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It is a Concern

Yes it was nice of the Vancouver Sun in their Saturday June 30th edition to due a wine report in their section called Salut. They named it Back Yard Bounty. It featured wineries close to the city of Vancouver.

However like most reports they focus on a few wineries missing the majority of the area wineries.

You can see the complete list on our Fraser Valley Page.

They did a separate article on Single Tree a family rum winery located in the MT Lehman district of Abbotsford. Unfortunately the article failed to mention their neighbours Mt Lehman Winery or Seaside Pearl Farm Estate winery. All located within 3 minutes of each other. all excellent wineries you should visit.

They also failed to mention those located to the south east, Whispering Horse and Ripples. They also forgot family favourites Krause Berry Farm and Mann Farms wineries.

They mention the Fraser Valley founding winery Chaberton Estate and its fine Bacchus Siegerrebe but missed my favourite the Bacchus. They failed to mention the winery with the best patio in the Fraser Valley and the amazing Reference wine Blackwood Lane. Also missed was the very popular new winery Glass House Estate.

When I turned the papers page the next tile I saw was "Vancouver Sun wine Critic selects his top summer wines from the lower mainland" Interest, however the selections starts with Averill a fine winery but it is not located on the lower mainland. Please see Vancouver Island. Of the 12 selections only two wines come from lower mainland wineries.

But here is my big concern immediately under that in a much bolder headline it reads "Long Weekend Wine Picks" Not one is a BC wine. Does that make any sense at all. What is wrong wit these newspapers ,magazines and Canadian wine writers who do these reports about local wineries they pick imported wines as their top picks. UNBELIVEABLE!! Its a HUGE CONCERN!

The Fraser Valley also offers quality Cider Houses and Meaderies

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