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Levi de Loryn winemaker

One of the most famous, best known and most rewarded winery is Jackson Triggs. Alan Jackson and Donald Triggs co-founded the Jackson-Triggs brand in 1989.  The head office for the brand is Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, with a second winery in Oliver, British Columbia.

The head winemaker for the Niagara winery is  Levi de Loryn.

Born in a small town outside of Adelaide, Australia, Levi de Loryn grew up surrounded by vineyards and had a natural curiosity for the winemaking process.

After Levi received his degree in Food Technology and Microbiology at the University of South Australia, he landed a cellar position at Château Yaldara in the Barossa Valley. Yaldara is the Aboriginal word for sparkling, which coincidentally is Levi’s true passion, sparkling wines. In his eyes, they are “complex and challenging, but done right can be magnificent, and so rewarding.”
He then switched gears and moved into the laboratory as a Senior Wine Analyst at Hardy Wine Company. During that time, Hardy’s was acquired by Constellation Brands, and this afforded Levi the opportunity to work a harvest as a cellar hand at Blackstone winery, in Sonoma Valley, California. He later moved back to Adelaide, Australia to work as Senior Wine Analyst & Vintage Cellar Hand at Constellation Brands.
Levi took a break from the wine industry and travelled to Japan to teach English for a couple of years, where he met his soon to be Canadian wife, Tracey.

Once back in Australia, he completed his Masters of Oenology at Adelaide University and went on to work with his wife at Wither Hills Winery in Marlborough where he gained invaluable experience. In 2010, he moved to Canada to work at Flat Rock Cellars, which gave him valuable experience working at a smaller scale winery, where fruit was hand sorted and selected and he learned to appreciate the quality of a gravity fed winery. He then returned to Australia for another vintage in the heart of the Barossa Valley, working as Senior Cellar Hand at St. Hallet Winery, where he worked with some bold reds and got to experiment with some of Australia’s oldest vines.

Since 2011 Levi has been using his expertise in the Niagara region where he’s worked as Assistant Winemaker at Rockway Glen Estate Winery, and then Associate Sparkling Winemaker at Angels Gate Winery & Kew Estates Winery as well as Sparkling Wine Consultant & Processing Manager for Millesime. In late August of 2018, Levi joined Arterra Wines Canada as Estate Winemaker for Jackson-Triggs Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

His interests span from cooking and travelling, to microbrews and all facets of wine. With international experience in winemaking and a speciality in sparkling wine production, Levi “was always destined to be a sparkling winemaker.”

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