.


Vignoble le Nordet


991, ch. Des Iles
Pintendre, Lévis, (Québec),
G6C 1B5


Le Nordet

The Vineyard is loctaed in a very enchanting spot on the edge of the river Etchemin.

Best of Category win at the Canadian Champion 2007  was  their2005 "Late Harvest" from called Solstice d' Hiver.


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