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Featured Winemaker

Welcome to our page featuring Canada's winemakers. Each month
we will feature a winemaker from across Canada.
One whose wines help to make Canada an International star in the world of fine wines.

Steve Kocsis

From Grapes to the Winery. Mountain Road Wine Company started with the establishment of its first vineyards in 1983 by owner and winemaker Steve Kocsis on a farm originally purchased by his parents Andy and Klara in 1958. As agrape grower Steve believed he could produce wines that would better reflect the unique terroirs of his vineyard.

Steve produced his first commercial wine in 2000. Steve began under the tutelage of Deborah Paskus to experiment with vineyard management practices that had not been standard in Ontario. Their aim was to raise the bar more than several notches, to elevate the quality of the Chardonnay wine to Burgundian and Chablis standards. This involved among other things, a reduced nutrient program, shoot thinning, extending the trellis height, leaf plucking to expose the fruit to the sun, dropping the bulk of the crop onto the ground in August and netting the grapes to keep bird predation under control. These remaining grapes stayed on the vine long into the season, for maximum ripeness and flavour concentration.

Steve owns three vineyards which consist of numerous varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Vidal and Foch. They also produce concord grapes for the juice market and have six acres dedicated to pears. Remaining small the winery is more interest in the passion and quality of the wines that making huge profits.


His 1999 Vidal Icewine recieved the Lieutenant Govenors Award of Excellence.


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