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Rosé wines, often referred to as blush wines or written rosé , are wines typically made with red grapes but that have a much lighter color than red wine due to the way the wine is made

Rosé versus Blush

Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but there actually is a slight difference. Any wine called a rosé is made from juice left in contact with the skins for an hour or so. Rosés are never a blend of red and white wine, while blush wines may be made using either method. Therefore, all rosé wines are blushes, but not all blushes are rosés.

Rosé is a term describing the French technique for making wines ranging in color from grayish pink to very dark pink. In recent years, the trend has been to use the term rosé instead of blush. While the results may be similar, wines labeled as blush wines tend to be more mass-market wines made in large lots as opposed to the carefully crafted small batches of rosé.

Pink wines - both rosés and blushes - tend to be similar to white wines with a little more body. They are usually fairly light, and many consider them summertime wines due to their crisp flavors and freshness. Rosés that are more intensely colored may veer closer to their red counterparts, with a little more structure and complexity. Old World-style rosé wines are often very dry, while their New World counterparts may be sweeter with less alcohol. Blush wines may be light, bright, floral, and fruity. While some can be bland and insipid, a well-made blush or rosé balances alcohol, sugar, and acid to create a slightly complex wine that is not quite as powerful as its red wine counterpart, but interesting to drink nonetheless.

Zinfandel isn't just a fancy name for a type of rose, it's actually the name of the grape used. Zinfandel grapes are red and were used to make red wine in Napa Valley, California, but in the 70's this particular wine became unpopular (white wine was becoming the trendy drink at that time). So as not to waste the Zinfandel grapes that were already growing the Sutter Home wine company decided to use the grapes to make their own brand of rose. Sweet white grapes such as Muscat are also added and give the wine an almost punch-like flavour.

Zinfandel is now produced in other regions including BC and Ontario

The wines are served chilled

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Some good producers are Tawse, Strewn, Sue Ann Staff , Sprucewood and Southbrook in Ontario

Featherstone Winery, ON 2013 Rosé double gold at 2014 All Canadian

In British Columbia, Tinhorn Creek, Mission Hill, Kraza Legz, 50 th Parallel and Hillside

St Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery Ltd., BC 2011 St Hubertus Rosé and House of Rose Winery, BC 2013 Rosé - Gold at All Canadian

In Nova Scotia Grand Pre makes a rosé . Gaspereau Vineyards, NS 2013 Rosé - Gold at All Canadian

Silver at All Canadian


Fort Berens Estate Winery, BC 2013 Pinot Noir Rosé $17.99

Black Widow Winery, BC 2013 Rosé $22.00

Thornhaven Estates, BC 2012 Rosé $15.90

50th Parallel Estate Winery, BC 2013 Pinot Noir Rosé $18.00

Oliver Twist Estate Winery, BC 2013 Patio Passion $18.00

Moon Curser Vineyards, BC 2013 Nothing to Declare Rosé $22.00

Red Rooster Winery, BC 2013 Reserve Rosé $21.99

Bench 1775 Winery, BC 2013 Glow Rosé $19.90

Stag's Hollow Winery, BC 2013 Syrah Grenache Rosé $22.00

Rockway Vineyards, ON 2013 Patio 9 Pink $12.95


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