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Church and State
Meritage 2017


Church and State Meritage

Good friends were coming for diner. We often refer to them as the Hosts with the Most as they alway provide the most exciting and delicious meals when we visit them, along with some very good wines.

Today would be our opportunity to return the favour. One very important part of the evening would be to select the right wine. I chose Church and States 2017 Meritage.

Meritage is a name for red and white Bordeaux-style wines without infringing on the Bordeaux region's legally protected designation of origin. Winemakers must license the Meritage trademark from its owner, the California-based Meritage Alliance. A red Meritage must be made from a blend of at least two of the following varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot,Cabernet Franc, Malbec,Petit Verdot, St. Macaire,Gros Verdot, Carmenère with no variety comprising more than 90 percent of the blend.

Church and State Meritage is blended with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon. Its a rich wine The aromas are amazing featuring Black Cherry and Black Berries. The palate provides hints of spices and chocolate delicious. We will give this one a 95.

Did we impress our friend with our wine selection? Yes! We did they asked for a picture of the wine label as they were off to the store to purchase the wine.

Church and State wines actually has two locations. The Okanagan winery is perched on the edge of the infamous Coyote Bowl in the Oliver-Osoyoos wine region. The original winery is located on Vancouver Island. The winemaker is Arnaud Thierry

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