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You get a custom to hearing grape varities quite different from what you are use to seeing when you expore European wines, Africian and even South America. But how about this one from Nova Scotia - Sheuebe?

Scheurebe or Sämling 88 is a white wine grape variety. It is primarily grown in Germany and Austria, where it often is called Sämling 88, and some parts of the New World. Scheurebe wines are highly aromatic, and the variety is often used for sweet wines, although dry Scheurebe wines have become more common in Germany. The grapes are now grown in Nova Scotia.

Scheurebe was created by German viticulturalist Dr. Georg Scheu (1879–1949) in 1916, when he was working as director of a grape-breeding institute in Alzey by crossing Rieslingwith an unknown wild vine. According to the German grape-breeder Hlemut Becker , Scheu's purpose was to create a superior version of Silvaner, with more aroma and greater resistance to frost damage andchlorosisIt was long assumed that Scheurebe was Silvaner x Riesling, but DNA analysis in the late 1990s ruled out Silvaner as a parent, while confirming Riesling as the father. It is known that Scheu was working on wild vines, so it is possible that a misidentification of the cross took place.According to official Austrian sources it is in fact a cross between Riesling and Bouquet Blanc


Lightfoot & Wolfville proved growing Scheurebe could be done in Nova Scotia, winning the Best in Class White Wine at the 2017 Atlantic Canada Wine Awards with aromatic wine of surprising weight that sold out soon after it was released. This was the first release of Lightfoot & Wolfville’s Terroir Series Scheurebe; the organic and biodynamic grapes were hand harvested from the Oak Island vineyard in Avonport, NS before macerating on the skins for about 20 hours in order to extract the right amount of aromatics and structure from the skins wile still maintaining the wine’s elegance and lightness. Fermentation in cool stainless steel to preserve the fresh, primary fruit flavours. This wine is light bodied and fresh at 9% alcohol, but is big on aromatics and focused flavours of guava, passion fruit, lychee, and ginger. The residual sweetness is completely in check to create a balanced wine. Enjoy this with Thai food with citrus & chilies or any dishes that feature fresh ginger root.




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