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Renaissance Nigori

Masa Shiroki
Masa Shiroki

Vancouver is home to a Sake winery! Located on Granville Island Artisan Sake Maker established in 2007 has craved out a unique niche as award winning hand craft small batch sake winery. Masa Shiroki, the soft-spoken owner , diminutive evangelist of sake is always happy to explain how is wines are made.

At the Vancouver International Wine Festival I stopped by his table to seek directions to his winery. He wanted me to try his new wine Renaissance Nigori. I did as requested. Surprised yes, this was a very smooth light and refreshing sake full of fruity flavours Wow!

The wine was a medal winner at the Alberta Beverage awards.

I will definitely be traveling to Grandville Island this month to taste all of his wines and discover how Sake is made.

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