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Fraser Valley Trip


Our day began with a nice drive through the beautiful Fraser Valley towards Abbotsford. Barbara and I were accompanied today by two photographers from White Rock Correy and Gabrielle. Our adventure began at Tanglebank Gardens a “boutique” style nursery situated in beautiful rural West Abbotsford, BC.

Tanglewood Gardens


A very popular place to enjoy lunch is Tanglewood's  Brambles Bistro. A most relaxing and fun filled time , exquisite cuisine. Next stop Seaside Pearl Farmgate Estate Winery.

We arrived to find the winery extremely busy. We obtained a bottle of Sam and Issac Pinot Gris and settled in on the Patio

Allison Zimmerman
Owner Allison Zimmerland served us.

Co Owner/ winemaker David Zimmerman stopped to say hello
Co Owner/ winemaker David Zimmerman stopped to say hello

Barbara who enjoys red wines more, orderd a Lover's Lane Cabernet Sauvignon. Corry and Gabrielle put their photography skills to work.



We also checked out the barrel room the new event centre for the winery. It is a very impressive room with its beautiful woodwork. See the Wines of Canada facebook page for more photos.

Mt Lehman Cheese Farm

Just down the street is Mt. Lehman Cheese farm. Their cheese are well known through out province. We just had to visit.

Mt Lehman Cheese farm goat
There are numerous goats through out the farm

Singetree Winery outside

There was time for only one more stop so we headed towards Singletree Estate Winery. Garnet Etsell and his wife Debbie had established a successful farming business in the valley, as their family grew and matured they realized their turkey farm was not going sustain their sons and families. The solution, start a winery and what a major job they have done. The vineyard was first established in 2010.

Andrew Etsell went off to UC Davis to become certified as a winemaker in 2013. He also did a apprenticeship at Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna. Today Andrew is the winemaker and looks after their new location in Naramata Bench

A singletree is a crossbar pivoted in the middle, to which the traces are attached in a horse-drawn wagon or plow

Singetree Winery

Tasting at Single Tree

We enjoyed a formal tasting at the bar. We started with Victory 2017 a white blend that was very good nice flavours. Next came the Pinot Gris 2017 with aromas of honeysuckle and citrus,gris is fruit forward wine, very smooth. We also tried the 2015.
A most delightful wine was their Gewürztraminer however when it came down to the final selection the 2015 Siegerrebe was the top selection.

We were invited to try only one red called the Harness blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. A very good wine!

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