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Castoro de Oro

Castoro de Oro

There is a hidden gem on the Golden Mile of Oliver. British Columbia. If you were a tourist driving through Oliver and the Okanagan you will spot some pretty impressive looking wineries. Such as Tinhorn Creek and Burrowing Owl. You might even have heard of some of the wineries that have made their reputation of the years such as Gehringer Brothers and Hester Creek Estate Winery setting your sights on visiting them. If you are paying attention and driving the speed limit you may notice a small rather unimpressive winery by the roadside. You ignore them, they are not as big or fancy as those other wineries but what a mistake you will make!

There are some very impressive wines been produced at Castoro de Oro. The Vineyard is located in the famed Golden Mile and has a unique soil combination from alluvial deposit, southeast aspect with excellent exposure to sunshine resulting in full flavour and aroma development. The vineyard slope with the lake at the foot, providing excellent frost drainage, keeps the vines safe from late spring or early fall frost problems, allowing the grapes to ripen fully. The vines are planted to the foot of a mountain, which provides evening shade, resulting in a rapid cool-off during summer, which prevents the grape acids from dropping and results in a fine balance between ripe, sweet fruit and firm, clean acidity. All of which is an ideal foundation for growing superior grapes. White and red grapes grow equally well in this class one grape growing terroir and enables the production of terrific wines of many types in a wide range of styles.

One of their many wines that impressed me was their 2016 Gewürztraminer . Lovely citrus flavours favour this slightly dry wine. The aroma is a nice lychee almost like a sweet rose. Notes of grapefruit highlight the wine through to the finish. Although this wine is not listed among their many award winning wines such as their Lieutenant Governor Award, Crimson Rhapsody 2014. It more than satisfies my taste buds.

Stella Schmidt and Bruno Kelle

The owners are Stella Schmidt and Bruno Kelle. Bruno is the winemaker. Bruno is an amateur guitar player and can sometimes be heard around the winery playing classic rock n’ roll. Stella looks after the business side of the winery and is also the assistant winemaker.




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