Cider and Meaderies


Cider is an alcoholic beverage made mainly from the fermented juice of apples, though pears can also be used; in the UK, pear cider is known as perry. In the US and parts of Canada, the term cider almost exclusively refers to nonalcoholic apple juice (apple cider). The phrase hard cider is used to denote the fermented version.

Real cider is fermented apple juice, pure and simple. Traditionally, it is made with bittersweet and bitter-sharp apples, which have the tannins and acidity required to make a quality product. While dessert apples, such as Granny Smith or MacIntosh, are used by large commercial cider makers, these common varieties often require the addition of modifiers such as concentrates and synthetic flavourings.

Common varieties include: Golden Delicious, Johngold, Macoun, Gala, Fuji, Braeburn, and Honeycrisp. Ontario McIntosh, Ida Red, Spy, Gala, Paula Red, and Russet are commonly used.

Defining the fruit (from National Association of Cidemakers)

Cider apple varieties are divided into four categories according to the relative proportion of acidity and tannin:

Sweet varieties are the blandest of the four categories, being low in both components. They are useful to blend with ciders from the more strongly flavoured varieties, which, by themselves, would be too extreme in taste and aroma to be palatable. Typical examples of sweet apples are Sweet Coppin, in use to a small extent, and Court Royal which was used extensively at one time but rarely used nowadays.

Bittersweet apples impart the characteristic flavour of English ciders; as the name implies, they are low in acid and high in tannin. The latter is responsible for two sensations on the palate - astringency and bitterness. In the bittersweet apple, there is a whole range of combinations of these two characteristics, varying from little astringency coupled with intense bitterness to very marked astringency coupled with mild bitterness. Typical bittersweets are Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Tremlett’s Bitter.

Sharp varieties, so called because the predominant characteristic is that of acidity, are encountered less frequently today, possibly because culinary fruit, which has a similar flavour balance, can be substituted for this class. There are, however, recognized full sharp cider varieties, two of which are Crimson King and Brown’s Apple.

Bitter-sharp is the fourth class of cider apple. These are fairly high in acid and tannin, although the latter component does not show the wide range of flavours exhibited by the bittersweet.  Stoke Red is a good example.

Cider apples were traditionally grown on ‘Standard’ trees in orchards grazed by livestock. About 40 trees would be planted per acre (100 per hectare).


British Columbia

33 Acres Cider Co

15 W 8TH Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1M8


This Vancouver based brewery does their own take on a English Scrumpy style under the brand 33 Acres of Cider.

CiderMaster: David Varga

Philosophy: Our vision was born out of enjoyment for the binding elements of life. The spirit of community sharing; Drink, food, conversation, space, and ideas. We carry a strong appreciation for the boundless limits created by hard work. We’re influenced by the natural elements of our surroundings, fuelled by creative thinking, and drive to make the highest quality product.

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co

880 Vaughan Ave
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 7E4

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co was created with one thing in mind: to hand craft a premium hard cider from 100% BC apples picked from their own orchards and crushed their mill. A cider as traditional as the sixteen foot ladders climbed at harvest time. The brand name Broken Ladder.

BC Tree Fruits, is a cooperative of more than 500 grower families

Cidermaker: Bertus Albertyn


Blue Moon Estate Winery

4905 Darcy Rd.
Courtenay, BC
V9J 1R5

A fruit winery, which opened in May 2009, owned by George Ehrler and Marla Limousin. It is part of the picturesque Nature's Way Farm, an organic berry farm near Courtenay, that has been operated for several years. Natural Way is a certified Organic farm

They produce fortified dessert wines with blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries, and a table wine with blueberries and apples. They recently launched a cider called Harvest Moon.

Winemaker: George Ehrler

Philosophy: We use classical wine making traditions and local fruit. We love tradition as much as experimentation, so come and taste what we are doing. Drink to the pure expressions of the fruit! 


Burton City Cidery

5470 Highway 6
Burton, B.C
V0G 1E0

Their Grand Opening was in May 2016 and is owned by Barbara and Alan Ross. A farm based cidery that crafts small batches of all natural cider. They do not add water or sugar and use local ingredients whenever possible.

Ciders - Classic Apple
            Apple -N-Rye
            Ginger Apple
            Cider Makers Special  - a seasonal cider that is currently a dry hopped cider

The area in the West Kootenays where they are located had a town that was incorporated in 1895 as Burton City. At that time there were lots of apple orchards in the valley and they were a big supplier of fruit to Western Canada. The valley was flooded in the '60s and Burton City is now underwater. The cidery is reclaiming the history of the area by growing apples and making cider

CiderMaster : Barbara Ross

Philosophy: A great cider takes the time it takes!

Bx Press Cidery and Farm

4667 East Vernon Road
Vernon BC


This Vernon orchard was established in 1949 by the grandfather of current owner David Dobernigg. The orchard is located in Vernon's BX district consisting of 12 hectares.

The district is named for the former 2,428-hectare (6,000-acre) ranch previously operated by the owner of Barnard’s Express & Stage Line. Once the largest stage line in North America, it closed after 50 years in 1920 when trucks and railroads took over. The name lives on in the district and now in a cidery. (1)

David and Melissa realize that apple production in the Okanagan is now a difficult business and they needed to turn to Cider production to ensure a profit. They did the research before construction of their facilities commenced. Their initial ciders 10,000 litres were made in 2013.

They received training from Washington State's Peter Mitchell.

Cider-masters: Davis and Melissa Dobernigg

Philosophy: Our cider is pressed only in the fall when select varieties of apples are ripe. We then ferment it over the winter, releasing it only when it's had a long, slow maturation to mellow and develop it's complex flavours. 


Central City Brewery & Distillery

11411 Bridgeview Drive
Surrey, BC
V3R 0C2


In 2003, Central City Craft Brewpub opened in Surrey, BC. Their craft beer grew so popular that in 2005, they launched a canning line, sold at their own on-site liquor store, and beyond. They achieved great success with the Red Racer beer brand. By 2009 they had reached full capacity at the current BC brewery – a 3,500 sq. ft. space.

In 2012 and 2010 they were Canada’s Brewery of the Year, and won the 2012 World Cup of Beer’s Gold & Bronze Medal winner.

Central City’s Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Apple Cider (6.5% ABV) is a dry-sweet cider blending Yakima Valley hops with fresh pressed apples from the Pacific Northwest.  Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Cider is cold fermented from scratch, using Northwest Apples, Yakima Hops and a special yeast. The dry hopping process used adds a nice hop aroma onto the dry sweet, cider, complementing the cider’s natural tart flavour

CiderMaster :

Dominion Cider Co

10216 Gould Avenue
Summerland, BC


The Summerland cider company is owned by three friends Robin, Luke, and Mike. They are a small producer that makes one type of cider and we think we make it well. But no two batches are ever really the same. Dominion Cider is a dry, English-style pub cider. It has a light golden colour.

The cidery was named after the Dominion Experimental Farms an agricultural network stretching from coast to coast created in the late 1800s to support Canadian farmers.



Double Cross Cidery at the Junction

3363 Springfield Road
Kelowna, BC
V1X 5L4


Glenn, Loretta, Michael and Alycia Cross own Cross Orchards, home of the Function Junction Fruit Stand. In 2011, when they thought of expanding to apple cider and fruit wine, they contacted Richard Bullock, another apple grower, for advice. The Bullock family had opened the Raven Ridge Cidery on their East Kelowna orchard in 2003. To the surprise of the Crosses, the Bullocks were closing Raven Ridge. The Cross family jumped at the opportunity to purchase Raven Ridge's equipment.

Signature ciders   Fuji iced cider & Braburn iced cider 

Their plan is to produce both fruit wines and ciders . They also operate a fruit stand with products from their 48 acres of    apples, peaches, apricots, blackberries, tai berries, raspberries, corn, cherries and veggies 

Cider master: Glenn Cross

Philosophy: Work hard, play hard        

East Kelowna Cider Company

2960 McCulloch Road,
Kelowna, BC
V1W 4A5


Orchard owners Theresa and Dave Ross turned to cider when it became apparent selling apples alone would not be profitable.
Theresa and her husband David own 9 acres in an area rapidly being developed for homes. The property has been in the family since 1942 originally purchased by Dave's grandfather. His picture appearrs on the label of the Ross Hard Apple Cider their main product. Iced Cider is also made exclusively from dessert apples.

Faustino Estate Ciders

14000-14014  97th Street, 
Osoyoos, BC
V0H 1V2


The desire to produce cider came as a result of the couple’s loss of several years’ worth of fruit crops due to uncontrollable weather damage from frost and hail. High quality fruit was rendered useless for fresh market sales due to the hail marks – but those marks only affected the appearance, not the incredible taste of the fruit. The couple knew there had to be a way to use this fruit to produce a quality by-product that the consumer could enjoy. Hence, the idea to produce a quality cider using their own fruit was born.

CiderMaster : Jack Faustino Relvas

Philosophy: To use our own quality grown fruit to produce high quality ciders

Fraser Valley Cidery Company

22128 16 Ave
Langley BC


The Langley based cidery is owned by Rachel Bolongaro it is the first cidery in the Fraser Valley. The Bolongaros purchased the 12 acre farm in 2014 and began establishing their orchard. The orchard was planted with 1800 trees that consisted of over 25 different varieties of English and French cider apples.

Rachel produced a pacific northwest style cider.  They currently have five blends, dry, off-dry, raspberry, elderflower and honey .

CiderMaster Rachel Bolongaro

Philosophy: Making the best cider we possibly can using sustainable produced heritage apples from our orchard

Howling Moon Cider

7952 Highway 97
Oliver, BC
V0H 1T5

A family run business whose dream started in 2011 with plantings followed by opening the tasting room in 2014.




Left Field Cider Company

Mamette Lake, BC
V1W 4A5


Established in the heart BC's interior, Left Field Cider Co. is a family owned business, making traditional cider in small batches. Proprietors are Gordon and Debbie Garthwaite, Kate Garthwaite, Theresa Pedersen two sisters and their parents.Yearly production is 1,500 cases

The idea of producing cider came to Kate out of nowhere, thus the name Left Field from the expression Out of Left Field. Kate spent a year in Herefordshire, England apprenticing with a well-known cider maker and is most knowledgeable in apple varieties and blends. All the owners have a role in producing their cider.

The cider-house is open from May long weekend to Labour Day on Fridays from 3pm-7pm and Saturdays and Sundays from noon-6pm. They are happy to give customers a tour of the facility.  All of the products are full juice. They do not use concentrated or artificial flavouring. They blend English and French cider apple varieties with dessert apples that are typical to BC.

Winner of Best Beverage at the 2012 Okanagan Fest of Ale

Signature Ciders: Big Dry and Little Dry

Cider-maker: Kate Garthwaite

Philosophy: Real cider is made from apples. We don't capitalize and pride ourselves on making a full-juice cider

Merridale Estate Cidery

1230 Merridale Road, RR 1
Cobble Hill, BC
V0R 1L0

Merridale, nestled in the mouth of Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley, is a destination the whole family can enjoy. Located in Cobble Hill, just 40 minutes from Victoria the cider house provides a unique venue, surrounded by the orchards. Merridale is said to be BC's first estate cidery. Founded by Albert Piggott in 1987 and now owned by Janet Docherty and Rick Pipes who took over in 2000. They wanted the business to be something they would be passionate about and provide a healthy lifestyle for their family

Some of the varieties of apples grown include Dabinett, Tremlett's Bitter, Frequin Rouge, Hauxapfel, Chisel Jersey and Bulmer Norman, to name a few.

Signature Ciders: Scrumpy, Summerset

In 2007 the Brandiehouse was opened to produce fortified wines - Brandy. Aging is an important factor in producing fine quality brandy. The process of aging in oak enhances many of the characteristics of the brandy and slowly adds a distinctive caramel colour. The choice of barrel is important in the end product. Some of their brandies will be aged in French Oak, others in American Oak. Merridale will also be the first to age some brandies in Canadian Oak. They will call the brandies Oh de Vies a play
on eau de vie or water of life.

Cider Master: Rick Pipes

Philosophy: Merridale Ciders are handcrafted, all natural and made from 100% undiluted juice.

Naramata Cider Company

Aikins Loop, RR#1 S5 C18
Naramata, BC
V0H 1N0

Naramata Cider Co, ciders are made from crisp apples, ripe pears, a little Okanagan sunshine. The cider is owned by Miranda and Del Hallady who own Elephant Island Winery. Brain Selwood is also a partner.

The snail (found on every label) is emblematic of Cittaslow: a network of communities around the world that value slow living. Naramata is pretty stoked to be one of only two towns in Canada to have Cittaslow accreditation.

Being a Cittaslow community means we care about our town, the people who live in it and everyone who visits it. We work together to preserve the unique spirit of this place.


Nomad Cider

8011 Simpson Rd
Summerland, BC

"We are nomads, endlessly exploring food, drink and culture. Our thirst for knowledge and new experiences continually inspire us to create great tasting ciders."


Ravenskill Orchards

1240 Coats Drive
Gabriola, BC
V0R 1X4


The Gabriola Cider is owned by Keith and Marti MacKenzie, who began building their dream – an orchard of heritage apples on 27 acres in 2002.

They started with uncultivated scrub brush. They tilled the land and created locally sourced compost to feed the soil. They built a nursery and trellised rows for a unique stock of heavy fruiting dwarf trees. Finally they built a cider barn and roadside stand to sell the crop and ciders, the orchard has over 1,000 trees across two acres, with 25 different varieties of apples.

They released their first cider in the Summer of 2015. Jonas Greig the cider maker has produced two styles of cider one Dry with the RS of 14g/l and a  Dry Dry cider of only 4g/l RS.

They also make a sweet apple cider caramels

Cider-maker: Jonas Greig


Rider Cider CO

1165 Ethel Street,
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2W4



A Kelowna company that likes to support biking events.

Salt Spring Wild Cidery

151 Sharp Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2P6

Gerda Lattey and Mike Lachelt are the owners of this new island cidery. The name comes from the times they would pick apples from wild trees on Salt Spring. They make 5 varieties of dry ciders, practicing organic methods.

The tasting room is located in an historic farm house.

Cider master: Gerda Lattey and Mike Lachelt

Philosophy:   Slow ferment, delicate flavours. All our ciders are dry.    

Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse

2487 St Michael Rd
Saanichton, BC
V8M 1T7


Sea Cider opened its farm gate for business in 2007 when owner Kristen Needham purchased the property with a vision of creating an organic farm and orchard producing traditional fermented artisan ciders. Since then, they have grown to an annual cider production of over 7,000 cases. Sea Cide continues to pride themselves on crafting traditionally fermented ciders from organically grown apples, and with their award-winning cider now available throughout B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Washington State, Illinois and Oregon. 

"Kristen is a sixth generation farmer, having inherited the family orchard in 1986. At the time, she wanted nothing to do with farming. Instead, as a teenager, she went off to boarding school in Wales. "I drank my first cider but never dreamed that one day I would become a cidermaker. Rather, I focused on my studies and began a career in environmental management and international development. I worked mainly on food security projects and spent several years working in rural Ethiopia with farmers. I never thought that one day I would return to farming myself. "

The first Sea Cider orchard was located on the pristine shores of Eagle Bay on Shuswap Lake BC.  In our family for 3 generations, we grew culinary apples.  In 2003 we replanted our Shuswap orchard with bittersweet cider varietals. The next Sea Cider orchard was established that same year on Oldfield Road on Victoria’s Saanich Peninsula, where we had a squash farm.  Then in 2004, we purchased a farm a few miles away on Mt. St. Michael Road for the site of our Ciderhouse and main orchard.

Previously a loganberry farm and sheep pasture. we planted 1,000 cider apple trees on the site that first year. We have since added several hundred more trees, comprising over 60 varietals of cider apples and heritage varietals. Construction of the Ciderhouse began in 2005, and the Tasting Room opened in 2007. The property is 10 acres and consists of the orchard, the forest, the Ciderhouse and gardens.

Sea Cider is a certified organic farm in compliance with Canada’s National Organic Standards through the Pacific Agricultural Certification Societ (PACS). Our organic practices focus on minimal intervention and prevention of disease and insect infestations through soil health and attentive tree maintenance. In particular, we maintain the health of our trees by encouraging and nourishing soil biodiversity and preventing soil erosion.

“Terroir” is also important in Sea Cider’s approach to cidermaking and apple growing.  Our site is well suited for a cider apple orchard. The orchard is protected by forest shelter to the south, and its east-facing aspect provides good air movement off the waters of Haro Strait.  The seas also moderate our micro-climate, preventing dangerous freezes and allowing the apples’ acids and sugars to develop in abundance. The topsoil is rich with organic matter and nutrients, and just under the topsoil layer is three-foot layer of glacial till which provides good soil drainage. Below this, a deeper layer of fine clay holds moisture during our dry summers and provides an exceptional source of nutrients for the trees’ taproots to access.

Sea Cider is focused on:
- Growing apples organically
- Making traditionally fermented artisan ciders
- Promoting local agriculture on the peninsula
- Supporting the local community
- Providing high quality cider, excellent service and encouraging visitors to the cider house for a ‘cider experience.’

Cidermaker: Kristen Jordan

: Sociability, sustainability, and community involvement have been the three pillars of Sea Cider's business philosophy and mission.

Scenic Road Cider Co

770 Packinghouse Rd
Kelowna, BC

Harv and Marina Johal along with Taylor and Caroline Sebastian have opened Scenic Road Cider Co in Kelowna

Cider Master:

Summerland Heritage Cider Company

3113 Johnson St,
Summerland, BC


The cidery is a collaboration of three orchard owners Tom Kinvig, Bob Thompson and Ron Vollo who began making cider nearly twenty years ago.  Their desire to improve the quality of their cider led to research which revealed not only that they  needed to improve their cider-making techniques but that there exists a large number of apple varieties that are used exclusively for making cider they needed to grow. They managed to obtain a small amount of grafting wood and over a number of years were able to graft more trees.  They currently have about 2 1/2 acres of cider apples   

Opening in 2012 the owners  selected a name that referred to their location and one that would reflect the heritage aspect of the fruit used in their cider

Signature Cider is Tuesday's Original

Cider master Bob Thompson

Philosophy: Uncompromising quality.   We strive to produce the best cider possible and wish to redefine what cider is in this area

Sunday Cider

1575 Vernon Dr
Vancouver, BC

A a few years back three longtime friends and fellow cider lovers figured there simply wasn’t enough proper craft cider to go around – so they started making their own.

Two of the founders owned Bestie – a friendly little sausage and beer parlour in Vancouver’s Chinatown – Sunday was the only day the restaurant was closed. Therefore Sunday was the only day they could work on their cider.

Tod Creek Cider

273 Prospect Lake Road
Victoria, BC
V9E 1J7

Named after the creek that runs through the orchard grounds, Tod Creek Craft Cider is a new beginning for this property. Formerly a working dairy during the 50’s to 70’s, it has now become Vancouver Island’s third commercial cidery. The cidery uses only BC apples.

Long, slow fermentation brings about great flavours in the traditional way. We typically ferment each batch for about four months. If you want the super-sweet, watered-down canned stuff, we can’t help you. Our ciders are all-juice blends to bring a clean, crisp, enjoyable drink that goes great with dinner, friends, or all by itself

Brand label: Bamfield Bound

The project began in 2012 by Chris Schmidt cider production has begun as they work on establishing visitor facilities.

Cidermaker: Chris Schmidt

Twisted Hills Craft Cider

2080 Ritchie Drive
Cawston, BC


Kaylan Maderia is the owner and cider master at this Similkameen Cidery

Her husband Joe Schneider, a fifth generation Cawston grower,  learned about apple production while growing up on his parents’ orchard, Heart Achers Farm at 2080 Ritchie Drive, the location of Twisted Hills’ tasting room

Twisted Hills’ Kingston Twist won the Judges’ Choice Award for Best Cider at the 2015 and 2016 Okanagan Fest-of-Ale celebrations.

Signature Ciders: Pippin’s Fate, Kingston’s Twist and Calville’s Winter 

Cider Master: Kaylan Madeira

Philosophy: We believe that the quality of cider will never surpass the quality of the apples used to make it.

Wards Hard Cider

2287 Ward Rd
Kelowna, BC
V1W 4R5


Part of the View Winery family. The View Winery is on a piece of property that has been in the Turton/Ward family for 5 generations. Historically, apples were grown on the property. In the mid 1990's a transition began and orchard rows were replaced with vines. The winery currently is in the heritage packing house that also doubles as a cidery.


William Tell Family Estate

PO Box 204
Creston, BC



JRD Farms is located in Creston, British Columbia:  a small rural farming community in the south-east corner of the province. The property was selected for its ability to grow grapes for wine as well as grow fruits.

Currently they produce old fashioned hand crafted Sparkling Apple and Pear Cider, Apple & Pear Cider Vinegar from fresh BC apples and pears.

The vineyard is planted with three different clones of Pinot Noir; 115, 667, and 777.  The vines are own rooted unlike most vineyards in British Columbia which are planted with grafted vines. JRD Farms believes that using own rooted vines is a truer expression of the fruit compared to using grafted vines. Also using own rooted vines is a benefit in cool climates

CiderMaster William Tell


Wyders Cider

25599 Eighth Street SW
Calgary AB
T2R 1J5

Wyder's cider was formulated in 1987 by cider master Ian Wyder who learned his craft in England at one of the UK's premier ciderys.

Wyder's was first sold in Vancouver, BC and was later introduced into the US market in Washington and Oregon. Northern California's Bay Area got a taste in 1993 and Wyder's is now widely available throughout the Western US

It is produced in Canada by Wyder's Beverages Canada LTD


Apres Cider

Kitchener - Waterloo, ON

Producers of KW Cider. KW Craft Cider is prepared in small batches from a custom blend of cider apples grown on local Southern Ontario farms. Mike Kramar is the founder, he gained his passion for cider while working in England. Using wine-making principles, the cider is made in small batches to account for seasonal variations in each crop and achieve a rich, well-balanced blend. At 6.7% alcohol content, it is a dry, clear cider


Bricks Brewing Co.




Bricks Brewing Cohas a rich history in the beer and beverage industry in Canada. The Formosa brewery opened three years after Confederation in 1870 and is home to a fabled spring water source at the base of the Canadian Shield. their Seagram coolers share their history with a distillery of the same name that was founded in Waterloo, Ontario in 1848. Brick Brewing Co. Limited was itself formally founded in 1984 and is considered to be Ontario’s original craft brewery. They make Seagram Cider.


The County Cider Company

RR #4 Picton, ON K0K 2T0
Tel: 1-63-476-1022


Located in Prince Edward County in eastern Ontario and owned and operated by Grant Howes, the historical farmhouse can be traced back to 1835. Current day operations began in 1976. County Cider has the largest orchard of selected European cider apples in North America. With a reputation for quality ciders, County Cider has proceeded to plant 5 acres of grapes.

The Ciders are made according to Bavarian purity laws, using only high quality juice, no concentrates, no artificial flavours and no heating. "Quality of our ciders is the result of the care taken in growing our apples."

Bains Road Cider Company

Dunville Ontario

Geoff and Melissa McDonald, are the owners. There dream began back in 2008 when they purchased renovated a derelict farm property. They are also playing to operate a Fruit winery. Their small farm features an orchard of apples, peaches, pears and mulberry trees, as well as raspberry and blackberry bushes

Double Trouble Brewing


Owned by two friends who decided to start a brewery. Later they added cider called Grow A Pair

Cider Maker Paul Dickey


Empire Cider

Codrington, Ontario

On Thanksgiving 2013 Felix Wittholz, Chris McRae and their wifes Laura Wittholz and Jennifer Jarral having cider with dinner. They decided then and there they could make a better cider. Chris and Jennifer have a five-acre farm near Codrington. So they converted their garage, winterized it, and began producing hard cider.

We took a real organic approach from the beginning. We’re not filtering, we’re not pasteurizing, we’re not adding any sulphates. We’re bottle fermenting and using natural carbonation, not shooting any CO2 into it afterwards. So it comes out very dry, tart, crisp and cloudy.

Ernest Cider



A husband and wife team Steve and Michelle Faris,  working to handcraft a cider in the traditional method with 100 % Ontario apples and local honey. The Faris family has farmed the Newmarket region for four generations.

What differentiates Ernest Cider from the market is the fact that it is sweetened with honey and organic cane sugar. 

 The first cidery in Canada to be Bullfrog Powered. We choose clean, pollution free energy for our business.

No tasting room

Carrick Wines and Cidery Inc

1723 Highway 9
Mildmay, ON N0G 2J0

In the summer of 2013 name was changed to Hoity Toity Cellars

The first and currently the only winery in Bruce County. The winery is owned by Gary and Diane Fischer, they have been growing fruit for over 25 years. They opened the winery recently with the goal to develop very unique wines representing their terroir. The local area Carrick Township is very well known for cider production.

The focus is to create small batch, high quality wines and ciders that reflect the local heritage. As a small, boutique winery they strongly believe in sustainable farming. By using temperature controlled coolers and customized stainless steel tanks, Carrick Wines serves as a very energy efficient micro-winery. They have 23 acres 3 of apple trees, 18 grapes, 2 acres of Lavender

Signature wines: A stunning Fronenac Rose', a crisp Gris
Signature ciders - Gravel Run Cider - bronze winner at the 2012 GLINTCAP festival Michigan.

Winemaker: Gary Fischer
Philosophy: develop ciders and wines that reflect our small town rural environment

The Duxbury Cider Co

Meaford Ontario

The Duxbury Cider Co. is Meaford's first craft cidery and is made exclusively with Georgian Bay apples, including heritage varieties.

They do not sell to the general public.


James McIntosh owner


Cidermasters :

Geissberger Farmhouse Cider

5345 Langmaid Road
Clarington, Ontario


Geissberger Farmhouse Cider is operated by: Garry & Gord Geissberger along with their families. Its a small operation using a mobile mill for pressing.


Cidermasters : Garry & Gord Geissberger

Grey & Gold Cider Company

Blue Mountain



The Blue Mountains is a town in Grey County, southwestern Ontario, located where the Beaver River flows into Nottawasaga Bay. Nottawasaga Bay is an extention of Lake Huron. This is where  David Baker & Kim McLaren have started their cidery.

The name reflects the county they are in ( Grey County) and the Golden Apple. : Growing apples is about harvesting the golden sun and producing liquid gold. We love the Golden Russet

Their flagship cider is Northern Gold, a blend of Northern Spy and Golden Russet, which just won a Best  in Class Award at GLINTCAP 2017

Cider Master: David Baker

Philosophy: Respect the Fruit, Reflect the Fruit


Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery

421 Penetanguishene Road
Barrie, Ontario


Heritage Estate Winery & Cidery is situated in the heart of Simcoe County. The project started in 2014 to date 17,300 grape vines have been planted, and 1250 fruit trees (1000 apple and 250 pear) have taken root.

Reds: Marquette, Baco noir, merachel foch, Lucy kulhman
Whites: Vidal, guisenheim, oscealo Muscat and NY Muscat, petit milo, Frontenac gris

Peter McArthur, owns and operates the orchard and vineyard with his wife, Jocelyn. They have two ciders  Dragon’s Gold and Eden’s Apples. he imagery on the products is inspired by (the HBO hit series) Game of Thrones because Peter just loves that show.

Your signature wines? Apple wines: still and sparkling, cran apple Sangria. Making a blueberry apple Sangria currently. Baco Noir, Vidal and Front gris

Winemaker: Patrick Garrett
Winemaking Philosophy: Make good quality, crisp wines and ciders. We believe in the pasteurization process for our ciders to produce a good quality product! 


Molson Canadian



The beer giant has entered the cider business in Ontario. Using 100% Canadian apples. The traditional English style cider has a bold apple flavour, with a balanced medium sweetness and medium acidity from the natural tannins, sugars, and malic acids provided by the fruit. The result is a crisp, sharp, refreshing taste that finishes incredibly smooth

Look for the cider in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia

Cidermasters :

Pommies Cider Co

81 Healey Road
Caledon, ON
L7E 5A8

Founded in 2011

Pommies Cider is crafted from the juice of 100% Ontario apples (and pears) and is home to Pommies Dry, Pommies Perry and the... newly launched Pommies Farmhouse. All ciders made by Pommies are gluten free and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

Owned by Nick Sutcliffe

Thornbury Village Cidery

90 King Street East
Thornbury, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2P0

Located by the waters of Georgina Bay, in Beaver Valley known as apple country. This is where Thornburray produces its Peeler Ciders. Thornbury Village has 7,500 acres of apples

Cider Master: Doug Johnson

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

1137 Boston Mills Rd
Caledon, Ontario   L7C 0N1

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Caledon ( greater Toronto Area) is an intimate, family-run cidery estate. The estate has 45 Acres. The clay soil is a natural habitat for wild apple trees and the perfect location for a cidery.

Nicole Judge and Thomas Wilson purchased the property that would become Spirit Tree Estate Cidery in the spring of 2005.  Within weeks of the purchase, they were planting the first block of apple trees.  In September 2009 they opened Spirit Tree Estate Cidery to the public, the first straw bale winery in Ontario.  The facility includes a retail area, tasting room / tied house, wood-fired oven artisan bakery, press room, and fermentation cellar.  The property is located on the south face of the Niagara Escarpment, overlooking the Toronto skyline.

The name comes from the ancient custom of "Wassailing".  The custom involves a ceremony in the orchard to scare the bad spirits from an orchard and encourage the good spirits to occupy the orchard to ensure a plentiful harvest.

Signature ciders are Pub Cider, French Estate Reserve Cider, Crabapple Blush (New 2010). They also make ice cider Look for their “Wassail” which is a light cider (only 2%) made using a beer yeast (the name is a play on an ale style of cider) as well as a Perry (pear cider)

Cider Master: Thomas Wilson 
Philosophy: To produce authentic, premium quality English and French style ciders using North American and European cider apples

TGS Cider

Waterloo, Ontario

It all started in the basement as three guys experiment with beer and wine before discovering Cider.

 Twin Pines Orchards, Cider House and Estate Winery

 8169 Kennedy Line
Thedford , Ontario

Twin Pines is a 50 acre property located in Lambton Shores, Bosanquet Township in the County of Lambton. It is set on the sandy loam beach ridge (known as Fox Soil) between the shores of the old Lake Burwell and a limestone dolomite ridge. The land is rich with naturally occurring aquafirs and is perfect for growing fruit.  Joe Vansteenkiste and his wife Alma came across the property in 1966.

Even though the Vansteenkiste family has enjoyed over 47 wonderful years building the orchards and enhancing this beautiful property, it has only been 10 years since they have had the proud designation of "Estate Winery" A unique concept was born as both Mark and Mike Vansteenkiste, with the guidance of their father Joe, made plans to press and ferment specifically chosen varieties of hand-picked apples. 

At Twin Pines, you will find various hard ciders, Hammerbent Original, Hammerbent Red, Scrumpy, and Perry as well as Crack Willow (dry white wine), Ice Cider and Cyser.

Twin Pines is committed to taking care of the land that provides us with the food we eat. We realize that this pursuit is not just about growing good things to eat - it's about how to grow food in a better way; that is better for our health and for our earth. Twin Pines has reserved a portion of the farm that is completely grown without pesticides. Included in this pesticide-free area are vine crops such as pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, nectarines, peaches and assorted varieties of apples. The remainder of the orchard is designated as an IPM orchard (Integrated Pest Management). Mark and Mike have been trained and certified to scout for both good and bad insects in the orchards and gardens, and as a result they can determine when they must use sprays to protect the apples, but more importantly, they are able to determine when spraying is not necessary. We are proud to work hard at maintaining this approach and philosophy of farming.

Winemaker: Mark and Mike Vansteenkiste

West Ave Cider Company

Toronto, Ontario

West Avenue was founded by British-born cider maker Chris Haworth. Their cider was awarded 2014 Best Cider in Ontario and has won numerous awards since

Chris wife Amy Robson also works in the cidery.

401 Cider Company

262 Orchard Drive
Colborne, Ontario
K0K 1S0

Located just two minutes off highway 401 at exit #497 in Colborne, Ontario. The name on he facility is Big Apple. It started as an orchard developed into a family attraction. they have a bakery where apple pies and apple bread are made and baked right in front of you! Our attractions included an animal farm and stores. In 2015 they started making cider.

FREE outdoor activities: table tennis, shuffleboard, bocce ball, 18-hole mini putt, and a train rides

26 Acre Craft Cider Company

Pelham, Ontario

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Cider Maker






Domaine Pinnacle Inc

150 Richford Road
Frelighsburg, Quebec J0J 1C0

Founded in 2000, Domaine Pinnacle is a family-owned and operated orchard and cidery located on a 430-acre property on the slopes of Pinnacle Mountain near the historic village of Frelighsburg in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

Dedicated to creating the highest quality ice cider, all products are hand-crafted entirely on the estate. Located on the 45th parallel, the same latitude as the world's renowned wine-growing regions, the south-facing apple orchards benefit from nearly ideal growing conditions. These growing conditions, combined with the intensely cold winter conditions, create a unique combination that makes the creation of Ice Cider possible!

Domaine Pinnacle is owned and operated by Susan and Charles Crawford, urban refugees who now make the estate the full-time home for their family. The winemaker is Christian Barthomeuf, the renowned and award-winning father and inventor of ice cider.



Quebec Cideries

Nova Scotia


Annapolis Cider Company 

388 Main Street



The cidery is own by Sean Myles and Gina Haverstock.

Apples are grown in nearby orchards, pressed into juice just down the road, and fermented into cider at our cidery in downtown Wolfville

Melanie Eelman, Cidermaker

Bulwark Cider

Muwin Estate Winery LTd

7153 Highway 12
New Ross, NS



Owned by by Dominic Rivard and Germain Bergeron. Dominic is an an internationally-renowned and award-winning wine master, recognized as a specialist in fruit wine, dessert wine, and ice wine production.

 The winery/ cidery sits on 20 acres of fruit orchards and berries near Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. All wines are 100% produced from luscious crops of apples, cranberries, and wild blueberries hand-picked at our farm and neighbouring estates. The Winery also produces excellent quality and well valued grape dessert wines.

Bulwark sends dozens of kegs each week to its network of about 40 bars and restaurants that sell its ciders on tap. More than a third of the company’s business is from exports of fruit wines and ciders to Asia, and Bulwark is about to enter the United Kingdom, which consumes 70 per cent of the world’s cider.

Cidermaker Dominic Rivard

Tideview Cidery

Noggins Corner Farm
10009 Highway 1
Wolfville, NS B3P 1P4

Tideview Vintage Cider is handcrafted in the Annapolis Valley. We use vintage apple varieties that are grown by Noggins Corner Farm in Greenwich. The owners are John Brett and Andrew Bishop - Orchardist. They have200 acres of orchards.  They use the older cider varieties such as Golden Russet, Ribston Pippin, Cox Orange Pippin, Biship Pippin, Baldwin, King, and Northern Spy.

Tideview Cider has been producing quality Ciders for sale since 2005. Noggins Corner Farm has been producing apples and other Orchard fruits for many generations. The farm itself dates back to a land grant of 1760, to the Bishop family.

Signature Ciders are Heritage SemiDry and Heritage Dry

Cider Master: John Brett
Philosophy: Tideview Ciders are premium, handcrafted ciders made from heirloom apples grown in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. They taste great, look great in the glass, yet are very affordable, open to everyone. Perfect for celebrating the simple pleasures that make life worth living.

Ship Builders Cider

1559 Brunswick, 4th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2G1


Ship Builders cider is owned by Sean Sears. There head office is in Halifax with product facilities in Windsor. Ship Builders Cider is made by the same company that makes Stutz Cider, the #1 selling Canadian cider in the NSLC.

It is made from the same apples in a slightly different blend. It is a dry cider fermented to 6% alc./vol. Since it is fermented longer, Shipbuilders Cider has less sugar, is not quite as sweet. It is  a dryer with more alcohol cider

Ship Builders Cider is made in Berwick, Annapolis Valley. Berwick is the Apple Capital of Nova Scotia!  Cheers!


Prince Edward Island

Arlington Orchards

1150 Orchard Rd
Just off the 167
Arlington, PE


Arlington Orchards is a family run farm, Eco-Apples farm, with Carol and Barry Balsom celebrating their 20th year of growing apples in 2013. They are the PEI largest orchard with 32 acres of apples, plus pears and plums equalling 50 acres.

The first of their hard cider line is "Malpeque Bay Cider", in honour of Malpeque Bay and the soft breezes and warmer conditions the Bay provides. They also make Iced Apple Cider.

Arlington Orchards was a part of a provincial study involving federal and provincial governments, researchers, and other Island apple growers that focused on using natural pollinators and not importing any honeybees. We rely on our native Prince Edward Island bees and not honeybees to pollinate our fruit crop, and since 2000 we have identified over 120 native PEI bee species.

New Brunswick

Red Rover Craft Cider

546 Queen St
Fredericton NB



Started in 2014 by company’s founders, Adam Clawson and his partner Nicola Mason,

Quebec Cideries

Cidery owners and managers please see Listing Your Winery .

(1) John Schreiner - The Okanagan Wine Guide 2014

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