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Petite Milo

Charlotte Estate Petite Milo

Charlotte Estate Petite Milo

Looking back over the last year (2018) I came to the unmistakable conclusion that that I had enjoyed more bottles of Seasides Pearl's Petite Milo than any other wine. This included both the 2016 and 2017 vintage.

Petite Milo is Valentin Blattner cross, this very early ripening pink grape is well suited to maritime climates such as Nova Scotia’s. It offers good potential for making stylish aromatic wines and as a useful component for blending. The grape is also finding a home on Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley MT Lehman region. Read More

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery is located in peaceful country setting of Mount Lehman, the gateway to Fraser Valley Wine Country. The winery is owned by the charming couple Allison and David Zimmerman. David is the winemaker with consultant Mark Simpson.

Charlotte Petit Milo is clean and elegant with honey and citrus notes on the palette, finishing with tropical aromas of guava and pineapple. This is a well balanced wine that pairs perfectly with spicy foods, sushi and rich seafood.

When it came time to name our line of wines, we just kept coming back to Mount Lehman’s historic charm and deep agricultural history.  Our consultations with local historians and long-time residents led us towards names that are rich with the settlement stories of the pioneers and early settlers in Mount Lehman That one of the world’s most beautiful places is concentrated here seems almost unfair.

There is a story behind every bottle of wine, and every wine name Charlottte is the name chosen for the Petite Milo. Inspired by Mount Lehman’s rich soil and prefect daffodil growing climate, English horticulturist Fenwick Fatkin invited local growers to showcase their daffodils in an effort to “make this a second Holland,” and honour his wife Charlotte. This was the humble beginning of the famous annual Flower Show.

Seaside Pearl Estate winery

Sadly there is no Petite Milo left in our cellar. We drank the last of 2016 on Christmas day and finished the 2017 on 28th of December with the last of the left over turkey a splendid meal. We do have a bottle of Royal Engineers Petit Verdo to enjoy.

We thank David, Allison and family for the good times we had in 2018 visiting the winery

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