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Fort Berens Estate Winery - Lilooet, British Columbia ~ Coast Mountain Photography

Adventurous winemakers are continually expanding the areas
where grapes are grown and wine is produced


Located in the Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, situated between Okanagan and Skaha Lakes. In 2006, its population was 31,909, while its census agglomeration population was 43,313Penticton is the gateway to the Naramata Bench.

Time Estate Winery

361 Martin Street
Penticton, British Columbia

TIME Winery is owned and operated by Encore Vineyards Ltd. It is the only city based winery in the Okanagan. The grapes come from various vineyard through out the Okanagan. The key name here is Harry McWatters. The former PenMar Cineplex was turned into a new Urban Winery for the South Okanagan.

Graham Pierce is director of winemaking for all Harry McWatters' wine projects

Winemaker: Nadine Allander



Columbia River Valley

The Rocky Mountain Trench, also known as the Columbia Valley, is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains on the east and the Bugaboos on the west.
Both are impressively high, rugged ranges. Equally impressive is the Columbia River, which rolls through the southern part of the valley. The broad waterway is an important stopover on the semiannual migration route for wildlife. Canada geese nesting platforms dot the marshier sections of the Columbia River on the stretch of Hwy 95 from Parson to Golden. Highway 93/95 links Cranbrook at the south end of the Columbia River Valley with Golden, about 230 km north.



Skimmerhorn Winery and Vineyard Ltd.

1218 - 27th Ave S
Creston, BC  V0B 1G1


After 20 years of successfully running a family orchard, Al and Marleen Hoag  took the plunge and opened a winery. The winery is named after the Skimmerhorn Mountains, part of the Purcell Mountain Range, which borders the eastern edge of the Creston Valley.*

Their 14 acres produces a varietal range which includes Pinot Gris, Ortega, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and Marechal Foch. For a relaxing, intimate lunch or small group gathering the Bistro at the Vineyards provides an idyllic setting; it is open from mid May until mid October, reservations are recommended.

Since the New Zealand South Island and Creston have similar climates the Hoags visited in 2006 and while there found and hired winemaker Mark Rattray to help get them get started in their new adventure.

Winemaker: Mark Rattray
Philosophy:  Our wines reflect our terroir


Heron Ridge Estates Winery

1682 Thrums Road,
Thrums, BC V1N 4N4

A small family owned and operated winery, located in the beautiful Kootenay River Valley of south-central British Columbia. Paul Koodrin runs the blueberry farm and winery. The rich, unique flavours of Heron Ridge wines are achieved through careful, measured blending of two varieties of blueberry - the sweet Northland and the small ultra-sweet Stanley

Winemaker: Paul Koodrin


Lillooet is located on the Fraser River, 325 km north of Vancouver. The community is one of the oldest in the province, it was a supply point for miners heading to the Cariboo gold fields when the gold rush began in 1858.

When the gold rush was at its peak, Lillooet boasted a population of 15,000 and was the second largest settlement north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. While the town site itself was small, shantytowns and tent cities such as Parsonsville, Marysville and Cayoose Flats sprawled across the river benches, filled with men desperate to find their fortune in the mud, rock and gravel of the Fraser River and its tributaries.

In 1859, the Hudson Bay Company planned to build Fort Berens on a sage brush-covered river bench across from Lillooet. The fort was intended to serve as a trading post and supply outlet for the miners flooding north through the Fraser Canyon but that did not take place.


Cliff and Gorge Vineyards and Winery

18450 Texas Creek Road,
Lillooet, B.C. V0K 1V0


Located on the spectacular ( 165 Acres) Texas Creek Ranch. Behind us is a 3000’ CLIFF with mountain close to 10,000’ behind that. We are a plateau bordered by the deep and dramatic GORGES of Texas Creek and the Mighty Fraser River. Eckhard Zeidler is the owner and winemaker.

He purchased Texas Creek Ranch along with co-owner Brad Kasselman in 2008 and began with the experimental vineyard the following year. It has been a patient process of deciding on what we now grow a lot more of. Flavours, disease resistance (we farm organically) production and growth characteristics.

The vineyard is 7 acres divided into 3 blocks. Auxerrois, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Maréchal Foch and a bunch of others in the experimental bloc.

There is a modest tasting facility (by appointment). Spectacular walking trails along Texas Creek and Fraser River Gorges

Winemaking Philosophy: We are farmers first. We grow the soundest fruit we can and minimize interventions in the winery. We aim to provide the purest, cleanest expression of the vineyard in the bottle.

Winemaker: Eckhard Zeidler



Fort Berens Estate Winery Ltd

1881 Highway 99 North
PO Box 758
Lillooet , BC V0K 1V0



One hundred and fifty years ago the Hudson Bay Company began construction of Fort Berens on the east side of the Fraser River, at Lillooet, British Columbia . The trading fort was never completed and the fertile river bench was used instead for the growing of melons, tomatoes and alfalfa.

Now the historic site is home to Lillooet's first commercial winery and vineyard. Is Fort Berens Estate Winery the harbinger of BC's newest wine region? The winery is managed by Heleen Pannekoek and Rolf de Bruin

In the Spring of 2009 they put 20 acres of river bench under vine with 36,000 plants, consisting of six varietals; Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Three years from now, the vineyard will hang ripe with grapes, ready to be turned into carefully crafted wines.

Fort Berens Estate Winery is located at the junction of Highway 99 North and the Gold Nugget Arterial, just east of the Bridge of the 23 Camels, across the Fraser River from downtown Lillooet.

Fort Berens Estate Winery is less than two hours north of Whistler, three and a half hours from Vancouver and two hours south-west of Kamloops, on the scenic Highway 99 route from the west coast to the interior and is included in the the circle tour from Vancouver

Fort Berens Estate Winery is a culmination of the dreams, vision and pioneering spirit of eight entrepreneurs – Heleen Pannekoek, Rolf de Bruin, Hugh Agro, Sean Harvey, Jason Neal, John McConnell, Dan Barnholden and Patrick Downey. The owners of Fort Berens share a common belief in the incredible winemaking potential of the area and a shared vision to make Fort Berens into one of Canada’s leading producers of fine wine

Winemaker : Danny Hattingh


Mamette Lake

Left Field Cider Company

Mamette Lake , BC V1W 4A5


Established in the heart BC's interior, Left Field Cider Co. is a family owned business, making traditional cider in small batches. Proprietors are Gordon and Debbie Garthwaite, Kate Garthwaite, Theresa Pedersen two sister and their parents. Production 1,500 cases

The idea of producing Cider came to Kate out of no where thus the name Left Field from the expression Out of Left Field. Kate spent a year in Herefordshire, England apprenticing with a well-known cider maker and is the most knowledgeable in apple varieties and blends. All the owners have a role in producing their cider.

The ciderhouse is open from May Long Weekend to Labour Day on Fridays from 3pm-7pm and Saturdays and Sundays from noon-6pm. We are happy to give customers a tour of our facility.  All of our products are full juice. They do not use concentrated or artificial flavouring. They blend English and French cider apple varieties with dessert apples that are typical to BC.

Winner of Best Beverage at the 2012 Okanagan Fest of Ale

Signature Ciders: Big Dry and Little Dry

Cidermaker: Kate Garthwaite
Philosophy: Real cider is made from apples. We don't chapitalize and pride ourselves on making a full-juice cider

Prince George

Is the largest city in Northern BC. Prince George is located in the Fraser-Fort George Regional District near the transition between the northern and southern portions of the Rocky Mountain Trench. The cutbanks of the Nechako River are one of Prince George's many interesting geological features

Local wild edible fruit include bunchberries, rose hips, blueberries, huckleberries, cranberries, chokecherries, strawberries, raspberries, saskatoons, currants, gooseberries, and soapberries (from which " Indian ice-cream " is made). Morel mushrooms are also native to this area.

Northern Lights Estate Winery

745 Prince George Pulpmill Rd
Prince George, BC V2K 5P4


Northern Lights Estate Winery (NLEW), a division of Family Fast Foods Ltd. started construction in 2013 with the Winery scheduled to open in the summer of 2015. The winery is named for the impact the Northern lights had on the history of the area it is built, along with the history of the local first nations culture, and the cut banks in which sits

NLEW will produce a variety of fruit wines and blends using fruits primarily produced on site including blueberry, strawberry, haskap, gooseberry, apple, cherry, raspberry, black current, and rhubarb. The orchard will include over 2 acres of land at the bottom of the Nechako cut banks and leading up to the banks of the Nechako River. The production facility and wine tasting room will be built into the cut banks and overlook the orchard, Nechako River, and the downtown of Prince George

The winery is owned by shareholders, Pat Bell, Brenda Bell, Doug Bell, and other shareholders of Family Fast Foods. Ltd

Northern Lights plans to become a premier tourist destination center expanding the presence. acceptance, and knowledge of quality fruit wines.
Plans will include a tasting room. Native Art displays and a restaurant.

The property will include an outdoor natural amphitheater which will follow the natural contours of the Nechako cut banks and overlook the orchard

Winemaker: Christine Leroux consulting winemaker


Grand Forks

Bronze Wines

5450 Almond Gardens Road
Grand Forks, BC
V0H 1H4

The first winery to open in the Grand Forks area. Scot Stewart is the owner. He maybe the first producer in British Columbia with a dual
winery and distillery license. He is the first producer to make cannabis-infused rye whisky.

Scot is a amature winemaker who decide now was the time to follow his passion. The brand is Semper Vinus Vineyards

Wines include Gewurtztraminer. Pinot Noir, Marquette Blend (85%) with Frontenac Gris and Marechal Foch

Winemaker: Scot Stewart

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Winery

5245 Selma Park Road
Sechelt, B.C., V0N 3A2


Winery is the owners life long journey. Specializing in fruit wines. They produce a few grape wines.
Her dream comes true in July, 2014. “TABLEAU” is one of the brands from Sunshine Coast Winery, ready for friends to share and enjoy.



*Creston is about 213 miles east of Osoyoos Creston does not change its clocks in the spring or fall.  In the summer, Creston has the same time as Vancouver and Nelson; in the winter, Creston has the same time as Calgary and Cranbrook.

Mamette Lake is south east of Kamloops
Please see our newest region for BC Thompson River Valley


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