Meaderies of Canada

Mead, often referred to as honey wine, is an alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of honey. Mead is, in all likelihood, the oldest alcoholic beverage known to mankind. Before agricultural techniques were developed, humans were traditionally hunters and gatherers. After gathering honey from the hive, the natural yeast and high moisture content would cause the honey to ferment, producing mead. It is no wonder mead is often referred to as ‘the nectar of the gods', as its appearance seemed miraculous.

The term "honeymoon" has been associated with drinking mead during the month long celebration following a wedding in pagan times. In addition to the health giving properties of honey; mead was thought by the Romans to lengthen life and posses unique healing qualities. The ancient Nordic people considered the drinking of mead as a most important aspect of daily life. Legends of great mead halls, feasts and celebrations abound in the cultural histories of present day countries of this area.

Mead (Honey Wine) is the oldest art of fermentation. Consumed by all, from kings to peasants, mead has gained a reputation as a giver of life, wisdom, courage and strength down through the ages. The traditional drinking vessel for mead is called a mazer and was generally bowl-shaped, made of wood and often inlaid with silver.

  • Melomel: Mead made with fruit added
  • Braggot (or Bracket) Mead made with malted grain (usually barley)
  • Hydromel: This is the term for a weak or watered down mead
  • Pyment: This is mead made with grape or grape juice added. This is also the term for a grape wine that has honey added to it.
  • Cyser - A mead made with apples or apple juice
  • Metheglin: A mead made with added spices - often considered to have medicinal traits. Some common spices are cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves
  • Rhodomel : An ancient Roman term for a mead made with rose petals
  • Sack Mead: A mead with a very high honey content. It has a high density and is often sweeter than typical meads. This can be thought of as a dessert wine of meads.
  • Show Mead: This is a term that has come to define a plain mead with no spices or fruits added.
  • Short Mead : (Also referred to as a quick mead) this is a mead that is made in a fashion so it matures quickly. Short meads are often very similar to ales.
  • Great Mead: Kind of like the opposite of a Short Mead. This mead is designed to be bottled and aged for several years.
  • Sparkling Mead: A carbonated mead much like a sparkling wine. This is usually achieved by adding a small amount of honey or sugar just before bottling. This causes a small secondary ferment while in the bottle that will elevate the pressure and sweetness.
  • Morat: A Melomel made from Mulberries
  • Hippocras: A Pyment to which spices have been added
  • Omphacomel: mead made with verjuice which is the juice of unripened grapes. This is often considered to be a type of pyment.
  • Oxymel - Made with wine vinegar
  • Acerglyn - Mead made with maple syrup
  • Bochet - refers to a mead that was made with the honey caramelized or burned before it is added to the water. Creates several different flavours including toffee, chocolate or marshmallow.
  • Capsicumel - Flavoured with chili pepper
  • Black Mead - Made with Black Currants
  • Mulled Mead - This refers to a mead that is heated before drinking. Typically it has spices for flavouring.
  • Chouchen - which is a French Brittany mead... which sometimes contains apple juice:

Meads around the world:

  • Tej - Ethiopian mead
  • Acan - Native Mexican Mead
  • Acerglyn - Made with Maple syrup
  • Gverc - Croatian variety of mead
  • Dwojniak - Polish mead using equal amounts of honey and water
  • Poltorak - Polish mead made with two parts water and one part honey
  • Czworniak - Polish mead made with three parts water and one part honey
  • Sima - A Finnish mead seasoned with lemon
  • Pitarilla - Mayan mead made with the bark of the balche tree
  • Medica - Slovenian and Croation mead
  • Dandaghare - Nepalese mead made with Himilayan herbs and spices.
  • Medovina - Eastern European mead , Czech republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia
  • Medovukha - Eastern Slavic mead
  • iQhilika - South African

‘A drink I took of the magic mead..
Then began I to know and to be wise,
To grow and to weave poems.'
-Odin, from the Norse Saga Runahal 1200AD

British Columbia

Campbell's Gold Honey Farm

2595 Lefeuvre Road
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1L5

Mike and Judy Campbell have been active in bee keeping since 1997, and are members in good standing of the B.C. Honey Producers Association, the Surrey Bee Keepers Association, and the South Fraser Valley Bee Keepers Association.

Festina Lente Estate Winery Ltd.

21113 16th Avenue
Langley BC, V2Z 1K3

Located in the beautiful countryside of Langley township ( horse country) near the USA boarder. The meadery is owned by Teresa Townsley and Bill Townsley. The words "Festina Lente" mean literally "Make Haste Slowly". This accurately reflects our philosophy of taking the time to accomplish things with diligence the first time and the pride that we take in simple things done well.  

They produce Mead, Melomel, Metheglin and other honey based wines. Honey produces are also available.

mead maker: Bill Townsley
Philosophy: we make sophisticated premium honey wines, stewarding nature to produce the best products from bee to bottle.

As beekeepers and winemakers, it was a natural fit to explore the lost tradition of Mead or Honey Wines. Of course, over the years, tastes change and we have developed a drier and more sophisticated honey wine that can be appreciated for many years. Honey wine is the white wine that ages like a red, so white wine drinkers can now command room in the most refined cellars and enjoy the depth and breadth of ever changing flavours over time.

Golden Age Meadery

22091 Fraserwood Way,
Richmond, BC V6W 0A8,

The meadery adds herbs to its mead making process.

The owners main interests are history and ethnography. After earning a master's degree in architecture and working for several years, I went on a journey through the countries of Eurasia. On this journey was a historian who, every night, told ancient legends and lore. One of these stories was about mead, the honey based beverage that was venerated by every nation of antiquity. They believed it to be a gift from the Gods


Mason Manor

19736 98th Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 2X5


A new meadery(2012) located in the Port Kells / Langley area owned by Steve Mason. The plan to open a large space where people can come and enjoy the medieval atmosphere, while drinking a favourable glass of Mead. Our end goal is to open a Tavern.

Signature meads are Apple Cinnamon, and Traditional

winemaker: Steve Mason
Philosophy:   Our philosophy is to educate people on one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in existence.

Meadow Vista Honey Wines

3975 June Springs Rd.
Kelowna , British Columbia
V1W 4E4

The meadery is located in Kelowna and is owned by Judie Barta. The tasting room is open year-round and there is an on-site Bee-stro open during the summer months..

Meadow Vista produces seven different honey wines, two sparkling and four still, all made from BC honey and local fruits. The wine shop also contains a variety of bee-inspired products including beeswax candles, honey and a wellness line.

The first honey wine producer to win Best Winery of The Year at Wine Fest Edmonton and Wine Fest Calgary and again in 2014 as Ostara was the first honey wine to win a Gold Medal at the BC Wine Awards.


Middle Mountain Mead

3505 Euston Road
Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0

Tel: 1-250-335-1392

In 1992 Cambell Graham and his wife Helen Grond moved from the city life of Vancouver to the country life on Hornby Island. Settling on 13 acres near the south end of the island. Their original plan did not call for them to produce mead but after studying the romantic history of mead they fell in love with the idea.

Already ardent gardners the property had over 3000 plants and in particular lavender all they needed was bees and a winery. They converted a cabin into a production facility producing traditional meads plus meads flavoured with herbs or fruits.

The Meadery at Planet Bee

5011 Bella Vista Road
Vernon, British Columbia
V1H 1A1

Planet Bee Honey farm added meads to their product list in 2011. The meadery is owned by Ed and Taosha Nowek. Ed has been a bee keeper since 1969 , starting the farm in 1997. He joined with winemaker Martin Dournovo to produce their first Mead in  1998.  The farm has 250 hives.

Numerous honey and beewax products are sold in the  gift shop

Signature meads: HoneyMoon Mead Okanagan Delight         


Winemaker: Martin Dournovo    
Philosophy: We take pride in every bottle of mead we offer and will do our utmost to maximize your enjoyment of our Honeymoon Mead   



Pommier Ranch Meadery

3858 Wasa Sheep Creek Rd
Skookumchuck, BC

Located in the East Kootenay Columbia valley. Caleb Miller and Rebecca Pommier purchased the Ranch in 2015. The Ranch waas run as a dairy farm since 1927 by Rebecca's family. Caleb is an avid bee keeper and Mead-Making perfectionist. In 2014 theystarted our apiary to produce mountain wildflower honey used in making their Mead.

The Pommier Ranch is a picturesque piece of property located where Diorite Creek meets the Lussier River in the East Kootenay Columbia region of BC.  It has been in the Pommier family since it was first homesteaded by Rebecca’s great grandparents, Emile and Marie Pommier in 1927.

The Cyser Mead is made with juice from the apple trees that Great Grandpa Emile Pommier planted almost 90 years ago. The water comes from our well, fed by the pristine Diorite Valley above the ranch.

They produce two styles of mead

Traditional Dry Mead:
This is our standard. It has 14.5 % ABV and a low residual sugar content. We use our Rocky Mountain wildflower honey, the pristine water from the Diorite valley above the ranch and yeast to craft this amazing beverage. All of our Mead has the natural flavor of the Rocky Mountains!

 Crabby Pommier Cyser:
This exceptional Mead is made almost the same way as our Traditional Dry. It has 15.5 % ABV and a low residual sugar content. The only difference is we substitute some of our Diorite Valley water with crab apple juice. The apples are picked from the trees right here on the ranch. Most of them were planted here almost 90 years ago by Great Grandpa Emile Pommier. The juice blended from all these different types of apples makes this beverage one of a kind.

Winemaker: Caleb Miller
Philosophy: We Produce small batches of high quality mead using 100% BC ingredients. Our mead will not be exactly the same year to year due to the variations in weather and availability of ingredients sourced from the ranch. We do not believe in additions of chemicals or flavoring agents to have a consistent product taste year to year. Nature is not the same year to year and our products will reflect this.

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

8750 West Coast Rd.
Sooke, BC V0S1N0

Tel: 250-642-1956

Located in the small community of Sooke on the south west side of Vancouver Island. Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery was licensed as British Columbia's first Meadery in 2003. Owned and operated by Bob Liptrot and Dana LeComte. The combination of Bob Liptrot's 43 years of beekeeping experience and over 25 years of mead making experience bring a unique and educational culinary experience to their meadery.. Their award winning Meads (honey wines) reflect harmony and balance by blending varietal honeys and berries from our local region.

The winery was named after the Tugwell Family which originally settled this land. There is a nearby creek named Tugwell Creek as well. The site was selected due to its beautiful location near the Ocean.
They were the first Meadery in Western Canada.

Tugwell Creek will becone the third Economusee in BC this summer.  That is like becoming the Museum of Beekeeping and Meadmaking.  Very Exciting!  Here is a link to check out what Economusee is all about.

Melomel, Metheglin, Vintage Mead, and Sack Mead are their signature wines. Sack Mead is like a late harvest wine on the sweetness scale. Also produced an Apple Quince Cyser called Original Sin , and an Acerglyn. As well as mead the farm offers a wide range of honey and bee related products

Winemaker: Robert Liptrot
Philosophy: To reintroduce the ancient beverage mead


Honey Pie Hives and Herbels


705 County Rd. 24
Prince Edward County
K0K 2P0


Located in the beautiful Prince Edward county of Ontario. Bay Woodyard and Gavin North founded honey Pie Hives & Herbals in 2000, combining their creative talents and interest in natural healing with a desire to reconnect with our community and our greater natural environment. They make traditional mead as well as metheglins (mead infused with herbs) and pyments (mead infused with fruit).

They build their straw bale farmhouse from 2004-2006 with the help of family and friends. The Cidery is owned by Bay Woodyard and Gavin North.

Winemaker: Gavin North
Philosophy: : As beekeepers we use traditional methods to create small batch mead using local honey and herbs.

Munro Honey & Meadery

3115 River Street
Alvinston, ON N0N 1A0


Alvinston is a small town located between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. The company Munro Honey was started in 1914 by a man named Warren Munro. In 1958 Howard Bryans purchased the business the name remained Munro Honey. In 1999 Howard obtained a license to manufacture mead and added Munro's Meadery to the name. Today the the company is owned by Davis Bryansand John Bryans.

Winemaker: John Bryans
Philosophy: To make top quality meads, made from 100% pure Canadian Honey

Rosewood Estate Winery and Meadery

4325 Mountainview Road
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B2

Toll free: 1-866-633-3248

The winery and meadery is owned by Renata and Eugene Roman

The Roman family have been beekeepers for 70 years, Eugene is a second generation Ontario beekeeper. His father gave him his first hive at the age of 6. Originally the family kept bees in King Township, Ontario. In the year 2000, the apiary operations were moved to Beamsville. The 3 apiaries are located throughout the Beamsville Bench. The honey gathered here is fruity and pleasant tasting.

The idea of producing honey wines or meads has intrigued Eugene since high school. Eugene and winemaker Natalie Spytkowskyhave combined their skills of honey production and winemaking to develop innovative handcrafted honey wines

Winemaker: Eugene Roman, Natalie Spytkowsky
Philosophy: At Rosewood we also celebrate this unique gift of honey creating meads with structure, complexity and balance - a true artistic challenge.

Trafalgar Ales and Meads

1156 Speers Road
Oakville, Ontario

The company traces its history back to 1994 when it was founded by Mike and Nancy Arnold and George Hengstman. They operated soley as a brewery untill the introduction of meads around 2000. Trafalgar Ales and Meads makes Black Currant, Blueberry and Raspberry Melomel. They are dry and slightly carbonated, with the natural fruit flavors very apparent. And with an alcohol content around 9% alc/vol.

TallGrass Mead

Thorndale Ont


The winery is located on the site of the family heritage farm, which includes a historic barn and apple trees which were planted by the original settlers. There are a small number of beehives on site,along with old-growth apple trees, They also grow their own red currents, all of which we use in the artisanal, small batch meads.

Tallgrass Mead is named for the tallgrass prairie ecosystem. It once dominated the Southwestern Ontario landscape, but is now one of the rarest ecosystems on earth. As a field biologist, botanic illustrator and former environmental policy analyst, Tallgrass Mead founder Elaine Ferrier was frustrated to watch the remaining woodlands, wetlands and prairie of Southwestern Ontario disappear. She imagined a different future where conservation was allowed to coexist with economic growth. Tallgrass Mead embodies this idea. By sourcing fermentable sugars through the natural process of bee pollination, we produce wines from the existing landscape. This means that we eliminate the need to convert more land to agriculture, and produce wines without the need to apply pesticides and fertilizers. Our meads are made with 100% Ontario honey from local beekeepers and we are keen to partner with other local producers

Elaine Ferrier, founder of Tallgrass Mead is a graduate of the University of Waterloo in environmental studies

signature wines:
Mead Riesling: a dry and delightfully tart pyment (grape mead). A blend of Ontario riseling grapes and Ontario honey.

Mead Rosé: using crushed Cabernet Franc grapes, soaked the juice on the skins for several days, then pressed off the skins and mixed the juice with honey and water to start fermentation as a pyment (grape mead)! Early flavours emerging in fermentation include cassis and ripe berries.

Honey Apple Cider:  This sparkling honey apple cider is made with fruit from our own heritage varietal apple trees!

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Mead:  Sweet mead aged in a charred oak barrel which is soaked with whiskey

Also produced are Honey Pops  a sparkling honey wine cocktail. Prepared with mead, sparkling water and a touch of honey to sweeten

Tallgrass is a member of the Stratford Tourism Association and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, committed to supporting local producers and local businesses.

Winemaker: Elaine Ferrier
Philosophy: Use locally-sourced ingredients to create innovative and delicious small-batch honey wines.



Chinook Honey Co

Chinook Arch Meadery
Okotoks , Alberta, T0L 1K0

Over looking the beautiful foothills close to Calgary you find Albera's first honey winery owned by Art and Cherie Andrew. The name “Chinook Arch Meadery” was chosen to reflect the unique weather phenomena that occurs in the lee of the Rocky Mountains where our honey is harvested and where the mead is created.    

 Chinook Honey Company started as a beekeeping hobby in 1995   The original 2 hives soon expanded to 6, then 12 and now have blossomed to approximately 280. Art's passion for his bees was contagious, and it didn't take long before his wife Cherie started joined in.   In 2004 they opened their store The Honey House  

Mead was a natural progression and Art started experimenting with various recipes in 1998. After heading the Alberta Beekeepers presentation to Alberta Gaming & Liquor, mead was included in the Alberta Cottage Winery Licensing. Chinook Arch Meadery was Alberta's first licensed commercial Meadery and started production in 2007. Since then their production has grown steadily and offering a variety of mead styles including traditional, metheglins and melomels

In 2011 they released the first Iced Mead ‘Raspberry Ice' and in 2012 followed it with ‘Frosted Blisssss'. This technique is a distillation which creates a lovely dessert wine with an alc./vol. of approximately 20%.

signature meads are ‘Melissa's Gold', ‘Bodacious Black Currant' and ‘Fire ‘n Spice'.

Meadmaker: Art Andrew

Philosophy: Mead is a unique beverage and not very well known in Alberta, thus we endeavor to educate everyone about its many qualities, varieties and uses

Fallen Timber Meadery

Box 27
Water Valley, Alberta
T0M 2E0

Fallentimber Meadery is located on the Ryan family farm, Northwest of Water Valley, Alberta near the west end of Big Prairie Road (Township Road 302).  About a 50 minute drive from the Calgary city limits.  

Back in 1969, Blake Ryan started the family business when he purchased the family farm and established his first hives.  Today, Blake's son Kevin is the owner and operator of Ryan's Honey which is sold at select stores in our region.  

Winemaker: Kevin Ryan
Philosophy: Our honey is collected from hives placed along a narrow band at the eastern edge of the foothills. This gives our bees access to a wide variety of wildflowers and clover that cover the hills, but limits their exposure to the expansive croplands to the east. In addition to careful hive placement, our honey is meticulously handled, and never pasteurized. All of our meads are produced with Ryan's Honey and that unique flavour comes through in every glass


Prairie Bee Meadery

Caron SK

Located in beautiful Saskatchewan county side 19km west of Moose Jaw SK and 10km south of Caron SK. The meadery is owned by two couples Dennis and Vickie Derksen,Crystal and Gerard Milburn.

They make small batches of mead, many of which include locally grown fruits such as cherry, melon, strawberry, raspberry and haskap.

Their history began with Grandpa's Garden Ltd is a u-pick operation that happened entirely by accident. "It began with a small sour-cherry orchard, as a retirement project for Dennis and Vickie Derksen. Within a year, ambitions had expanded to include a one acre high tunnel growing strawberries. When we found that we couldn't pick them all, we opened up to the public, allowing others to come and pick our berries. Vickie's daughter Crystal, and her husband Gerard, came on as partners, and the u-pick grew to include over 5 acres of raspberries, more strawberries, a small haskap orchard, and several vegetable gardens. Honey bees were introduced to the operation to ensure successful fruiting of the various food plants, and soon we were also selling honey, and making mead at home. Our fruit honey product was developed with the assistance of the Food Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, and as a (possibly) final step, we expanded in the latter half of 2015 to begin making mead commercially. Prairie Bee Meadery at Grandpa's Garden officially opened on June 18th, 2016."

Choosing a name for our Meadery took a lot of time, consideration and argument! We wanted our name to pay homage in some way to the region in which we are located. At length, we chose Prairie Bee because it also let us credit the miraculous and hard-working honey bee, without whom we would have no berries, no honey, and no mead. 

Cider Master: Dominic Rivard
Philosophy: We believe that the best ingredients make the best product. We use light, locally produced honey, mostly from clover, alfalfa and wild flowers, in combination with locally produced fruit, much of it grown on our own land at Grandpa's Garden


Nova Scotia

Midgrad Meadery

Scotch Lake
Nova Scotia


The meadery has been producing organic honey and mead since 2002. The farm resides next to the churning Georges River which is dwarfed by the natural beauty and peace of the Barrachois Hills to the North. The owners Micheal Magnini and Jenn Holtom roots are Celtic and Roman in origin and they love to explore the myths, legends and history of our glorious past and it reflects in their labeling and branding.

The adventure began with the introduction of Italian honey bees to their small farm. Today they have beehives in multiple apiaries across Cape Breton.

Signature meads are Valhalla and Mjolnir and a sweet mead called: Freya

Winemaker: Micheal Magnini
Philosophy: Traditional mead as a modern art

Prince Edward Island

Honeydew Apiaries

6718 Rte. 19
Canoe Cove, PEI
C0A 1H7


A bee farm producing meads owned by Daniel and Beatrice Ficza. Daniel is a very experience Beekeeper having worked in California, Alberta and British Columbia before settling in New Brunswick

The meadery is between Charlottetown and the Confederation Bridge on the south shore.  Most of the hives are located within half hour drive from the apiary. They have 400 hives

Their mead is sold under the label The Golden Drop.

Mead Maker:   Daniel Ficza    
Philosophy:   To strive for high quality, reasonably priced.                                 



Island Honey Wine Company

820 Millboro Rd
Wheatley River, P.E.I

Island Honey Wine Company

The meadey opened in 2017 owned by Charles Lipnicki and his wife Laura. Theyhad been looking for an escape from the daily grind of his job as a salesman. On a visit to PEI Laura remaked. Their farm is named "La Serena Farm" where the Island Honey Wine Company stands today. 

"You know Charles I really envy the people that live in Prince Edward Island … they're never more than 20 minutes from the ocean, they have these fertile rolling fields, wonderful farmland … it's a beautiful place to live, the people are so warm … I would love to be one of those people,'"

They produce a Traditional dessert Mead, Haskap berry Mead​, Wildflower Honey Mead, Lavender Mead, and Apple Mead.

We have a small apiary on our farm and we work with 2 other beekeepers to have the best product we can find. We never pasteurize our honey, our lavender and haskap is certified organic and grown on site. ​We have planted many flowering shrubs and trees to ensure a future with many flowers all season long. Sheep are used to mow the lavender field and the haskap orchard and ducks are used to control insects that are attracted to the orchard. We are growing a heritage apple orchard in the hopes of one day being able to offer a unique taste profile through an apple cyser mead. We love farming and the mead business because we can share our products and our farm experience with our guests. It is rewarding to serve them a product when they can see the ingredients growing while looking out the tasting room window. True Prince Edward Island terroir.

They are located about 15 minutes from the Charlottetown

Beekeeper / Meadmaker Charles Lipnicki
Philosophy: Use the purest local ingredients and try to make the business model environmentally sustainable


New Brunswick


Miellerie Honey

280, chemin Craig road
Charlo, NB, E8E 2J7

A new entry into mead production the owner a retired teacher has made a successful business producing honey. The owner has 29 years of experience as a beekeeper, he is a member of the board of directors  (New Brunswick Beekeeper Association) he is also the inspector into agricultural for the north of the province.

Beekeeper Jacques Levesqu


Sunset Heights Meadery

4 Sunset Blvd
McLeod Hill, NB

Sunset Heights Meadery and Apiary is a cottage meadery located in McLeod Hill, owned by  husband-wife duo: John Way and Deb Wilson. They produce small-batch, artisanal, limited-edition meads 

 In the meadery they combine NB honey and other local agricultural products to create two lines of mead, Sunset Heights still meads and Pollen Angels carbonated session meads. John takes care of mead making, while Deb handles the beekeeping.

Their first release was in 2014 and they have already won several awards

Beekeeper Deb Wilson
Winemaker: John Way


Hydromellerie du Vieux Moulin

141, route de la mer
Sainte-Flavie, g0j 2l0


The Meadery has been producing organic honey and mead with great success. Translate the name is Old Mill Meadery.
They won a Double Gold for their Mead at The Finger Lakes Wine Competion. The owner is Normand Tremblay

Le Vieux Moulin offers a wide range of honey under the trademark house head flowers

Winemaker: Guillaume Tremblay
Philosophy: If you do something, do it wel


824 rang 5
la Présentation
Québec, JOH 1BO

Tel: 1-450-796-3504

Pierre Gosselin Beekeeper and hydromellier

Meil Natural
395, chemin du canal
Melocheville J0S 1J0

Tel: 1-450-429-5869
Fax: 1-450-429-5869
Courriel :

Ferme Apicole Desrochers D .
113, Rang 2
Gravel Ferme-Neuve, Quebec J0W 1C0

Tel: 1-819-587-3471

10291, De La Fresniére Rd.
Mirabel, Saint-Benoît, Quebec J0N 1K0

Tel: 1-514-258-2713

Le Rucher Bernard Bee Bec & Assoc des hyrdomeliers du Quebec
152, rue Principale
Beebe Plain, Quebec JOB 1E0

Tel: 1-819-876-2800

Les Entreprises Prince- Leclerc
239, chemin Haut de la Paroisse
St-Agapit, Quebec G0S 1Z0

Tel: 1-418-888-3323

Les Vins Mustier Gerzer
3299, Route 209
St-Antoine Abbe, Quebec J0S 1E0

Tel: 1-514-826-4609

Muse'e de l'Abeille & Les Ruchers Pomiel, Inc
8862, Blvd Ste-Anne

Chateau-Richer, Quebec G0A N0

Tel: 1-418-824-4411

Rucher Les Saules
27, chemin Saxby
Nord Saxby Corner
Granby, Quebec J2G 8C7

Tel: 1-514-372-3403



Songs About Mead

Drinking mead in the halls of Whiterun
The maidens and the men!
We swig our brew
Until we spew
Then we fill our mugs again!
You can keep your filthy Skooma
It makes our bellies bleed
Cause when we raise our flagon
To another dead dragon
There is just one drink we need...

When I come back from a mighty quest I have no need for sleep or rest I head to a tavern for a drink And get so drunk I cannot think A wench by my side and a jug of mead These are the things that I most need So I sit back and sing this song And drink and party all night long

A Poem

I WILL adore the Ruler, chief of every place,
Him, that supports the heaven: Lord of everything.
Him, that made the water for every one good,
Him, that made every gift, and prospers it.
May Maelgwn of Mona be affected with mead, and affect us,
From the foaming mead-horns, with the choicest pure liquor,
Which the bees collect, and do not enjoy.
Mead distilled sparkling, its praise is everywhere.
The multitude of creatures which the earth nourishes,
God made for man to enrich him.
Some fierce, some mute, he enjoys them.
Some wild, some tame, the Lord makes them.
Their coverings become clothing.
For food, for drink, till doom they will continue.
I will implore the Ruler, sovereign of the country of peace,
To liberate Elphin from banishment.
The man who gave me wine and ale and mead.
And the great princely steeds, beautiful their appearance,
May he yet give me bounty to the end.
By the will of God, he will give in honour,
Five five-hundred festivals in the way of peace.
Elphinian knight of mead, late be thy time of rest.

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