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Tawse Winery
2007 Tawse David Block Merlot

Vineland, Ontario


At Tawse, winemaking begins in the vineyards. We use organic and biodynamic farming techniques to ensure the health of our vines and the vitality of our soils. We treat our soils as living entities that respond best to responsible handling and management. We pay careful attention to vineyard care throughout the year and prune to discourage the vines from overproducing. Much of our fruit is sourced from old growth, low yield vines, giving our wines great depth, richness and character.

In the last few years Tawse wines under the guidence of winemaker Paul Pender and consulting winemaker Pascal Marchand have established a reputation for producing outstanding wines. The Tawse 2007 David Block Merlot is one of these wines . Its rich full body produced a statisfying taste compliment by hints of black cherries. The nose is intense a nd inviting. A good lasting finish. The wine went extremley well with our Prime Rib.


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